by The White Russian from The Brooklyn Special at 12:56 PM on 10·24·2012

Wilco – Pot Kettle Black
White Town – Your Woman
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Scar Tissue
John Frusciante – The Past Recedes
Radio Moscow – Black Boot
Portugal The Man – Salt
Bevel Emboss – Rumba Nova
Larry and his Flask – Blood Drunk
Tallest Man On Earth – Wind and Walls
Sufjan Stevens – Jacksonville
Elliott Smith – New Monkey
Gogol Bordello – Tribal Connection
Cerga – Let’s Walk
Splin – Handball
Cerga – Still Not Night
Sector Gaza – I’m Tired
Nautilius Pompilus – Boxer
Mumi Troll – Contraband
Mashina Vremini – First Step
Kino – There’s Time, But No Money
Leningrad – Apple
Zveri – Not Important
DDT – Russians

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