The Dwarf Invasion

with popboy905

Your mom and dad's indie, punk, metal show.


1.State of the Nation
3.The Fantabulous Rap Extravaganza
4.Things You Can Do
5.Positive Contact
6.St. Catherine St.
8.Upgrade (A Brymar College Course)
9.New Coke
11.National Movie Review
13.Meet Cleofis Randolph the Patriarch
14.Time Keeps On Slipping
15.The News (A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Microsoft, Inc.)
17.The Fantabulous Rap Extravaganza Part II
19.Love Story
20.Memory Loss
21.The Assmann 640 Speaks

Event 2

23.The Return
24.Pay The Price
25.Nobody Can
26.Lawnchair Quarterback Part 1
27.Melding Of The Minds
28.The Agony
29.Back In The Day
30.Talent Supercedes
31.Look Across The Sky
32.The Future Of Food
33.What Is This Loneliness
34.My Only Love
35.Lawnchair Quarterback Part 2
36.City Rising From The Ashes
37.Do You Remember


“Memo From The Desk of the Quails – The Quails

“Sex Object” – Manda & The Marbles

“Waste of Time” – The Coolies

“Total Destruction” – Lost Sounds

“Noon Under The Trees” – The Rock*A*Teens

“Industrial Skyline” – Industrial Skyline

“Pick up You”- Dada Swing

“The Monster” – Stereo Total

“Caesar’s Planet” – Gene Defcon

“Male In Communication” – The Supreme Indifference

“Blame The Glass Man” – Mecca Normal

“Leading The Weird” – The Convocation Of…

“Blight Blues” – Beehive & The Barracudas

“Through The Swells” – Aislers Set

“Look At You Now, You’re Crying” – Comet Gain

“The Slip That Hides You” – The Mona Reels

“Lake Is A Time Bomb” – I’m Being Good

“What Energy” – Drillboxignition

“Beautiful Fiction” – Braille Stars

“For The Win” – The Reputation

“Still No Sparks” – Delta Dart


“That Girl” – Tender Trap

“New Scars” – Bangs

“Imbecile” – Fifth Column

“Ran Out” – The Dishes

“Hiding Behind The Moon” – Jeff Hanson

“Tiger In The Forest” – Mary Timony

“Modern Things” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

“Dawn of Understand” – The Long Goodbye

“Missy” – Red Monkey

“Blue Boys” – Carla Bozulich

“Poseidon’s Kiss” – The Process

“Leg Night” – Erase Errata

“Love Potions Poison” – Love Life

“Song of Scorn” – Deerhoof

“Queen Majesty” – Quasi

“All The Evils of the World” – The Mooney Suzuki

“Ode To The Go Cart” – Dirt Bike Annie
“17” – The Butchies

“My Assassin” – Lorelei

“If It’s Not Grounded Then It’s Not Dead” – Thoroughbred

“I Don’t Know Where I’m Going” – Danielle Howle & The Tantrums

“Tell Me Once More” – Virginia North & The Them Wranch

“Knock Loud” – Neko Case

“Porcelein Throne” – Two Ton Boa

Kitten Bossanova – Free Kitten
Punk vs Punk – Free Kitten
No no no – Yeah Yeah Yeah’s
Indie Rockers – Mgnt

Beastie boys – biz vs Nug – cookie puss – gratitude
-Flute Loop – Futtermans Rule – triple trouble – shake your rump – slow and low

When Is It On?

Spring 2016

You can catch this show on
Sundays from 3 AM to 5 AM.

Upcoming Shows

February 14 @ 3 AM

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