The Dwarf Invasion

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Your mom and dad's indie, punk, metal show.


The Dwarf Invasion – 6/29/2015 10pm-1am

Karen O & The Kids – “Capsize” Where The Wild Thing Are (Soundtrack)
Cut Copy – “Midnight Runner“In Ghost Colours
I Am Spoonbender – “Re-dial Remember” Shown Actual Size
Broken Spindels – “Empty Bottle” S/t
Cage – “Grand Ol Party” Hell’s Winter (Instrumentals
The Faint – “Your Retro Career” Dance Macbre
The Snake Trap – “Coax The Goat”
The Redneck Manifesto – “2” Rmnmn
The Microphones – “Samurai Sword” The Glow Part 2
Riddles Of Steel – “Kissing In Secret” Python
Dios (Malos) – “Feels Good Being Somebody” S/t
Steve Burns – “Superstrings” Songs For Dustmites
Pop Star Kids – “Special Thing” The Rise And Fall Of…
Matt & Kim – “Am/fm Sound” Side Walks
Baby Gopal – “A Port In Any Storm” Fearless
Palomar – “Minory Song” Palomar Iii
Plavu – “Falling Sun” Life Instructions Enclosed
The Moldy Peaches – “The Ballad Of Helen Keller & Rip Vanwinkle” S/t
Lucero – “It Gets The Worst At Night” S/t
The Duhks – “Love Is The Seventh Wave”
Dropkick Murphy’s – “The Rocky Road To Dublin” Sing Loud, Sing Proud
Face To Face – “Bill Of Goods” How To Ruin Everthing
Challenger – “The Trojan Horse” Give The People What They Want In Lethal Doses
The Promise Ring – “Emergency Emergency” Very Emergency
Alligator Gun – “Flinch” Onehundredpercentfreak
Hot Rod Circuit – “Unfaithful” Reality’s Coming Through
Promise Ring – “The Deep South” Very Emergency
Archers Of Loaf – “Web In Front” Icky Mettle
Jawvreaker – “Million“Dear You
At The Drive In – “Doorman’s Placebo” This Station Is Non-operational
Snapcase – “Priceless” Progression Through Unlearning
Babes In Toyland – “Never” Spank Machine
The Ghost Wolves – “I’m Yo Mudda” Man, Women,beast
The Sick Lipstick – “Thigh Master, I’m Yr Master” Sting Sting Sting
Witchcraft – “Please Don’t Forget Me” S/t
Depeche Mode – “Stripped 7” Version” The Singles
The Strokes – “Try Your Luck” Is This It
The Rapture – “Love Is All” Echoes
Modest Mouse – “The Ground Walks With Time In A Box” Strangers To Ourselves
Foo Fighers – “Everlong” The Colour And The Shape

The dwarf Invasion – 6/22/2015 10pm-1am

Reggie And The Full Effect – “The Dwarf Invasion” Promo Copy
American Analog Set – “Hard To Find“Continues Hit Music
“ “ – “Hard To Find”
“ “ – “Come Home Baby Julie, Come Home” – “You Own Me”
American Analog Set – “Million Young” Know By Heart
Gil Scott Heron – “On Coming From A Broken Home (Part One)”
Cat Power – “Fool” You Are Free
Bonnie “Prince” Billy – “Riding” The Greatest Palace Music
Women & Children – “Today To Die” S/t
Owen – “Put Your Hands On Me My Love” I Do Percieve
Longwave – “Wake Me When Its Over” The Strangest Things
Saturday Looks Good To Me – “When You Got To Ny” Every Night
The Go-betweens – “Heart And Home” Friends Of Rachel Worth
The Standard – “Track 1” A Year Of Seconds
The Microphones – “Headless Horseman” The Glow Part 2
Colour Revolt – “Matress Underwater” S/t
Modest Mouse – “Workin On Leavin The Livin” Building Nothing Out Of Something
The Starlight Mints – “Margarita” The Dream That Stuff Is Made Of
Cody Chestnut – “Somebody’s Parents” Thee Headphone Masterpiece
Cat Power – “Cherokee” Sun
Bloc Party – “Always New Depths” Odds Against Seven 7”
Bloc Party – “This Modern Love” Silent Alarm
Pixies – “Something Against You” Death To The Pixies Live
Superchunk – “Cadmium” Incidental Music
Superchunk – “Untied” On The Mouth
The Big Sleep – “Murder” Son Of The Tiger
Black Eyes – “Yes, I Confess” S/t
Braid – “What A Wonderful Puddle” Movie Music Vol. 1
Congratulations On Your Decision To Become A Pilot – “The Shells“S/t
Face To Face – “Heart Of Hearts” Ignorance Is Blis
Minus The Bear – “Women We Haven’t Met Yet” Bands Like It When You Yell Yar! At Them
Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – “Maps” Maps 7”
The Silver Scooter – “Long Fence” The Other Palm Springs
The Fall – “Repitition” 50,000 Fans Can’t Be Wrong
Despitado – “A Stirsticks Prediction”
The Gossip – “Left Out Now” Real Damage Ep
Metric – “Calculation Theme”
Metric – “Help I’m Alive” Fantasies
Against Me – “Even At Our Worst We’re Still Better Then Most (The Roller)” Searching For A Former Clarity
Jawbreaker – “Softcore” Unfun
Clap your hands say yeah

