Mad Trivia Party 09-03-13

by Chris Played by Charles Berman from The Mad Trivia Party at 9:29 PM on 9·3·2013


1. Why has The Last Supper never been permitted to be shown in any US museum?

2. What is Microsoft’s operating system for phones called?

3. In which Sherlock Holmes story does Watson get married?

4. Which Sherlock Holmes story ends with Holmes shooting up cocaine?

5. Who starred in How to Irritate People?

6. What was Rasputin’s job?

7. Fezzes are principally from what country?

8. What was the Quatermass Experiment?

9. “Halloween” is spelled differently in Canada. How?

10. Who was Lawrence of Arabia?

11. What is both the name of a pope and a adjective?

12. If you are on the upper floor of a building, how many floors does the building have?

13. Long before the Incredible Hulk became associated with anger, what emotion was commonly referred to as “The Green Monster?”

14. What popular Broadway musical was about cannibalism?

15. No congressional effort to stop entropy has ever been successful. Why?

16. What is the difference between historical and historic?

17. Name a Major League Baseball player who killed a bird with a baseball during a game.

18. Many online companies are very concerned with SEO. What is it?

19. What was the title of the TV show about the crime-solving mediaeval monk?

20. What comic book’s title references the work of Friedrich Nietzsche?

21. Name something only one of us has read/heard/seen.

22. Why should you win?

23. Heads or tails?

Doc Sonic’s Questions:

What is The (Summer) Koshien in Japan?

What curse is said to be on the Hanshin Tigers baseball team?

Where does the term “first world” come from and what did it (originally) refer to?

Who is credited with having the first expiration dates put on milk?

What is the record number of times a human being has been struck by lighting and survived?

::Incorporeal Mike’s Questions::

1. Name a movie that was better than the book.

2. In which video game did the following characters make their first appearance?

.1 Luigi

.2 Wario

.3 Waluigi

3. What is a googolplex?

4. Who was Mr. (Fred) Rogers’ successor?

4.2 What was this character’s relation to the original show?

5. Good Curse

6. Find the double entendre…

EX: My dog acted like he was going to get up over an hour ago.

Ans: Just let sleeping dogs 'lie’.

.1 Your son seems to be very seasoned at stacking objects.

.2 So you say you have an important role in the band, yet you don’t do any of the vocals?

.3 I think you’re gonna need something to get into the house.

.4 Pens often run out of ink, but I can always sharpen a pencil enough to write with it.

Tam O’Shanter’s Questions

1. What Microsoft office program and 2nd generation legendary Pokemon can be put together to form the Spanish word for 'excellent’?

2. Bruno Schulz’ first novel is entitled 'Cinnamon Shops’ in Polish. What was it titled when released in English?

3. What is the definition of 'wont’?

4. What is the new type of Pokemon in generation VI?

5. What is the song 'Silo Lullaby’ about and who wrote it?

6. What was (reportedly) Hector Berlioz 'Symphonie Fantastique’ inspired by?

7. What were the critics reaction to Beethoven’s 'Grosse Fugue’?

8. At what age did George Gershwin die?

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