Completely Deranged


classic rock and heavy metal


I began at 3 but on the website it will say 4am I wish they could fix this somehow oh well I am on till noon enjoy.

I will be on that day for 9 hours 3am-noon. After me are tech tests the week after well it is madness time again a full 16 hour show as far as I know. Till next week have a good one.

On Tuesday the 11th of November I covered not one but 2 shows so in case you were wondering why, do not ask I am the madman and if I can cover a show because a d.j. is not going to show up I will do my best to stay on. I had the pleasure of letting fellow d.j. Dank 2 apprentices get some air time and share my knowledge of my 10 years at the station and they had some fun as well. The next d.j. after Dank did not show and well I pretty much did that as well. Anyway some time in December I will be on most if not all day. Till then keep listening and thanks.

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This show is not currently scheduled. Check back next semester or during signups!

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