Questions - 11 Dec 2012

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1. What is the difference between mathematics and arithmetic?
2. What is the biggest opposition party in Russia?
3. What is the Pope’s real name?
4. What are the Ninja Turtles named after?
5. What is a woodchuck?
6. Where does cinnamon come from?
7. Name a breakfast food from a non-US or -Eurpoean cuisine.
8. The Occupy Movement is currently involved in a “Rolling Jubilee” to do what?
9. What is the most translated document in the world? (Hint: It is not the Bible).
10. Name a ventriloquist.
11. Why do most real martial arts experts not show up well in movies?
12. What is both a kind of reflex and a kind of joke?
13. “Hitchcock” recently came out — name another movie about a director?
14. What is Linux?
15. Please describe the premise of the program “Just a Minute.”
16. Why was the Internet developed?
17. What was originally the primary use of faxes?
18. Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz is best known for what?
19. What does an arbitron do?
20. In 1920, if you wanted to deliver a short instant message to somebody on the other side of the country, what would you use?
21. What is numberwang?
22. Lord Baden-Powel founded what vast international organization.
23. Name something about human life outside of the military in the universe of Star Trek.
24. What is China called in China?
25. Why is it called China in English?
26. Name something only one of us has read/heard/seen.
27. Heads or tails.


1. What is the only food that doesn’t spoil?

2. Where was the canning process for herring developed?

3. In the Middle Ages, what soup was an aphrodisiac?

4. What is the white part of an egg called?

5. What color would Coca-Cola be if coloring wasn’t added?

6. An onion, apple and potato all have the same what?

7. Some people leave tips for their waiters/waitresses. What does TIP stand for?

8. 7-Up was originally marketed as what?

9. Give me one of the “dirty dozen” – or one of the types of produce which get the most

contaminated by pesticides.

10. Who was Sarah Michelle Gellar sued by at the age of four?


1. What is the name of Fry’s 20th century dog in the TV show “Futurama”?

2. What Academy Award-nominated actor played the Master in the 1996 TV movie starring Paul McGann as the Doctor?

3. What African-American spiritual is played during the finale of the British TV cult classic “The Prisoner”?

4. Explain the plot of “Blackadder’s Christmas Carol”?

5. What was the image on the first commercially produced Christmas card?

6. Where and when was it produced?

7. Traditionally, what are the names of the three Wise Men who visit Jesus after his birth?

8. What is the most widely recorded Christmas song?

9. & 10. Actor Larry Hagman – who starred on both “I Dream of Jeannie” and “Dallas” – died a few weeks ago. For one point each, sing for us the theme songs of either TV show.


1) Who composed the music for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Soundtracks?

2) What do the numbers 20/20 refer to when in the context of vision?

3) How many vaginas do Kangaroos have?

4) What was the first artificial Christmas tree mado out of?

5) How old is the average Christmas tree?

6) What US President banned cshristmas trees from the Whitehouse during their term in office?

7) What well preserved vegetable is hidden on German christmas trees for children to find christmas morning?

8) what percentage of retail sales does holiday shopping account for?

9) What is Festivus?

10) What is the leading reason from couples to break up in December?

Squire Mickey’s Doowa Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Doo.

1. What is a group of Cats called?
2. What is a group of Vultures called?
3. How many knees do elephants have?
4. Cinnamon is made out of what?
5. What famous jazz musician died recently?
6. How many eventual presidents signed the Declaration of Independence?
7. Call me Jennifer.
8. What is Sir Ian McKellen’s favorite trick he learned from the Lord of the Rings series?
9. Tell me a joke. The Panel MUST find it funny.
10. What is a Wartenburn Wheel used for?
11. Most abundant bird in the world?
12. Most common metal in the human body?

Dump Switch Jones

- In 2009, how many children were born in anarctica?

- How much of a Pringles chip is actually potato? (Percentage to the nearest ten)

- What was the first major studio film to have a fart joke?

- Who owns the trademark to the phrase “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up”?

- What’s the word?

- Who was Bon Scott?

- How did Bon Scott die?

- How many veterans of WWI are alive today?

- How many veterans of the Civil War are alive today?

- Who was planned to play Gollum in the Beatles’ adaptation of The Lord of The Rings?

- Give me a run down of Vermin Supreme’s political campaign.

- Why did Frito-Lay discontinue their 100% biodegradeable chip bags?

- What does the company ‘Big Ass Fans’ make?

- How long after writing “The Diving Comedy” did Dante Allegheri live?

- You must spend $1000 in the most pointless way possible to win a million dollars. How do you do it?

- Mary had a little what?

- All around the what bush?

- The what chased the what?

- Which one thought it was all in fun?

- Pop goes the what?

- Because the what goes pop?

- Bad superpower

- Bad Genie

- Win

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