The Chaotic Life of Dogs

with Twitch the Intern

Anything and everything prior to 2000 (No Kanye or Madonna). Music you know and some you don't. It's Music to make you wag more, bark less...


There are things that I’d like to say… [27]

1. 'Underdog’ theme—(traditional)
2. Respect—Aretha Franklin
3. Steve McQueen—Sheryl Crowe
4. Ratfink—Misfits
5. Shoot Your Way To Freedom—Nova Mob
6. Fall Down—Toad the Wet Sprocket
7. Fly Me To the Moon (live)—Tony Bennett
8. Sweet Little Sixteen—Chuck Berry
9. Imagine—Neil Young
10. Sinama Denw—Habib Koite
11. Lulu’s Back In Town—Lyle Ritz
12. Blister In the Sun—Violent Femmes
13. Secret Agent Man—Johnny Rivers
14. Icarus-Borne On Wings of Steel (live)—Kansas
15. Fly Away—Lenny Kravitz
16. Book of Love—The Monotones
17. Clocks—Coldplay
18. If I Had a Gun—The Dead Milkmen

———-Guess the Theme Contest———-
(Clues in CAPS)

19. Sh-Boom—The CREW CUTS
20. MULLET Head—Beastie Boys
21. 52 Girls—The B-52S
22. Crazy BALDHEAD (live)—BOB Marley & the Wailers
23. Purple TOUPEE—They Might Be Giants

[Theme Answer: HAIRSTYLES]

24. Chinese Takeaway—The Adicts
25. It’s the Same Old Song—The Four Tops
26. Friend of the Devil—Grateful Dead
27. Never Talking To You Again—Husker Du
28. Photograph—Ringo Starr
29. I Won’t Stand In Your Way—Stray Cats
30. Macho Man (12” version)—The Village People
31. Help Yourself—Tom Jones

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