Monday's playlist, 9/9

by Murdock from High Impedance at 11:41 AM on 9·9·2013

Whelp, looks like this is the last week of signup programming. Our regular fall programming begins next Monday at 1 AM and, while I don’t know what’ll be on and when, I do know that it will a. kick ass and b. be totally worth your precious listening time, so y’all best tune in.

Then again, if you’re reading this, I bet you already know that. Without further ado, here’s the playlist:

Omar Souleyman – Leh Jani
Aaron FreemanMe And My Stump
Black Moth Super Rainbow – I Think It Is Beautiful That You Are 256 Colors Too
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Season For Blooming
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Letter People Show
AFX – PWSteal.Ldpinch.D
AFX – Backdoor.Berber.Q
Mister Lies – Cleam
Four Tet & Burial – Nova
Boards Of Canada – Aquarius
Gershon Kingsley – Popcorn
Mouse On Mars – Pinwheel Herman
Ratatat – Drugs
“System 7”: – 7:7 Expansion
Richard Lainhart – Staring At The Moon
Nicholas AlmyThe Weddin’ Song
Raymond Scott – Lullaby
Circulatory System – This Morning (We Remembered Everything)
W. Cullen Hart – Dimensional Snail And Friend
Olivia Tremor Control, Explanation II: Instrumental Themes and Dream Sequences – Cycle 5
Richard Lainhart – Wavelength
The Beatles – Revolution 9
Circulatory System – Deserts (As Big As A Star)
AFX, Analogue Bubblebath 5 – B01 [untitled]

Yes, yes, I plug Richard like a damned pimp, but he was that good. And if you ever want to learn the fundamentals of analog synthesis, and much more on top of that, who else to learn from but the master himself?

Also, I’ve been sleep-deprived enough to think that it’s still the 8th of September. Those sleep deprivation public service announcements aren’t just boilerplate, you know.

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