Playlist for 11 20 12

by Doc Mordechi from Fly By Night Radio at 3:01 AM on 11·20·2012

Artist: Song (Album)

1. M. Ward: Watch the Show (PDX Pop Now 2012)
2. Bruce Springsteen: She’s The One (Born to Run)
3. Wanda Jackson: Shakin’ All Over (The Party Ain’t Over)
4. Lindi Ortega: Murder of Crows (Cigarettes and Truckstops)
5. Social Studies: Away for the Weekend (Developer)
6. Andrew Bird: Railroad Bill (Hands of Glory)
7. The Yardbirds: For Your Love (Great Hits)
8. Gospel Claws: I Want it All (Put Your Sunshine Away)
9. Johnny Cash: Happiness is You (Love, God, Murder)
10. Glowing House: Let’s Be Ruffians (Days Run Out)
11. Coheed and Cambria: Goodnight, Fair Lady (The Afterman: Ascension)
12. Hindu Love Gods: Travellin’ Riverside Blues (Hindu Love Gods)
13. Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown: Last One Leaving (Wild Child Sampler)
14. ZZ Ward: Move Like U Stole It (Til the Casket Drops)
15. The Weeks: I’ve Broken All Your Windows (Gutter Gaunt Gangster)
16. Motion City Soundtrack: Major Leagues (Making Moves EP)
17. The Ross Sea Party: Two Things (Hotel Pool)
18. Gogol Bordello: My Companjera (Trans-Continental Hustle)
19. Fourth Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra: Yemenite Tanz (Abdul the Rabbi)
20. Wild Ones: It’s Real (PDX Pop Now 2012)
21. Roses and Revolution: Home (Earth and Everything)
22. Wazu: Hard Game (Robobo)
23. Dash Rip Rock: Meet Me at the River (Black Liquor)
24. PK: Chase the Sky (The Lost Boys Sessions)
25. The Primrose Drive: Motions (Eternal Youth)
26. Savoir Adore: Dreamers (Our Nature)
27. Voltaire Twins: Jump Cuts (Apollo EP)
28. Rolling Stones: Good Times, Bad Times (Around and Around)
29. The Serenaders: Before I’m Done (My One and Only You)
30. The Tunnel: Rumbler (Sultry Daggers)

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