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I was hoping to do my usual 16 hour show next week but the installation of a new board is slated next week. This will be the second time I miss a show with a new board installed and 3rd show over all.The other show was of course me being in the hospital for more info on that read my past blogs. I say on my show it sucks to be you, well it is now on the other side of the saying it sucks to be me. So listen to the archived shows in the mean while. I guess the 1st 16 hour show will be some time in May. Most likely end of May.

This is my last show enjoy it. I will explain on Tuesday.

Today I covered the 7-8:30 and the 8:30-10:00 am show slots, so to listen to my show, you will have to go to the archives of those shows to hear the rest of my show.

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