PLaylist 11/29/12

by Christine from Dingus Radio at 3:39 PM on 11·29·2012

Yo La Tengo- Tom Courtenay
Bad Cello- Tattoo (
The Walkmen-Stop Talking
Washed Out-Soft
Anton Muller- (
Deerhunter- Nothing Ever Happened
Tony Castles- Medium (
Broken Social Scene- 7/4 Shoreline
Superchunk-Tiny Bombs
Mean Lady- Whyd’ya hafta Be Sucha (
Massive Attack- Be Thankful for What You’ve Got
Twin Shadow- When We’re Dancing
Depeche Mode- In Sympathy
Kissing Is A crime- Your Secrets are Safe With Me (
Pavement- Gold Sounz
Modest Mouse- Missed The Boat

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