by The White Russian from The Brooklyn Special at 9:59 AM on 11·1·2013

DJ Half & Half Set
Flying Lotus – Stonecutters
Boy Crisis – The Fountain of Youth
Aaron Dean – Beautiful to See
Morning Teleportation – Expanding Anyway
Les Savy Fav – Lips 'n Stuff
Jimmie Lunsford – Be Love

White Russian Set
Gogol Bordello – Cynic
Gogol Bordello – When The Trickster Starts A Poking
Russkaja -Wolna i ja
Russkaja – Dobrij Abend
SARS – Debli Lad
SKA – P – Violencia Machista
B2 – Dont Swerve
DDT – Star
Zveri – Of Love
Leningrad – Carlson
Sergei Shnyrov – Angry Little Hearts
Sector Gaza – Discrepancy
Lypuc Trubetskoi – Rock Pups
Sector Gaza – Boogie Woogie
Ska – P – Mestizaje

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