Playlist for 9 18 12

by Doc Mordechi from Fly By Night Radio at 3:02 AM on 9·18·2012

Artist: Song (Album)
1. Two Door Cinema Club: Wake Up (Beacon)
2. Belle Brigade: Where Not To Look For Freedom (8 Tracks)
3. Toadies: Summer of the Strange (Play.Rock.Music)
4. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Bag of Bones (Meat and Bone)
5. Mike Watt and the Secondmen: Let’s Have a War (A Tribute to Repo Man)
6. Dave Matthews Band: Gaucho (Away from the World)
7. Cat Power: Silent Machine (Sun)
8. Good Co.: Tumble Down (Electro Swing for the Masses)
9. The Lumineers: Classy Girls (The Lumineers)
10. Eddie Taylor: Bad Boy (Roots of the Rolling Stones)
11. Dinosaur, Jr.: I Know it so Well (I Bet on Sky)
12. Counting Crows: Ooh La La (Underwater Sunshine; Or What We Did on our Summer Vacation)
13. Stars: A Song is a Weapon (The North)
14. Kimbra: With My Hands (Frankenweenie Movie Soundtrack)
15. David Byrne and St. Vincent: I Should Watch TV (Love This Giant)
16. Admiral Fallow: Beetle in the Box (Tree Bursts in Snow)
17. Peaches and Crime: Burning Southside Down (Vaude-Villains)
18. The Time Jumpers: Texoma Bound (The Time Jumpers)
19. Deerhoof: Flower (Breakup Song)
20. Jargon of the Future: The Distance (Now or Never EP)
21. The Whigs: Gospel (Enjoy the Company)
22. Viva Voce: Plastic Radio (The Future will Destroy You)
23. Coldplay: Fix You (X & Y)
24. Hans Theesink and Terry Evans: It Hurts Me Too (Delta Time)
25. Dunwells: I Could Be a King (Blind Sighted Faith
26. Slim Cesna’s Auto Club: Cranston (Buried Behind the Barn)
27. VildirHeart: If There Was a Fourth Wish (The Core)
28. The Union Electric: St. Francis of Illinois (Time is Gold)
29. Ray Manzarek and Roy Rogers: Hurricane (Translucent Blues)
30. Kitten: Cut it Out (Cut it Out)
31. I’m Not a Pilot: Too Late (Need Money for Rocket Fuel)

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