playlist 9-26

by Philhazen from Kennedy's Moon Landing at 12:56 AM on 9·27·2012

van she- idea of happiness
white rabbits- lionesse
lighthouse and the whaler- chromatic
two door cinema club- sun
minus the bear- pachuca sunrise
beirut- nantes
big scary- gladiator
and you will know us by the trail of dead…- another morning stoner
brand new- seventy times seven
elliott smith- a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free
helio sequence- october
the lumineers- submarines
(alex) simon and garfunkel- richard cory
(natalie) the beatles- don’t let me down
ben folds- if you can’t draw a crowd
fiona apple- shadow boxer
(natalie) radiohead- weird fishes/arpeggi
(alex)cool and the gang- jungle boogie
river city extension- our new intelligence
frightened rabbit- boxing day
modest mouse- little motels

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