Disney and fun

by Supply Guy from Infinate playlist at 10:34 AM on 5·5·2012

Aladdin-arabian nights
Mulan-man out of you
yoko shimomura-dearly beloved
lion king-hankuna matata
mulan-honor to us all
kingdom hearts-passion-Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
hunback of notre dame-tom hulce-heavens light/hellfire
Jungle book-Louis prima-I wanna be like you
Little mermaid-poor unfortunate souls
Yoko shimomura-dearly beloved reprise
Peter pan-I do believe in faries
peter pan-flying jolly roger
yoko shimomura-adventures in the savannah
jungle book-colonel hathi’s march
kingdom hearts-utada hikaru-hikari
yoko shimomura-this is halloween
anastasia-journey to the past
lion king-I just can’t wait to be king
phil colins-tarzan-son of man
nofx-whats the matter with parents today
aladdin-friend like me
pocahontas-colors of the wind
Marilyn manson-this is halloween
weird al-spatula city
beatles-come together
Mary poppins-chim chim cher-ee/march over rooftops
star wars-imperial march
the aquabats-lobster bucket
the aquabats-pizza day
aquabats-hey luno
aquabats-pool party
aquabats-dear spike
reel big fish-cheer up
raffi-banana phone
jack johnson-banana pancakes
beauty and the beast-gaston
beauty and the beast-gaston reprise
pocahontas-savages part 1 and 2
Hunchback of notre dame-the bells of notre dame
Hunchback of notre dame-the bells of notre dame-reprise
beatles-maxwell silver hammer
brother bear-phil colins-look through my eyes
yoko shimomura-walk in adante
little mermaid-under the sea
one last hope-danny devito-hercules
alexi murdoch-breathe

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