Just Wet

by Mallory from Cold or Wet? at 6:59 AM on 3·30·2014

We played these songs, Mallory then Sophie then Mallory then Sophie:

andrew bird – not a robot, but a ghost
guster – keep it together
yo la tengo – the cone of silence
radiohead – paranoid android
sufjan stevens – casimir pulaski day

beyonce- crazy in love
beck- sex laws
wilco- war on war
war on drugs- red eyes
led zeppelin- dancing days

iron & wine – woman king
the national – city middle
ben folds – fred jones pt. 2
death cab for cutie – stay young, go dancing
andrew bird – tenuousness

pink floyd- comfortably numb
broken bells- after the disco
beirut- postcards from italy
bon iver- beach baby
guster- this is how it feels to have a broken heart
broken bells- holding on for life
the black keys- lonely boy
dawes- most people

'Twas a blast, as usual.

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