The Dwarf Invasion

with popboy905

Your mom and dad's indie, punk, metal show.


John Lee
The Dwarf Invasion
7:05:00 AM
Reggie & The Full Effect (Promo Copy) – The Dwarf Invasion
Explosions In The Sky (Those Who Tell The Truth…) – Yasmin The Light
Electro-Lights (Oddities And Contradictions) – The Prequel*
Electro-Lights (Oddities And Contradictions) – The Ballad Of Scruff Mcgruff*
Ps I Love You (For Those Who Stay) – In My Mind At Least*
The Constintines (2002 Mordam Sampler) – Dirty Business
The Muffs (Whoop Dee Doo) – Paint By Numbers*
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) – Over And Over Again (Lost And Found
Woman’S Hour (Conversations) – Her Ghost*
Jpnsgrls (Circulation) – Tiger*
Jpnsgrls (Circulation) – Southern Comforting*
The Black Keys (The Moan) – The Moan
Junk Riot (Headache) – Headache*
Aroara (Aroara) – Track 4*
Liz Phair () – May Queen
Lana Del Rey (Born To Die) – Born To Die
Jungle (Jungle) – Platoon*
Jungle (Jungle) – Drops*
Chromeo (White Women) – Hard To Say No
Pillows () – Heart Break
Metric (Synthetica) – The Void
Metric (Fsantasies) – Blindness
New Buffalo () – No Party
Broken Social Scene (You Forgot It In People) – Almost Crimes
The Halo Benders (God Don’T Make No Junk) – On A Tip
Built To Spill (Strange 7”) – Strange
Pixies (Death To The Pixies (Live)) – Debaser
Braid (Pixies Tribute) – Trompe Le Monde
Braid (No Coast) – Put Some Wings On That Kid*
Promise Ring (Pixies Triubute) – Gouge Away
Promise Ring (Nothing Feels Good) – Is This Thing On?
Promise Ring (Nothing Feels Good) – Perfect Lines
Superchunk (Tossing Seeds Lp Singles 89-91) – Fishing
Dirty Lungs (S/T) – All My Cats*
Saves The Day (In Reverie) – Where Are You
Saves The Day (Stay What You Are) – Cars & Calories
Crystal Castles (Iii) – Plague
Wunder Wunder (Everything Infintie) – Coastline*
Laroux (Trouble In Paradise) – Up Tight Downtown*
The Evans (S/T) – Crude Bomb
Masters Of Hemisphere (Kindercore 50) – Anything
The Moldy Peaches (S/T) – Nyc’S Like A Graveyard
Yeah Yeah Yeah’S (Fever To Tell) – Y-Control

Reggie & Full Effect – The Dwarf Invasion
Gypsy Sun Mix – Ultrafunkula
Liars – We Fenced Our Gardens With The Bones of Our Own
Ciccone Youth – Into The Groovy
(new)Bellrave – Touch Me on the Dance Floor
(new)Bellrave – Glamphetamines
(new)Bellrave – No Heart to Cross
(new)Bassnector – Loco Ono
(new)Jungle – Busy Earnin’
(new)Jungle – The Heat
B52’s – Summer of Love
The Cure – Lullaby
Big Country – In a Big Country
Inxs – Don’t Change
Sonic Youth- Trilogy
a)The Wonder
c)Eliminator Jr
The Pet’s- Cycle of Tyranny I.The Vision
II.The Villian
III.The Victory
Coheed and Cambria – The Camper Velourium I. The Faint of Hearts II.Backend of Forever III. Al the Killer
Black Sabbath – Electric Funeral
Dead Kennedy’s – Holiday in Cambodia
(new)Mastodon – Ember City
Mastodon – March of the Fire Ants

Rainer Maria
Artificial Light
Breakfast of Champions
Long Knives Drawn

Kyle Fischer – The Slow Drag
I’ll Make you Mine
The Reason the Night is Long (live)

Reggie & Full Effect – The Dwarf Invasion
Gypsy Sun – The Jimi Hendrix Mix Part 1

Mogwai – Like Herod
Harry Chapin -Wreck of The Edmond Fitzgerald (request)
(new)Old Crow Medicine show – 8 dogs 8 Banjos
(new)Lana Del Ray – West Coast
(new)Panama Wedding – All Of the People
(new)Panama Wedding – UMA
(new)Dear Frederic – Lake Shore
(new)Say Hi – Hurt in the Morning
(new)Say Hi – Such a Drag
(new)Lady Land -Above My Ground
Broken Social Scene – Looks Just like the Sun
Mogwai – Hunted by Freak

Mates of State
It’s The Law
Invitation Inn
A Control Group

Hoarding For Home
Throw Down
Uber Legitimate

Whiner’s Bio
Think Long
The Re-Arranger

Rainer Maria – Planetary
Rainer Maria – Broken Radio
(new)Braid – Damages!
Braid – Radish White Icicles
Promise Ring – Best Looking Boys
Promise Ring – Emergency Emergency
Superchunk – Cast Iron
The Owls – This must be How

When Is It On?

Summer 2014

You can catch this show on
Thursdays from 7 AM to 10 AM.

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August 7 @ 7 AM

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