by The White Russian from The Brooklyn Special at 12:06 PM on 10·3·2012

Black Keys – Next Girl
Blitzen Trapper – The Taillor
Blitzen Trapper – Sadie
Bod Dylan – Tangled Up In Blue
Bon Iver – Lump Sum
The Decemberists – Eli The Barrow Boy
Elliott Smith – Kiwi Maddog 20/20
Nick Drake – Cello Song
Gogol Bordello – Alcohol
Russkaja – Barabani (Drums)
Sector Gaza – Vodka
The Ukrainians – Cherez Richku, Cherez Hai (Through The River, Through The Mountain)
DDT – Potolok – Ceiling
Kino – In Our Eyes!
Leningrad – Group Krovi (Blood Type)
Lube – Soldat (Soldier)
Mashina Vremini – If We Were Adults
Golem – Odessa
Red Elvises – I Want You
Splin – Love Goes On The Wires
Zveri – Rock N’ Roll

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