The Dwarf Invasion

with popboy905

Your mom and dad's indie, punk, metal show.


The Dwarf Invasion – 10/20/2014 8:30-10am

Reggie & The Full Effect – “The Dwarf Invasion” Promo Copy
The Decemberist – “The Mariner’s Revenge Song“Picaresque
Reggie & The Full Effect – “Girl, Why’d You Runaway?” Greatest Hits
Doug Martsch – “Woke Up This Morning With My Mind On Jesus” Doug Martsch
The Fletchers – “Reset The Dial” Reset The Dial
Antony & The Johnsons – “Fistful Of Love” Insound Pushing Product
Paper Rival – “Cassandra” Dialog
Kevin Drew – “Tbtf” Spirit If…
Aloha – “Perry Como Gold” Here Comes Everyone
Metric – “Blindness” Fantasies
Idlewild – “Tell Me Ten Words” The Remote Part
Interpol – “Specialist” E.p.
Iggy Pop – “Cry For Love” Blah Blah Blah
Interpol – “Specialist” E.p.
Ritual Howls – “Zemmoa” Turkish Leather
Milemarker – “The Banner To The Sick” Location Is Everything
Wampire – “The Amazing Heat Attach” Bazaar
Go Wolf – “One More Night” Go Wolf
Say Anything – “Hebrews” Hebrews
Tv On The Radio – “Happy Idiot” Tvotr
Pretty Girls Make Graves – “Speakers Push The Air” Speakers Push The Air 7”

The Dwarf Invasion – 10/13/2014 8:30-10am

Reggie &The Full Effect – “The Dwarf Invasion” Promo Copy
K.c. Accidental – “Silver Fish Eyelashes“Athems For The Could’ve Bin Pills
Beastie Boys – “Shambala” Ill Communication
Parts & Labor – “Don’t Just Fucking Stand There” Rise Rise Rise
The Mercury Program – “Tequesta” A Data Learned The Language
The Mercury Program – “The Sultans Of El Sur” A Data Learned The Language
The Redneck Manifesto – “We Still Got It” I Am Brazil
The Snake Trap – “Frau Schmidt” At Home In A Hostile World
Pelican – “Sirus”
Phoenix – “Love Is Like A Sunrise” Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Kinski – “Semaphore” Rock Reborn
Don Caballero – “Our Caballero” 7”
Time Out Drawer – “Bursting With Tears, I Commit To Destroying You” Nowonmai
Ratatat – “German To Germany” S/t
Sleep Makes Waves – “Perfect Detonator” Love Carography
Mogawi – “Ratts Of The Capital” Happy Songs For Happy People

The Dwarf Invasion – 10/6/2014 0:00:00

Reggie &The Full Effect – “The Dwarf Invasion” Promo Copy
Gorillaz – “Tomorrow Comes Today“Gorillaz
Luscious Jackson – “Take A Ride” Fever In Fever Out
Death Cab For Cutie – “Company Calls Epilogue” We Have The Facts Amd We’re Voting Yes
Feist – “Inside Out” Let It Die
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – “Impossible Request Alt Version” Only Run
American Analog Set – “Hard To Find” Promise Of Love
Bound System – “Western Biographic” Appreciation Night
Minus The Bear – “Get Me Naked 2: Electric Boogaloo” Highly Refined Pirates
The High Strung – “The Songbird” These Are The Good Times
Prinction Reverbs Colonial – “Turning The Tide” Ring The Pair -A -Bells
Arcade Fire – “We Use To Wait” The Suburbs
Interpol – “Ancient Ways” Elpintor
The Smiths – “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now Lp
Zella Day – “Sweet Ophelia” S/t
Tv On The Radio – “Happy Idiot” Happy Idiot
Death From Above 1979 – “Cheap Talk” The Physical World
Minus The Bear – “The Lucky Ones” Lost Lives
Reggie And The Full Effect – “Super Croc Vs Mega Doosh” No Country For Old Musicians
Naked Aggression – “Gut Wrenching Machine” Gut Wrenching Machine
Naked Aggression – “Prose And Cons Of Dying” Gut Wrenching Machine
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb – “Body Count” Front Seat Soliditary
Sonic Youth – “Skip Tracer” Washing Machine

When Is It On?

Fall 2014

You can catch this show on
Mondays from 8:30 AM to 10 AM.

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October 27 @ 8:30 AM

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