Completely Deranged


classic rock and heavy metal


Midnight till 7 AM
Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother The Early Years 1967-1972 Cre/ation
Led Zeppelin Dazed and confused The Song Remains The Same
Jimi Hendrix Machine gun Live At The Filmore East 2nd show
Rainbow Still I’m sad Live In Munich 1977
AC/DC Bad boy boogie “live” Bonfire Disc 2
Iron Maiden The rime of the ancient mariner Live After Death
Iced Earth Dantes inferno Live In Ancient Kourin
Heaven & Hell Heaven & Hell Live From Radio City Music Hall
Deep Purple Space truckin Made In Japan
Helloween Who is mr madman 7 Sinners
Helloween I’m alive Keeper Of The Seven Keys Pt 1
Communic The bottom deep The Bottom Deep
Communic Payment of existence Payment Of Existence
Megadeth Dystopia Dystopia
Megadeth Diadems Hidden Treasures
Ozzy Osbourne Center of eternity Bark At The Moon
Ozzy Osbourne Revelation(mother earth) Blizzard Of Ozz
Queen Who wants to live forever A kind Of Magic
Queen Its late News Of The World
Scorpions Lovedrive Lovedrive
Scorpions Sting in the tail Sting In The Tail
Dio Naked in the rain Dream Evil
Dio The last in line The Last In Line
Judas Priest The sentinel Defenders Of The Faith
Judas Priest Evening star Hell Bent For Leather
Ratt Body talk Dancin Undercover
Ratt Head I win tails you lose Detonator
Metallica Eye of the beholder … And Justice For All
Metallica Trapped under ice Ride The Lightning
Danzig Twist of Cain Danzig
Danzig Dominion Danzig 4
Anthrax A skeleton in the closet Among The Living
Anthrax Belly of the beast Persistence Of Time
Dream Theater Forsaken Systematic Chaos
Dream Theater Panic attack Octavarium
Metal Church Shadow XI
Metal Church Start the fire The Dark
Black Sabbath Zero the hero Born Again
Black Sabbath Forbidden Forbidden
Rammstein Das alte leid Herzeleid
Rammstein Ich will Mutter
Van Halen I’m the one Van Halen
Van Halen D.O.A. Van Halen II
Dokken Broken bones Broken Bones
Dokken Tooth and nail Tooth And Nail
Novembers Doom < by request> A eulogy for the living lost Into Night’s Requiem Infernal
Novembers Doom Ghost Hamartia
Slayer Divine intervention Divine Intervention
Slayer Dead skin mask Seasons In The Abyss
Testament The new order The New Order
Testament Time is coming Practice What You Preach
Lordi < by request > The riff To Beast Or Not To Beast
Lordi Monster monster Get Heavy
10 AM till 5:30 PM
Death Angel The ultra-violence The Ultra-Violence
Death Angel 3rd floor Frolic Through The Park
BabyMetal HeadBangeeeeerrrrr!!!!! BabyMetal
BabyMetal YAVA! Metal Resistance
Bruce Dickinson Tears of the dragon Balls To Picasso
Bruce Dickinson Killing floor The Chemical Wedding
Overkill Horrorscope Horrorscope
Overkill I hear black I Hear Black
Alice In Chains Grind Alice In Chains
Alice In Chains I can’t remember Facelift
The Doors Roadhouse blues An American Prayer
The Doors Riders on the storm L.A. Woman
Motorhead Ramones 1916
Motorhead (We are) The roadcrew Ace Of Spades
Ramones Beat on the brat Ramones
Ramones Gimme gimme shock treatment Leave Home
Manowar Blow your speakers Fighting The World
Manowar Pleasure slave Kings Of Metal
Stryper Rock the people Against The Law
Stryper Can’t stop the rock Can ...

