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Tune in to another 16 hour show 3am-7pm
It might be the last one. Not easy to see but I hope so. Otherwise enjoy the next one who knows when.

yes today was one so you will need to download the other 2 shows in order to get the full show. Next week might also be the same or who knows maybe an earlier start time like 1am Doc might not be in next week. Stay tuned.

For the 3rd time this summer I will be doing a Sunday show for a few hours. I will get in and try and get on about 10:30am. Playing a good 2 plus hours of music. Kit White will not be in and told me last week on her show. I am happy since my usual 16 hour show was something I did not get this summer. Many years back I was only on till 4pm and I decided midway through the summer to do a show on a Wednesday night 10pm-7am I played nothing but albums on that show. I think it was summer of 2008 when that took place.

When Is It On?

Summer 2014

You can catch this show on
Tuesdays from 3 AM to 1 PM.

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August 26 @ 3 AM


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