It's Only Wednesday 10/9

by DJ Nat from It's Only Wednesday at 8:19 AM on 10·9·2013

1. it’s only wednesday- crash kings
2. i wanna dance with somebody- whitney houston
3. bouncing around the room- phish
4. just haven’t met you yet- michael buble
5. old old woodstock- van morrison
6. the edge of glory- lady gaga
7. such great heights- the dynamics
8. hummingbird heartbeat- katy perry
9. waiting all night- rudimental
10. chocolate- the 1975

1. low rider- WAR
2. Parallel Lines- Joss Stone
3. back in the day- Erykah Badu
4. Blazing arrow- blacklicious
5. poison- bell biv devoe

It’s Only Wednesday Continued
11. She way out- the 1975
12. glory and gore- Lorde
13. wrecking ball- miley cyrus
14. daniel in the den- bastille
15. the way- ariana grande, mac miller
16. applause- lady gaga
17. buzzcut season- lorde
18. its only wednesday- the crash kings

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