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3 am till 7 am
Queen I’m going slightly mad Innuendo
Queen Mustapha Jazz
Pink Floyd The Scarecrow The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
Pink Floyd corporal Clegg A Saucerful Of Secrets
Judas Priest Lightning strike Firepower
Judas Preist Demonizer Angel Of Retribution
Iron Maiden The Nomad Brave New World
Iron Maiden The Prisoner The Number Of The Beast
Motorhead The Game Hammered
Motorhead I’m so bad ( Baby I don’t care) 1916
Testament Souls of black Souls Of Black
Testament Rise up Dark Roots Of Earth
Slayer Dead skin mask Seasons In The Abyss
Slayer Eyes of the insane Christ Illusion
Diamond Head Helpless Behold The Beginning
Diamond Head Run Death And Progress
Machine Head Old Burn My Eyes
Machine Head Silver The Burning Red
Stryper Yahweh Fallen
Stryper 4 Leaf Clover Murder By Pride
Metallica One youtube official video
Metallica The four horseman Kill’Em All
Communic Moondance Where Echoes Gather
Communic My Bleeding Victim Waves OF Visual Decay
Def Leppard Rock brigade On Through The Night
Def Leppard Women Hysteria
King of the night time world Destroyer
KISS Shock me Love Gun
The Beatles Nowhere man Rubber Soul
The Beatles Stawberry fields forever Magical Mystery Tour
Foreigner Blue morning blue day Double Vision
Foreigner Rev on the red line Head Games
STYX Havin’ a ball Man Of Miracles
STYX Heavy water Brave New world
AC/DC Who made who 12” extended mix Backtracks
AC/DC Ballbreaker Ballbreaker
Black Sabbath Dear father 13
Black Sabbath Lord of this world Master Of Reality
Dio Sunset Superman Dream Evil
Dio Gypsy Holy Diver
Jimi Hendrix Born under a bad sign Blues
Jimi Hendrix Freedom First Rays Of New Rising Sun
Megadeth 99 Ways to die Hidden Treasures
Megadeth Insomnia Risk
Pantera 5 minutes alone Far Beyond Driven
Pantera Proud to be loud Power Metal
10 am till 5:30 pm
Led Zeppelin What is and what should never be Led Zeppelin II
Led Zeppelin Ozone baby Coda
Yardbirds White summer Little Games
Yardbirds Glimpses Little Games
The Firm Satisfaction guaranteed The Firm
The Firm All the kings horses Mean Business
Pink Floyd Fearless Meddle
Pink Floyd Waiting for the worms The Wall
Roger Waters Sunset strip Radio K.A.O.S.
Roger Waters Part of me died Is This The Life We Really Want
David Gilmour Cry from the street David Gilmour
David Gilmour You know I’m right About Face
Syd Barrett Octopus The Madcap Laughs
Syd Barrett Dominoes Barrett
Elf Hoochie Koochie Lady Elf
Elf Happy Carolina County Bull
Rainbow Catch the rainbow Ritchie Blackmoores Rainbow
Rainbow Gates of Babylon Long Live Rock’n'Roll
Black Sabbath Children of the sea Heaven And Hell
Black Sabbath the sign of the southern cross Mob Rules
Dio One night in the city the Last In Line
Dio Just another day Sacred Heart
Carnivore World wars III & IV Carnivore
Carnivore Angry neurotic Catholics Retaliation
Type O Negative Christian woman Bloody Kisses
Type O Negative Everything dies World Coming Down
Judas Priest Cathedral spires Jugulator
Judas Priest Feed on me Dmolition
Iced Earth Declaration day The Glorious Burden
Iced Earth Ten thousand strong Framing Armageddon (Something Wicked part 1)
Yngwie Malmsteen Preist of the unholy Perpetual Flame
Yngwie Malmsteen Caged animal Relentless
Beyond Fear Coming at you Beyond Fear
Beyond Fear The faith Beyond Fear
Tim Ripper Owens Believe Play My Game
Tim Ripper Owens Death race Play My Game
Charred Walls Of The Damned Fear in the sky Charred Walls Of The Damned
Charred Walls Of The Damned Lead the way Cold Winds on Timeless Days
Winters Bane Night shade Heart Of A Killer
Winters Bane Cleansing mother Heart Of A Killer
King Diamond by request > Abigail Abigail
King Diamond Miriam Abigail II The Revenge
Mercyful Fate Melissa Melissa
Mercyful Fate Insane 9
Black Sabbath Sabbra cadabra Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Ozzy Osbourne Not going away Black Rain
Ozzy Osbourne Little dolls Diary Of A Madman
Misfits 20 eyes Walk Among Us
Misfits Return of the fly Static Age
Samhain Archangel Initium
Samhain the hungry end Unholy Passion
Danzig Left hand black Danzig III How The Gods Kill
Danzig I’m the one Danzig II Lucifuge
System of a Down Spiders System Of A Down
System of a Down Bounce ...

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Tired of single songs of band’s have no fear MADMAN is here double shots all show long.

When Is It On?

Winter 2017

You can catch this show on
Tuesdays from 3 AM to 7 AM.

Winter 2017

You can catch this show on
Tuesdays from 10 AM to 5:30 PM.

Upcoming Shows

January 23 @ 3 AM
January 23 @ 10 AM