Odds and Ends

by DJ Bird from D.C. al Coda at 4:16 PM on 5·3·2013

The ancestor – Darlingside
O Leaozinho – Beirut
As Long as there is Whiskey in the World – Murder By Death
You Lust – The Flaming Lips
Giant Stephs!
All Of Me – Charlie Parker
Bumble Bee Stomp – Benny Goodman
Anthropology – Dizzy Gillespie
Anytime Tomorrow – Stan Getz
Mr. P.C. – John Coltrane
Kotov Syndrome – Rise Against
Riot Radio – The Dead 60s
Even If It Kills Me – Motion City Soundtrack
Warning – Green Day
Back In Your Head – Tegan and Sara
Just – Radiohead
Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who
Death Valley – Fall Out Boy
Weezer – Pink Triangle
Five – The Blind Wires

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