Fly By Night Radio

with Doc Mordechi

Astronauts report it feels good.


Artist: Song (Album)
1. The Beach Boys: That’s Why God Made the Radio (The Beach Boys Greatest Hits)
2. Diamond Youth: In the Clouds (Nothing Matters)
3. The Lyres: How Do You Know (Lyres Sampler)
4. Slow Down Molasses: Don’t Forget the Youth (Burnt Black Cars)
5. The Electric Flag: Wine (A Long Time Comin’)
6. Heartless Bastards: Gates of Dawn (Restless Ones)
7. Django Django: Shot Down (Born Under Saturn)
8. Oingo Boingo: I’m Afraid (LA In)
9. Fool’s Gold: Lady of the Lake (Flying Lessons)
10. Guantanamo Baywatch: Do What You Want (Darling…It’s Too Late)
11. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists: The Sons of Cain (Living with the Living)
12. Wilko Johnson: Down By the Waterside (Move On Up)
13. Yardlets: Baby Deer (Good Hangs)
14. Vanilla Fudge: I Can’t Make it Alone (Rock and Roll)
15. Slam Allen: The Blues is Back (Feel These Blues)
16. Ceremony: Exit Fears (The L-Shaped Man)
17. Good Riddance: Year Zero (Peace in Our Time)
18. Total Babes: Circling (Heydays)
19. Mousai: Someday Maybe (Full Circle)
20. Mastodon: Colony of Birchmen (Blood Mountain)
21. Mittenfields: We’ve Become Numbers (Optimists)
22. Meat Puppets: Down (Rat Farm)
23. The Weirdos: Helium Bar (Yes Nukes)
24. Joe Bonamassa: Killing Floor (Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks)
25. Ronnie James Dio with Killswitch Engage: Holy Diver (This is Your Life)
26. Timeshares: Same Day, Different Week (Already Dead)
27. The Beat: Twist and Crawl (Move On Up)
28. Strange Names: Supernatural Silence (Use Your Time Wisely)
29. The Dead Ships: Canyon (The Dead Ships)
30. My Morning Jacket: Believe (Nobody Knows) (The Waterfall)

Artist: Song (Album)
1. Hop Along: Happy to See Me (Painted Shut)
2. The Dead Ships: Big Quiet (The Dead Ships)
3. Ronnie James Dio with with Tenacious D: The Last in Line (This is Your Life)
4. Ramones: Blitzkrieg Bop (Loud Fast Ramones)
5. Turnover: New Scream (Peripheral Vision)
6. Built to Spill: Some Other Song (Untethered Moon)
7. Timeshares: Naive (Already Dead)
8. Guantanamo Baywatch: Too Late (Darling…It’s Too Late)
9. The Paper Chase: Wrapped Around Your Finger (Many Miles Away)
10. Elliot Moss: Big Bad Wolf (Highspeeds)
11. The Tallest Man on Earth: Singers (Dark Bird is Home)
11. Hozier: Jackie and Wilson (Hozier)
12. Aesop Rock: None Shall Pass (None Shall Pass)
13. Sue Foley: From Four Until Late (Dealin’ With the Devil: The Songs of Robert Johnson)
14. Icky Blossoms: Phantasmagoria (Mask)
15. Mr. Robinson: Bury Me Good (Bury Me Good EP)
16. The Enemies: Mojo Woman (The Core of Rock)
17. Yardlets: Rivers Edge (Good Hangs)
18. Strider: Road Runner (Reading Festival 1973)
19. BB King: Blues Man (Blues on the Bayou)
20. Django Django: Shake and Tremble (Born Under Saturn)
21. The Eiffels: City All Night (The Eiffels EP)
22. Bruce Springsteen: Promised Land (Essential Bruce Springsteen)
23. Warm Soda: I Wanna Go Fast (Symbolic Dream)
24. The Beatles: You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (Help!)
25. Urban Cone: Rocketman (Polaroid Memories)
26. Blondie: Tide is High (Full Tilt)
27. Johnny Cash: She Used to Love Me a Lot (Out Among the Stars)
28. The New Basement Tapes: Married to My Hack (Lost on the River)
29. BB King: There is Always One More Time (There is Always One More Time)

Artist: Song (Album)
1. Big Little Lions: The Time is Now (A Little Frayed, A Little Torn)
2. Braids: Warm Like Summer (Deep in the Iris)
3. The Mountain Goats: Unmasked! (Beat the Champ)
4. The Dramatics: The Devil is Dope (Soul Power!)
5. Ruen Brothers: Vendetta (Summer Sun)
6. Rocky Votolato: So Unexpected (Hospital Handshakes)
7. T Bone Burnett: Amnesia and Jealousy (Attack of the Killer Bs)
8. Tom Waits: Whistlin’ Past the Graveyard (Used Songs)
9. Warm Soda: Dream I Left Behind (Symbolic Dream)
10. Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup: My Baby Left Me (Rock! Rock! Rock!)
11. Skye Steele: The People Make the Music (Up from the Bitterroot)
12. Wheel Workers: Wage Slaves (Citizens)
13. Comateens: Late Night City (Comateens)
14. Frank Zappa: Dancin’ Fool (Kill Ugly Radio Some More)
15. Wire: Octopus (Wire)
16. J. Geils Band: Givin’ It All Up (Best of the J. Geils Band)
17. British India: Suddenly (Nothing Touches Me)
18. Kathryn Calder: My Armour (Kathryn Calder)
19. Suuns: Self (Jerusalem in My Heart)
20. Moxy Fruvous: Lazlo’s Career (You Will Go to the Moon)
21. Peter Gabriel: Shock den affen (Attack of the Killer Bs)
22. Jessie Baylin: To Hell and Back (Dark Place)
23. Hop Along: Buddy in the Parade (Painted Shut)
24. Speedy Ortiz: Ginger (Foil Deer)
25. My Morning Jacket: Spring (Among the Living) (The Waterfall)
26. Beirut: Cliquot (The Flying Club Cup)
27. The Nazz: Open My Eyes (Nuggets)
28. Those People: Fix This (Be Careful What You Wish For)
29. Lowell Fulson: Reconsider Baby (Rock! Rock! Rock!)
30. The Thirteenth Floor Elevators: You’re Gonna Miss Me (Nuggets)

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