The Mad Trivia Party

with Chris Played by Charles Berman

Where we get mad, and you get trivial!


Chris Played by Charles Berman

1. What does “Saudi” refer to in the name of Saudi Arabia?

2. What was Martin Luther King’s father’s name?

-What about his son?

3. What is solipsism?

4. What doe sit mean for a computer program to be “cross-platform?”

5. What is the difference between ontology and oncology?

6. What is the Mad Pride movement?

7. What causes ulcers?

8. Who got married on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson?

9. In what country did Boko Haram recently kill 2000 people?

-What does Boko Haram mean?

10. In sports announcing, what is a homer?

11. What were Max and his girlfriend’s code numbers on Get Smart?

-What was the TV movie of it called?

12. What is the Uncanny Valley?

13. In what building does the British parliament meet?

14, Why has the YouTube user Rucka Rucka Ali had 18 different channels shut down by YouTube?

15. What is a constructed language?

-Name one.

16,. What is the difference between a nebula and a nebulizer?

17. What is the difference between a gyro, a gyroscope, and an autogyro?

18. Name a song William Shatner has covered.

19. What product had the slogan “Clap on, cal off?”

20. Match the name of a Greek with the Roman equivalent.

21. How did Rich David get so rich?

22. Name something only one of us has read/heard/seen.

23. Why should you win?

24. Heads or tails?

25. What parlor game would make a good radio show or podcast?

Doc Sonic’s questions:

A 12 sided dice is known as a what?

The Orient Express is a train route between what two cities?

What British record label was James Taylor first signed too?

What is the most popular winter sport in Canada that is not Hockey?

Which Nintendo character said the line “Do a barrel roll!?

How do you make a Sake Bomb cocktail?

Twitch the Intern

1. The name of which pastry comes from the German word meaning ‘whirlpool’?

2 Who was the first US Secretary of State?

3 Which is the sleepiest mammal on Earth (% of day spent sleeping)?

4 What animal would you find living in an apiary?

5 What is Florida’s #1 industry?

6 U.S. Grant is pictured on the front of a $50 bill. What is pictured on the back?

7 Jell-O is the official snack of which US state?

8 How long did the Hundred Years’ War actually last?

9 The first cloned mammal (1996) was a sheep. What was her name?

10. The first toy commercial aired in 1946. What toy was being advertised?

Chris Played by Charles Berman

1. Which country has the biggest film industry?

– Which country comes in second?

2. Who owns NBC? CBS? ABC?

3. What is the origin of the phrase “close but no cigar?”

4. What is a protected designation of origin?

5. What is both a dairy product and an ethnic group?

6. What is Ubuntu used for?

7. Larry King can currently be seen on what channel?

- And what are the names of his shows?

8. What is the difference between theology and theosophy?

9. What is the difference between history and historiography?

10. What is the difference between philosophy and philology?

11. What is the difference between science and scientology?

12. What is the difference between an astronaut and a cosmonaut?

13. Chinese checkers orginated in what country?

-What about Chinese chess?

14. Name a current TV show that has a theme song with words.

15. How many tenses does the English language have?

- Name one.

16. What religion offers “Short Duration Marriages” that can last between nanoseconds and weeks?

17. What country does the Muffin Man live in?

18. What is an oligarch?

19. Name something Seseme Street has done a parody of in the last few years.

20. In computing, what does a modem do?

21. How did Rich David get so rich?

22. Name something only one of us has read/heard/seen.

23. Why should you win?

24. Heads or tails?

25. What parlor game would make a good radio show or podcast?

Twitch the Intern

1. Where was Sen. John McCain born?

2. Egypt has over 100 of them, but which country boasts the most pyramids (more than 255)?

3. Who portrayed the very first Ronald McDonald?

4. Name a television show which switched from Black & White to Color.

5. According to the 2010 Census, how many US cities have a population over one million.

6. What building can be found at 3734 Elvis Presley Blvd., Memphis, Tennessee?

7. In 1965, George Barris bought a 1955 Lincoln Futura for $1. In 2013, it sold for $4.6 million. Who was the car’s “owner” in the meantime?

8. Which NFL team has lost the Super Bowl most often?

9. Why are flamingos pink?

10. Which candy was invented by Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie, and was first sold in 1941?

Apprentice Jackie

Former Miami Dolphins player Rob Konrad did something last week that real dolphins do that should have probably killed him. What was it?

The University of Cambridge and Stanford University did a collaborative study that determined that who or what was better at understanding your personality than your roommates, close friends and your family?

The cocktail “Flip” used to refer to a combo of beer, rum and sugar. Over time beer has been removed and replaced with what?

3.7 billion light-years away there are two supermassive black holes that are separated by only a few hundredths of a light-year and are on a collision course! Approximately how ...

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Chris Played by Charles Berman

1. How does the game of craps work?

2. Name a country in the former Yugoslavia?

- What does the word “Yugoslavia” literally mean?

3. What is the difference between ethyl and isopropyl alcohol?

4. What is teletype?

5. The phrase “to knock someone up” carries different meanings in the US and UK. What are they?

6. Which major street in downtown Manhattan is not on the grid plan that the others are?

7. What are the Hindu holy books called?

8. Name a director other than Hitchcock to make a cameo appearance in his own films.

- Or describe one of HItchcock’s.

9. What is gout?

10. What is the Psychic Friends Network?

11. What is CryptoWall?

12. What does it mean to work “pro bono publico?”

13. What is a reverse mortgage?

14. The game of Monopoly is based on what physical place?

15. What kind of government did Tibet have before it was taken over by China?

16. What is the Holy Grail?

17. Name a search engine other than Google.

18. Who are / were mujahedeen?

19. What does the C stand for in “C-section?”

20. Why did many people think that the Marx Brothers were really brothers despite Chico Marx’s Italian accent?

21. How did Rich David get so rich?

22. Name something only one of us has read/heard/seen.

23. Why should you win?

24. Heads or tails?

25. What parlor game would make a good radio show or podcast?

Twitch the Intern

1. Which state produces about 1% of the Earth’s coal?

2. His real name is Tenzin Gyatso, but by which title is he better known?

3. On The Beverly Hillbillies, how is Jed Clampett related to Granny?

4. What is the deepest-burrowing animal on Earth?

5. Who makes the Lombardi Trophy, awarded to the winner of the Super Bowl?

6. What is the difference between a ‘paean’ and a ‘dirge’?

7. On The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin (1954-59), what breed of dog was Rin Tin Tin?

8. What was Helen Keller’s favorite color (no, seriously)?

9. In general, how old are hens (chickens) when they begin to lay eggs?

10. Recently, Sylvester Stallone disclosed that there is one last Rocky movie in production. Who does he fight in this one?

Doc Sonic’s questions:

True or false, Excalibur was the sword that King Arthur pulled from the stone?

How many seconds are in an hour?

What’s the difference between a snail and a slug?

What is the longest running game show on TV in the USA?

The building at 30 Rockefeller Plaza is actually named what?

Which blood type is a universal type?

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