Playlist for 10 2 12

by Doc Mordechi from Fly By Night Radio at 2:57 AM on 10·2·2012

Artist: Song (Album)
1. Alvin Lee: Listen to Your Radio Station (Still on the Road to Freedom)
2. Seven Handle Circus: I’ve Been Around the World (Whiskey Stills and Sleeping Pills)
3. R.E.M.: Finest Worksong (Document; Remastered)
4. The Delta Spirit: Tear It Up (College Radio Day 2012)
5. The Everymen: Dance Only, Only Dance (The Everymen Present New Jersey Hardcore)
6. Big Scary: Purple (Vacation)
7. Tilly and the Wall: All Kinds of Guns (Heavy Mood)
8. Ramones: Rock and Roll Radio (Loud, Fast, Ramones: Their Toughest Hits)
9. Warren Zevon: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (Warren Zevon)
10. Birds of Chicago: Trampoline (Birds of Chicago)
11. Steve Hill: Preachin’ Blues (Solo Recordings Volume 1)
12. Cream: Tales of Brave Ulysses (Disraeli Gears)
13. Pinback: Proceed to Memory (Information Retrieved)
14. H.P. Lovecraft: Keeper of the Keys (Phillips Demonstration Disc)
15. Alex Clare: Up All Night The Lateness of the Hour)
16. Sandie Shaw: Sympathy for the Devil (Mojo Presents: Stoned)
17. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Black Mold (Meat and Bone)
18. I’m Not a Pilot: Bottle Rocket (Need Money for Rocket Fuel)
19. The Melismatics: Out of Yer Mind (Mania!)
20. The Tellers: Pablo Picasso (A Tribute to Repo Man)
21. Standing Hawthorn: Roaming Lions (Living Without Lies)
22. 61 North: Red Headed Angel (College Radio Day 2012)
23. Xpress: 12 Bar Blues (Brothers From Other Mothers)
24. Cecile Hortensia: No Man’s Land (Papillons)
25. Dragonette: Rocket Ship (Bodyparts)
26. Dana Falconberry: Crooked River (Leelanau)
27. Title Fight: Head in the Ceiling Fan (Floral Green)
28. Hey Now, Morris Fader: Smart Girls are Smart (Good Times Ne’er Forgot)
29. Golden Earring: Lonsome DJ (Switch)

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