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by Doc Mordechi from Fly By Night Radio at 2:57 AM on 2·19·2013

Artist: Song (Album)
1. Moxy Fruvous: Got to Get a Message to You (You Will Go to the Moon)
2. Scissor Sisters: Year of Living Dangerously (Magic Hour)
3. Delta Saints: Boogie (Death Letter Jubilee)
4. Fellaheen: Isle of the Moon (Death Frolic) 5. Firewater: Dark Days Indeed (The Man on the Burning Tightrope) 6. Oaks: Falls (Field Beat) 7. Avett Brothers: The Once and Future Carpenter (The Carpenter) 8. Engloria: Found a Girl (Shine) 9. Frightened Rabbit: Holy (Pedestrian Verse) 10. The Virginmarys: Just a Ride (King of Conflict) 11. Need to Breathe: Drive All Night (The Reckoning) 12. Deadbeat Darling: Surf India (The Angel's Share) 13. Veda Hille: 26 Years (Spine) 14. Diamond Youth: Cannonball (Orange) 15. The Who: Join Together (30 Years of Maximum R and B) 16. Buddy Guy: Coming for You (Live at Legends) 17. Fatboy Slim: Weapon of Choice (The Greatest Hits: Why Try Harder) 18. Sonic Cult: Up and Up (Sonic Cult EP) 19. Skinny Lister: If the Gaff Don't Let Us Down ((Forge and Flagon) 20. Hugh Laurie: St. James Infirmary (Let Them Talk) 21. The Slide Brothers: Don't Keep Me Wondering (The Slide Brothers) 22. Something Wild: Trippin' Out (Pebbles Volume 7) 23. Radio Birdman: What Gives? (Radios Appear) 24. American Royalty: Hungry (Prismatic) 25. Doc Gyneco: Caramel (Global Soul) 26. Royksopp: In Space (Melody A.M.) 27. U2: With or Without You (Island Story) 28. Ivan Alyosha: Easy to Love (All the Times We Had)

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