The Mad Trivia Party

with Chris Played by Charles Berman

Where we get mad, and you get trivial!


Chris Played by Charles Berman

1. Name a movie and who composed its score.

2. What is a straw-man argument?

3. What is both part of a cat and part of a contract?

4. Name a Broadway show from the last twenty years that was not an adaptation of something or a revival.

5, What is Old New Year?

6. Please describe the plot of the film “Mystery Men.”

7. What is both a pope and a kind of area?

8. What is the name of the dead woman in “The Raven?”

- Whose bust is just above the chamber door?

- Poe was accused of taking the meter, rhyme scheme, and one line from what other poet?

9. What does “Volkswagen” mean?

10. Name of the Modern Library’s top 100 novels.

11. During the Stalin era, why did Rasputin not appear on official lists of Russian rulers?

12. What does USA-PATRIOT stand for in the name of the act?

13. What is phishing?

14. What does the DC stand for in DC comics?

15. What is domain squatting?

16. What does a hagiographer do?

17. The pope recently declined to meet with whom at the request of the Chinese government?

18. What was Hitler’s job before fuehrer?

19. What is “the propaganda of the deed?”

20. How do you tactfully offer a bribe? Demonstrate.

21. Give us a theme for our upcoming classical marathon.

22. Of what pop song should I do a dramatic reading?

24. How did Rich David get so rich?

25. Name something only one of us has read/heard/seen.

26. Why should you win?

27. Heads or tails?


1. True or false? Bananas grow on trees.

2. When geese fly in a V formation, why is one side longer than the other?

Doc Sonic’s questions:

What recent date was the last sequential date in the 21st century?

Rene Laennac invented which aid for doctors in 1816?

What city does “A Midsummer’s Nights’ Dream” take place.

What is channel 11 in the NYC area?

How many of the gifts in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” include humans?

Twitch the Intern

1. He was born on the same day as Abraham Lincoln, dropped out of medical school, is buried inside Westminster Abbey, and currently appears on the back of the British 10-Pound note. Who was he?

2. In Greek Mythology, she had the gift of prophecy, but was cursed so that no one believed her. Who was she?

3. The height of a horse is measured in “hands”…How big is a “hand”?

4. In the movie ‘Cars’, what is the name of the desert town where the cars live?

5. Recently, Hallmark recalled some of its Hanukkah wrapping paper. Why?

6. What is the difference between a ‘New York Strip Steak’ and a ‘Baltimore Chop’?

7. What do the animated Jokey Smurf, Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Granny (Looney Tunes), and Cindy Lou Who all have in common?

8. What is ...

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Chris Played by Charles Berman

1. What popular mobile app has been accused many times of extorting business owners?

2. Name a sequel to anything that was made ten years or more after the original.

3. What does ESP stand for?

4. Describe what a “beaver hat” would typically look like.

5. Where is the headquarters of the World Bank?

-What about the United States?

6. Who wrote the first draft of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

7. Who was Amadou Diallo?

8. What former child star became a member of a band that sang comedy songs about pizza, and was known for being booed offstage?

9. What is gruel?

10. What is the difference between paper and parchment?

11. What is OSHA?

12. Other than English, Barack Obama can speak what language?

-Other than English (and even more badly), George W. Bush could speak what language?

13. Why did H&R Block hire no new taxidermists this January and February?

14. What is ear candling?

15. What is the difference between a neurologist and a neuroscientist?

16. What is astral projection and why is it rarely used in modern movie theatres?

17. Which US president produced an edited version of the Bible, with the mentions of miracles, the supernatural, and the divinity of Jesus removed?

18. Describe a conspiracy theory that people really believe.

19. What does it mean to be “Shangheid?”

20. Who were the furies?

21. What is an osteopath?

22. Name an actual private detective.

22. Tell us how to say our phone number in a new language.

23. How did Rich David get so rich?

25. Name something only one of us has read/heard/seen.

26. Why should you win?

Twitch the Intern

1. Among major colleges, which school was named the #1 Party School of 2014?

2. Which famous actor served as a bomber pilot in World War II, eventually attaining the rank of Brigadier General?

3. What is the lightest recognized weight division in professional boxing?

4. In the Bible, his name translates to “God strengthens”...Who is he?

5. What were the original four marshmallow shapes found in Lucky Charms cereal?

6. Not the hobbit. Not the hobbit. What is a ‘bilbo’?

7. Josey and the Pussycats…Name the three band members.

8. What is a ‘vinegaroon’, and where would you find one?

9. It’s advertised as “Shangri-La on Earth”. By what name is this annual music festival better known?

10. You’ve been invited to Superman’s birthday party (NOT Clark Kent’s). Give an idea for an inappropriate gift to take.

Chris Played by Charles Berman

1. What is the difference between a homeopath and a sociopath?

2. How is “patent leather” difference from normal leather?

3. When is All Saints’ Day?

4. Name a country without the word “Republic” in its official name.

5. What is pantheism?

6. Which Bible story is it? God tells somebody that if he does a thing, he will surely die. The person does the thing, and he then lives to be 930.

7. Tell us someone after whom a geographic place is named.

8. What is the difference between a cosmologist and a cosmetologist?

9. What is the difference between enunciation and articulation?

10. What is the Society of Friends?

11. The Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters advertised what brand of marshmallows?

12. Name a live action movie that was adapted as a cartoon TV series.

13. What is the etymological fallacy?

14. Before he became a famous composer, Beethoven was best known as a what?

15. What is the difference between a classist and a classicist?

16. After William McKinley died, adherents of what political ideology were banned from entering the United States?

17. What is Ello?

-Who wants in?

18. Who was legally barred from being hired as a college professor in New York State in 1940 because his writings were considered immoral?

19. Why do many people intentionally buy new checkbooks with check numbers beginning in the high thousands?

20. Binghamton has a philharmonic. What is it?

21. What was Red Square called in 1900?

23. What do brains taste like?

24. How did Rich David get so rich?

25. Name something only one of us has read/heard/seen.

26. Why should you win?

27. Heads or tails?

Twitch the intern

1. Among major colleges, what school was ranked as the #1 Party School of 2014?

2. From 1974 to 2003, the Roman Catholic Church had an official named (no kidding!) Cardinal Sin. Where was he from?

3. In which year did Volkswagen first start producing the Beetle?

4. Who was Theo Huxtable’s best friend on The Cosby Show?

5. McDonald’s Corporation runs a training facility known as Hamburger University. It’s located near which major American city?

6. Name the 5 Spice Girls.

7. Today is the anniversary of the invention of the artificial breast implant. During which decade was it invented?

8. In 1971, Nabisco introduced a cereal called ‘Norman’…What (supposedly) was the flavor of this cereal?

9. Other than Olive Oyl, who is the only female recurring character who appeared in the Popeye cartoons?

10. Give an example of a famous (real) person with an animal in his/her name (ex. Salmon P. Chase)

Doc Sonic’s questions:

Who was the first union president to be elected President Of The United States

What is the only mammal that can’t jump?

How many colored squares are there on a Rubik’s Cube?

What is the only state in the United States where coffee is grown ...

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