by Mallory from Cold or Wet? at 6:59 AM on 4·27·2014

today we’re talkin’ to spirits and playin’ tunes

vampire / forest fire – arcade fire
ghost – neutral milk hotel
gravediggress – cocorosie
cemeteries of london – coldplay
the devil’s road – skybox
night terrors – wild sweet orange
they are night zombies!! they are neighbors!! they have come back from the dead!! aaaah! – sufjan stevens
laughing with a mouth of blood – st. vincent
demons – yo la tengo
spooky jookie – man man
seven devils – florence + the machine
monster mash – crabcorps
i’m a hex girl – the hex girls

hi it’s sophie!
the ghost inside- broken bells
spooky- dusty springfield
after the afterlife- cocorosie
big white bed- guster
ten years gone- led zeppelin
the shankill butchers- the decemberists
ghost tonight- chairlift
tombstone blues- bob dylan
fed to death- say anything
dark paradise- lana del rey
free four- pink floyd
nightcall- kavinsky

we may not have been visited on the ouija board but this place is definitely HAUNTED.

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