DanTheMan Brings the Fam/ Sam's Infant Barbeque

by Count D. Money from The Dan Samwich at 1:04 PM on 5·3·2014

U Sam
It’s the end of the world as we know it- REM
Island in the Sun- Weezer
Now we can See- The Thermals
Winds Blow Harder- Thunderbody
Death of Yolo- Joey Bada$$
Everything’s Good- Chance the Rapper

Count D
Summertime Clothes- Animal Collective
Salad Days- Mac Demarco
Wouldn’t it be Nice- The Beach Boys
Live Forever- Oasis
Shake Me Down- Cage the Elephant
Everyone that You Love- Bomb the Music Industry
King of the Beach- Wavves

Watermelon Man- Herbie Hancock
D’yer Mak’er- Led Zeppelin
Destroyer- The Kinks
California Girls- The Beach Boys
Badge- Cream
Seed- Sublime

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