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by Doc Mordechi from Fly By Night Radio at 2:56 AM on 1·22·2013

Artist: Song (Album)
1. Nightwatchman: Let Freedom Ring (One Man Revolution)
2. David Byrne: Ain’t Got So Far to Go (Future Soundtrack for America)
3. The Solipsistics: We Few (Whatever Makes You Happy)
4. Nashville Teens: Tobacco Road (Hard Up Heroes)
5. Bruce Springsteen: Promised Land (Essential Bruce Springsteen)
6. Sixpence None the Richer: Poor Wayfaring Stranger (The Village)
7. Little Feat: One Breath at a Time (Rooster Rag)
8. Nobody’s Children: Good Times (Best of Pebbles)
9. The Atomic Hep Cats: Bring on the Dancing Horses (High School Reunion: A Tribute to those Great 80’s Films!)
10. Frank Turner: Poetry of the Deed (Poetry of the Deed)
11. Elvis Costello: Radio Sweetheart (Greatest Hits)
12. 16 Horsepower: Black Soul Choir (Jim White Presents: Looking for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus)
13. Eric Bibb, Rory Block and Maria Muldaur: Don’t Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down (Sisters and Brothers)
14. Bad Religion: The New America (The New America)
15. Jethro Tull: Sunshine Day (Rare Tracks)
16. Lili Haydn: Faithful One (Lili)
17. The Mountain Goats: Damn These Vampires (All Eternals Deck)
18. The Small Faces: Whatcha Gonna Do About It (Hard Up Heroes)
19. Clutch: Elephant Riders (The Elephant Riders)
20. The Sword: Winter’s Wolves (Age of Winters)
21. Tom Waits: What Keeps Mankind Alive (Orphans)
22. Junco Partners: Take This Hammer (Pebbles, Volume 6)
23. Throwing Muses: Manic Depression (Various Tracks EP)
24. AM: Don’t You (Forget About Me) (High School Reunion: A Tribute to Those Great 80s Films!)
25. Jimi Hendrix: Dolly Dagger (Rare Tracks)
26. The Fairies: Take Yourself Home (Pebbles Volume 6)
27. Kansas: Song for Democracy (Box Set)
28. Leonard Cohen: Democracy (The Future)
29. OK Go: This Will Be Our Year (Future Soundtrack for America)

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