by Supply Guy from Infinate playlist at 12:05 PM on 4·21·2012

Suburban Legends-Autumn in the Park
social distortion-winners and losers
suburban legends-desperate
Say anything-little girls
streetlight manifesto-everything went numb
Streetlight manifesto-linoleum
Reel Big fish-somebody loved me
mulan-man out of you
Nightmare before christmas-jack’s lament
Pistol annies-hell on heels
mad caddies-drinkin for 11
me first and the gimme gimmes-on the road again
avril levigne-skater boy
bad religion-fields of mars
dropkick murphys-loyal to no one
green day-Bood sex and booze
authority zero-mexican radio
mc lars-black and yellow t-shirts
steve miller band-jungle love
social distortion-down on the world again
social distortion-california

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