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1. What is both a record company and a kind of wool?

2. What food product is allowed to be labelled with the word “pork” in its name despite containing no identifiable pieces of pork?

3. What is a mondegreen?

-Give an example.

4. Name the three hosts of “Whose Line is it Anyway?”

5. Which King of England only spent a few weeks of his reign in England?

6. Please describe the plot of “Ghosts” by Henrik Ibsen.

7. What does VIP stand for?

8. What the car in Scooby Do called?

9. Tom Hanks starred in what movie about Dungeons and Dragons?

10. What is a portmanteau word?

-Name one that is neither element.

11. What are Newton’s Laws of Thermodynamics?

12. What are Asimov’s Laws of Robotics?

13. Why is a signature sometimes called a John Hancock?

14. Why is it cheaper for American soda companies to use high fructose corn syrup than sugar?

15. Prokofiev is famous for his Lieutenant Kizhe Suite. Who was Lieutenant Kizhe?

16. What or who was the Flying Dutchman?

17. Why did some British chefs used to put coins in certain dishes that they prepared?

18. Spoilers question: What happens at the end of “Death of a Salesman?”

19. Point for the first caller to clearly and correctly explain what a split infinitive is.

20. In what country are clove cigarettes 90% of the market?

21. Tell us how to say our phone number in a new language.

22. How did Rich David get so rich?

23. Nme something only one of us has read/heard/seen.

24. Why should you win?

25. Heads or tails?

26. What could you do to a legal pad that would make it illegal?

27. Where is Yanukovich?

Doc Sonic’s questions:

What is a Zarf?

What is the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar?

How many sides does a rhombus have?

What color eggs do Peacocks lay?

What is the only place in the United States that has a royal palace?


1. Who were on the first two US postage stamps?

2. What was the purpose of the 'Mr Yuk’ stickers?

3. What is the most reactive non-metallic element?

4. Who is considered the first 'National Hero’ of France?

5. What would cause your Arrector Pili muscles to flex?

6. In the Wizard of Oz, what material was used to create the artificial snowstorm?

7. As of the latest cartoon series, how many Pokemon creatures are there?

8. Which 1974 movie marks the debuts of both Jeff Goldblum and Denzel Washington?

9. What is the largest documented number of human babies born at the same time (naturally conceived)?

10. MH2GC presents the riddle of the week: “What do you call the cow with no legs?”

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