The Dwarf Invasion – kindercore showcase 6/15/2015 10pm-1am

Reggie & The Full Effect – “The Dwarf Invasion” Promo Copy
The Apples In Stereo – “The Oasis“We Thank You
Apples In Stereo – “Man You Got To Get Up” 7”
The Apples In Stereo – “She’s Telling Lies” 7”
The Apples In Stereo – “The Golden Flower” 7”
Apples In Stereo – “Velocity Of Sound 7”“ Velocity Of Sound 7”
Masters Of Hemisphere – “Bat” Going On A Tek To Iceland 7”
Masters Of Hemispher – “So What About Freedoom” I Am Not Freedoom
Master Of Hemisphere – “On The Streets The Key” 7”
Masters Of Hemisphere – “Coat Of Arms (World Trade Remix)” We Thank You
Masters Of Hemisphere – “Anything Anything” We Thank You
The Apples In Stereo – “Time For Bed” 7”
Apples In Stereo – “I Know You’ll Do Well” 7”
Sleeping Files – “Feel Like Movin On” We Thank You
Sunshine Fix – “Ordinary Extraordinary” We Thank You
The Phones – “Tippy Toes” We Thank You
Je Suis France – “Coming Out Party” We Thank You
Je Suis France – “He Had Metal In His Head” S/t
Je Suis France – “I Can’t Believe I Can Fly” S/t
Je Suis France – “Prussia” S/t
Birdie – “Let Her Go (Single Mix)” We Thank You
Birdie – “Laugh” Some Dusty
C.a.r – “Josie And Chloe” We Thank You
I Am World Trade Center – “Better Off At Home” We Thank You
Ladybug Transistor – “Meadow Port Arch (World Trade Remix)” We Thank You
Japancakes – “Down The Elements Ep (Electonic Watusi Boogaloo Remix)” We Thank You
I Am World Trade Center – “Metro (Brooklyn Mix)” Out Of The Loop
I Am World Trade – “Me To Be” Out Of The Loop
Tuesday Weld – “The Days Of You And Me (Remix)” We Thank You
Of Montreal – “You Are An Airplane Remix” We Thank You
Of Montreal – “An Ill-treated Hicupp’s View Of The World” We Thank You
Of Montreal – “When A Man Is In Love With A Man” We Thank You
Of Montreal If I Falter Slightly Twice The Bird That Ate The Rabbits Flower
Olivia Tremor Control The Gypsum Oilfield Fire 7”
Olivia Tremor Control The King Of The Claws 7”
Olivia Tremor Control – “Hide Away (World Trade Remix)” We Thank You
Marshmallow Coast – “Dead Iguana“We Thank You
Ashley Park – “The Painter & The Jay” We Thank You
Tuesday Weld – “I Like It That Way” We Thank You
Kincaid – “Cool Jets Baby” 7”
Kincaid – “Portales” 7”
Kincaid – “Machines Can’t Beat Me” We Thank You
Dressy Bessy – “Instead” We Thank You
Dressy Bessy – “Just Like Henry” Pink Hearts Yellow Moons
The Four Corners – “Two By Two” We Thank You
Japancakes – “Wisconsin” We Thank You
Joe Christmas – “Hesitation (They Know The Song And Dance)” We Thank You
Babalu – “Let’s Crash The Blue Bus” We Thank You
Vermont – “The Bells Of Saint Alcohol” We Thank You
The Catskills – “Christmas” We Thank You

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