Gomez Time #0000010

by Joseph T from Gomez Time at 4:42 PM on 5·5·2013

tumblr post: http://gomeztimewhrw.tumblr.com/post/49715357125/2013-05-04-episode-10

DJ Salinger’s Spring Fling Static Cling

Phosphorescent- Song for Zula

Stepdad- Must Land Running

Marybell Katastrophy- The Boy Looked at Johnny

Us3- Cantaloop

Yeasayer- Love Me Girl

Viva Voce- Analog Woodland Song

Glowbug- Heatwave

Waxahatchee- Peace and Quiet

Grimes- Be a Body

Mystery Pills- Anti-Pattern

The Go! Team- Huddle Formation

dj gomez’ yellow card starter set

Pawel Osmolski – Caph

AdhesiveWombat – 8-Bit Adventure

johnny ripper – robot friend

C.Z. – cave

Lil B – Go Under (Myth Syzer Remix)

Hijak – Butcha

johnny ripper – june (with weirddough)

Detroit Swindle – Guess What

Mount Kimbie – Made To Stray

Daedelus – Endless Sea

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