The Chaotic Life of Dogs

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Music to make you wag more, bark less...


Did you know that Abraham Lincoln is the only US President to be awarded a patent (1849)? It was for a device used to lift boats over sand bars and other obstructions in rivers. Truly a great president…And he was honest…And he had much bigger hands….

1. 'Underdog’ theme—(traditional)
2. In Bloom—Nirvana
3. Do You Want to Dance?—Del Shannon
4. Hey Jealousy—Gin Blossoms
5. On a Carousel—The Hollies
6. Mr. Churchill Says—The Kinks [Dedicated to Chris Kocher]
7. 96 Tears (en Espanol)—? & the Mysterians
8. Live and Learn—Barry Wilson
9. When Ya Get Drafted—Dead Kennedys
10. Overkill—Men at Work
11. Solitary Man—Neil Diamond
12. English Tea—Rachael Sage
13. Wake Me Up on Judgment Day—Steve Winwood
14. B.O.B.—Outkast
15. She’s a Lady—Tom Jones
16. Can’t Stop the Music—Village People
17. On the Road Again—Willie Nelson
18. 86—Green Day

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