Fly By Night Radio

with Doc Mordechi

Astronauts report it feels good.


Artist: Song (Album)
1. PS I Love You: Limestone Radio (For Those Who Stay)
2. The Electro-Lights: Modern Day Don Quixote (Oddities and Contradictions)
3. Nervous Germans: Yeah Yeah (Volatile)
4. The Reverend Shawn Amos: I’m The Face (The Reverend Shawn Amos Tells It)
5. Hundred Waters: Cavity (single)
6. Monomyth: Something Else (Saturnalia Regalia)
7. Miles Tackett: Release Me (The Fool Who Wonders)
8. Kutosis: Fear of Flying (Dream it Away)
9. Beck with Jack White: I’m Down (Song Reader)
10. Samsel and the Skirt: Microphone (Shoebox)
11. The Muffs: Like You Don’t See Me (Whoop Dee Doo)
12. The Dream Logic: My Red Heart (My Black Arts)
13. Honeyblood: Fortune Cookie (Honeyblood)
14. The Kinks: Waterloo Sunset (Something Else By the Kinks)
15. Bear in Heaven: Time Between (Time is Over One Day Old)
16. Liam Bailey: Black Moon (Definitely NOW)
17. Rise Against: Zero Visibility (The Black Market)
18. Lucky Peterson: I Can See Clearly Now (The Son of a Bluesman)
19. The Pixies: Where is My Mind? (Surfer Rosa)
20. Walking Shapes: Feel Good (Taka Come On)
21. Voxmirage: All I Want is You (Voxmirage)
22. Little Daylight: Overdose (Hello Memory)
23. Jenny Broke the Window: See You in the War (Jenny Broke the Window EP)
24. Bob Dylan: Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues (Highway 61 Revisited)
25. Boz Scaggs: Dry Spell (Memphis)
26. Too Slim and the Taildraggers: Little Gun Motel (Anthology)
27. Christopher Denny: Radio (If the Roses Don’t Kill Us)
28. Alvvays: Adult Diversion (Alvvays)
29. Junk Riot: Untouched (Headache)
30. Wild Smiles: Round and Round (Fool For You)

Artist: Song (Album)
1. Young Widows: Cool Night (Easy Pain)
2. French Style Furs: Solitary Life (Is Exotic Bait)
3. Wild Smiles: Fool For You (Fool For You EP)
4. Shovels and Rope: Coping Mechanism (Swimmin’ Time)
5. Dave Fields: Black Dog (All In)
6. Puss N Boots: Jesus, Etc. (No Fools, No Fun)
7. Miles Tackett: Just What I Need (The Fool Who Wonders)
8. Liam Bailey: On My Mind (Definitely NOW)
9. Kutosis: Crystal Beach (Dream It Away)
10. Hindu Love Gods: Junko Partner (Hindu Love Gods)
11. Hank Williams: Cold Cold Heart (American Roots Music)
12. Abstract Artform: B.A.M.F. (As the Crow Flies)
13. Junk Riot: After Tomorrow (Headache)
14. Honeyblood: Killer Bangs (Honeyblood)
15. Morrissey: Earth is the Loneliest Planet (World Peace is None of Your Business)
16. Stage Republic: All Out (Firstage)
17. Mean Creek: Night Running (Local Losers)
18. Bad Finger: Day After Day (Straight Up)
19. Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens: Movin’ (Cold World)
20. Dead Fingers: We’re All Alone (Big Black Dog)
21. Braid: Many Enemies (No Coast)
22. The Green Seed: Diss Connect (Drapetomania)
23. Orquestra Pacifico Tropical: Rio Frio (PDX Pop Now 2014)
24. Sean Flinn and the Royal We: Heavy Hearts (The Lost Weekend)
25. Nova and the Experience: We Are the Children (There’s Something There EP)
26. The Ramones: I Don’t Want to Grow Up (Greatest Hits Live)
27. B. B. King: The Thrill is Gone (American Roots Music)
28. The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer: Don’t Make 'Em Like They Used To)
29. Drenge: Bloodsports (Drenge)
30. Mastodon: The Motherload (Once More Round the Sun)
31. Rodrigo y Gabriela: The Russian Messenger (9 Dead Alive)
32. Bright Light Bright Light: I Wish We Were Leaving (Life is Easy)

Artist: Song (Album)
1. Turn to Crime: Forgiveness (Can’t Love EP)
2. Braid: East End Hollows (No Coast)
3. Samsel and the Skirt: Static (Shoebox)
4. The Smithereens: Downbound Train (One Step Up / Two Steps Back: The Songs of Bruce Springsteen)
5. Passenger: Scare Away the Dark (Whispers)
6. Puss N Boots: Down By the River (No Fools, No Fun)
7. Nova and the Experience: Explorers (There’s Something Here)
8. Lower: Soft Options (Seek Warmer Climes)
9. Bright Light Bright Light: Everything I Ever Wanted (Life is Easy)
10. Morissey: Istanbul (World Peace is None of Your Business)
11. Cyndi Lauper featuring Allen Toussaint: Shattered Dreams (Memphis Blues)
12. Groenland: Superhero (The Chase)
13. Smokey Wilson: My Woman is Gone (More Blues From the South Side)
14. Greys: Pretty Grim (If Anything)
15. The Ramones: I’m Against It(Loud, Fast Ramones)
16. Dead Stars: Summer Bummer (Slumber)
17. Wanda Jackson: Hard Headed Woman (Rock! Rock! Rock!)
18. Blue Sky Mission Club: What I’ve Lost (Couragio)
19. Abstract Artform: As the Crow Flies (As the Crow Flies)
20. Black Diet: You Did it to Yourself (Find Your Tambourine)
21. Steve Freund and Gloria Hardiman: The Things That I Used to Do (Set Me Free)
22. The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer: Cry a Little (A Real Fine Mess)
23. Chiefs of the North: Look Like Sin (Reach)
24. Mastodon: High Road (Once More Round the Sun)
25. Whiskey N’ Rye: Come Back Home (Whiskey N’ Rye)
26. Walking Shapes: In the Wake (Taka Come On)
27. Das Blankout: Mister All Right (Everything Diamonds)
28. Woman’s Hour: Darkest Place (Conversations)
29. Giles Corey’s Stoned Soul: Its All Been Said Before (Giles Corey’s Stoned Soul)

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