by The White Russian from The Brooklyn Special at 12:56 PM on 11·7·2012

Black Keys – I’ll Be Your Man
Radio Moscow – City Lights
Danzig – Mother
Arcade Fire – Modern Man
Bob Dylan – When You Gonna Wake Up
Alexi Murdoch – Song For You
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Slow Cheetah
John Frusciante – The Will To Death
Decemberists – 16 Military Wives
Seven Handle Circus – I’ve Been Around The World
Tallest Man On Earth – Leading Me Now
Gogol Bordello – When The Trickster Starts A Poking
Russkaja – Hey Stoj
SARS – Debeli Lad
Diego’s Umbrella – Das Brorjka
Firewater – Three Legged Dog
Red Elvises – Bourbon Street
Leningrad – No And Once More No
Ilizuym – Year Long
Sector Gaza – Vodka
Kino – City
DDT – White River

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