The Spy Who Funked Me

by Alana Watts from Illuminati at 12:15 PM on 7·8·2013

Thunderball- David Arnold (feat. Martin Fry)
Node Wrestling- J.G. Thirlwell
Look Ka Py Py- The Meters
I Who Have Nothing- Shirley Bassey
Palm Grease- Herbie Hancock
Spybreak!- Propellerheads
Cissy Strut- The Meters
Right Place Wrong Time- Dr. John
Spyplane- Afroskull
The Horror- RJD2
Give Me the Night- George Benson
Spank A Lee- Herbie Hancock
Only You- Portishead
Getaway- Dr. John
Unused Theme for The Prisoner
History Repeating- Propellerheads (feat. Shirley Bassey)
Tuff- J.G. Thirlwell
Light My Fire- Shirley Bassey

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