The Mad Trivia Party

with Chris Played by Charles Berman

Where we get mad, and you get trivial!


From the Caffeine Kid:
1. Name the British comedian who died on stage during a live TV broadcast in 1984?
2. How many Grammy Awards have the Beatles won?
3. What’s the real name of Billy the Kid?
4. What was the first single from the British rock band The Kinks?
5. What was the last song the Doors’ Jim Morrison performed publically before his death?
6. On “Babylon 5,” what were the two competing elder races locked in an interstellar war?
7. What actor played Mr. Humphries on the British sitcom “Are You Being Served?”
8. What was Kurt Vonnegut’s first published novel?
9. What was Kurt Vonnegut’s last published novel?
10. In what year was James Joyce’s novel “Ulysses” first published?
11. What is an atlatl and what is its purpose?
12. What years did the “Calvin & Hobbes” comic strip run?
13. Where is the Irish sitcom “Father Ted” set?
14. Name any companion of the Doctor in “Doctor Who.”
15. Name any alien race the Doctor fought in “Doctor Who.”

Twitch the Intern

1. In which Texas city would you find The Alamo?

2. What was Kevin Bacon’s first movie?

3. Give an example of an anadramous fish. Give an example of a crepuscular mammal.

4. When you get your blood drawn at the doctor’s office, the tubes have different colored caps. What do the colors represent?

5. When the Transcontinental Railroad was completed, in which 'state’ was the Golden Spike driven?

6. Who was the first Super Bowl MVP?

7. Where is the thinnest layer of skin on your body? Where is the thickest?

8. Name the five Jackson brothers of the Jackson 5.

9. In mythology, who stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to mankind?

10. In 2004, the city of Los Angeles planted a pine tree in memory of George Harrison. What recently happened to the 'George Harrison Tree’?

Doc Sonic’s questions:

In Romeo And Juliet, what is Romeo’s last name?

What is Juliet’s last name?

What director joined protesters to protest his own film?

What was the first time the word Hell was said on TV?

In printing, what do the letters CMYK stand for?

What is the name of the school bus driver on The Simpsons?

How would you write the number 99 in Roman numerals?

Chris Played by Charles Berman

1. Why do historians believe that India did not win the French and Indian War?

2. The Star Spangled Banner was written about what war?

-Who fought in it?

3. Bloody Marys were named after what real person?

4. Name a movie that was remade as a musical?

5. Transylvania is in what country?

6. Describe the plot of The Terror of Tiny Town?

7. In what country is it very common to see people driving 1950s cars?

8. Why did green tea initially become less popular than black in the US?

9. What does a sinologist study?

10. Name a ...

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1. Why has nobody ever been found guilty of perjury or contempt of court for something they have done on “Judge Judy?”

2. What is copypasta?

3. Who killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand?


-What organization was he / she with?

4. Name a remake that was better than the original (convince us if necessary).

5. What TV series premiered on a different channel for each of its four seasons?

6. What is prestidigitation?

7. What are Asimov’s Laws of Robotics?

- Why is it that most modern robot manufacturers can get away with not following them?

8. What does the inscription “Novus ordo seclorum,” found on all dollar bills mean?

-What do incorrect conspiracy theorists keep saying it means?

-What about “Annuit cœptis?”

9. What is Lex Luthor’s job supposed to be?

10. Why do most supermarkets not carry food packaged in canopic jars?

11. What is board (as in “room and”)?

12. Why is the fourth verse usually left out of The Star Spangled Banner?

- What other American patriotic song’s narrator claims to have “read a fiery gospel writ in burnished rows of steel?”

13. Scientists have found that healing crystals do what for people’s health?

14. Name a sports team with a racist name.

15. What is the Twinkie Defence?

-What is the Gay Panic Defence?

-What is the Alekhine Defence?

-What is The Luzhin Defence?

16. Who was Engelbert Humperdinck?

17. Who is the Secretary General of the United Nations?

18. What was former US President Warren Gamaliel Harding in the news recently?

19. What is polyester made of?

-What about rayon?

20. What is the difference between a mummy and a mummer?

21. Tell us how to say our phone number in a new language.

22. How did Rich David get so rich?

23. How did Peter the Great get so Great?

23. Name something only one of us has read/heard/seen.

24. Why should you win?

26. The Russian version of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is called what?

27. Why were there a lot of complaints about Kazakhstan’s broadcast of the World Cup?

28. Who is the President of Madagascar?

Twitch the Intern

1. In which state would you find the 'International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center’?

2. Name a species of flightless bird (ex. Ostrich)

3. Which Steven King novel was the first to be published?

4. Give the full name of any character on 'SpongeBob Squarepants (other than SpongeBob).

5. Before a July 2nd game, the Chicago White Sox gave out promotional rain ponchos. Why was this a problem?

6. Accortding to a sdtudy done in the 1950s (by the insurance industry), what were (then) the leading causes of death among clowns?

7. Which dog group has won Best in Show most often at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show?

8. What is the name of the little girl in Candy Crush Saga?

9. Name any person currently (since 1970 ...

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Chris Played by Charles Berman

1. Tonic is flavored with what?

2. What will be this year’s Shakespeare in the Park play?

3. What group of people divides itself into “black hats” who do bad things and “white hats” who do good things?

4. It is now illegal in Malaysia for non-Muslims to do what?

It is now illegal in Zimbabwe for white people to do what?

5. What is both a profession and a dessert?

6. What is soju?
-Why is it especially notable in New York and California?

7. Why do most dairies today not use cremation in their process?

8. How did Sam Walton get so rich?
-How did Carlos Slim get so rich?

9. Who was Diogenes?

10. What is an artisan?

11. What does the flag of Binghamton look like?

12. Name a non-Hitchhiker’s Guide book by Douglas Adams.

13.What is the rust belt?

14. What Major League Baseball player was known as Captain Video?

15. Why has the British celebrity Jimmy Saville becomes much less popular after his death?

16. In 2008, what country issued 100 trillion dollar bills?

17. In ancient Rome, what was a Vestal Virgin?

18. What is polyester made of?
-What is rayon made of?

19. Name a person best known by only one name.

20. What movie has had the most theatrical showings?

21. Tell us how to say our phone number in a new language.

22. How did Rich David get so rich?

23. How did Harald the Lousy get so Lousy?

23. Name something only one of us has read/heard/seen.

24. Why should you win?

26. The Russian version of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is called what?

27. Why were there a lot of complaints about Kazakhstan’s broadcast of the World Cup?

Twitch the Intern

1. John Morales, the actor who supplied the voice of 'McGruff the Crime Dog’, was recently sentenced to 16 years in prison. Why?

2. What is Richard Gere’s girly-sounding middle name?

3. What are kidney stones made of?

4. What part of a horse is used to make glue?

5. In the movie 'Raising Arizona’, what is baby Arizona’s first name?

6. What is 'Shinola’?

7. What is the deepest (and oldest) lake in the world?

8. Which state has the only (currently) working diamond mine in the US?

9. What is Alcatraz Island named after?

10. You’re mailing a letter to the highest-numbered zip code in the United States. What state will it be delivered to?

Doc Sonic’s questions:

On this day in 1967 The Monkees began their North American tour. Who was the opening act?

What is Mozzarella traditionally made from in Italy?

Who is the most frequently portrayed fictional character on screen?

Where does the film “Gangs Of New York” take place in New York?

What is a “graphospasm”?

Which island in Hawaii is Diamond Head located on?

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