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by DJ Elmo from March of the Jentilak at 10:05 PM on 3·11·2014





——————— Colonel Platypus’ Last Stand ———————

The Melvins – At A Crawl
Porcupine Tree – Time Flies

Mastodon – Capillarian Crest
Kylesa – Forsaken
Opeth – Bleak (live)

——————- Apprentice Time with Stinky Mac’n'Cheeezzz ——————-

New Order – Age of Consent
Ceremony – My Hands Are Made of Spite
Palm – Swear I
Grimes – Genesis
comadre – King Jeremy

by Chris Played by Charles Berman from The Mad Trivia Party at 5:49 PM on 3·11·2014

Chris Played by Charles Berman

1. Why has nobody ever managed to swim around the perimeter of Rhode Island despite its small size?

2. Which English King spoke only German?

3. Why is guarana often found in energy drinks and supplements?

4. What was the Count of St Germain well-known for?

5. Name a band that was only formed for a movie or TV show but ended up actually releasing an album.

6. Why is it relatively rare to find methyl alcohol served in bars?

7. What is the difference between electric and electronic?

8. Why are many people still unable to read Sophocles in the original even after learning Greek?

9. What is a zoot suit?

10. Describe how eyes work.

11. Describe how ears work.

12. How long after a check is written can you still cash it?

13. What was the PBS Newshour called before its current title?

14. What is snus?

15. Who was the first Lord Protector of England?

16. Where did Bela Lugosi come from? What about Boris Karloff?

17. Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhoff is known for doing what?

18. Which US president used to be depicted on boths sides of the same coin?

19. English belongs to what language family?

20. What Michael Caine movie was remade also starring Michael Caine?

21. Tell us how to say our phone number in a new language.

22. How did Rich David get so rich?

23. Name something only one of us has read/heard/seen.

24. Why should you win?

25. Heads or tails?

26. What could you do to a legal pad that would make it illegal?

27. Describe a wrong way to eat a Reese’s.

Doc Sonic’s questions:

Where in Europe was the start of the “Silk Road”?

In Germany, what is a kartoffel?

What part of the former Soviet Union is Chernobyl located in?

Which Apollo 11 astronaut did not set foot on the moon?

Mach one refers to the speed of what?

Twitch the interns questions:

1. What was the first 'penny candy’ to be individually wrapped?

2. What is the total of all the numbers on a roulette wheel?

3. Who are the only two athletes to have their number retired league-wide in their respective sports?

4. The 'Gunfight at the O.K. Corral was fought in which western state?

5. According to legend, who was King Arthur’s father?

6. If you have sickle cell anemia, you are protected from contracting which other disease?

7. Why is bubble gum pink?

8. Besides Styx, name one of the other four rivers flowing through Hades in Greek Mythology.

9. These are the names of the opening theme songs…you name the TV show: 'Suicide is Painless’, 'Those were the Days’, ' Dog on Fire’, 'Boss of Me’, 'Yahoos and Triangles’, 'The Streetbeater’.

10. MH2GC presents the riddle of the week (St. Patrick’s Day special): What is green and comes out in the spring?

by Bone Daddy from Taradactyl Malfunctions at 4:01 PM on 3·11·2014

AlunaGeorge – Kaleidoscope Love (Kaytranada Edition)
Arcade Fire – Afterlife
BANKS – Change (The Chainsmokers Hot & Steamy Edit)
Disclosure, Sam Smith, Nile Rodgers & Jimmy Napes – Together
Small Black – Breathless

Washed Out – Soft
Savoir Adore – Dreamers
Two Door Cinema Club – Handshake (Amtrac Remix)

Flume – Insane (feat. Moon Holiday)
Ghost Beach – Without You

No Doubt – Spiderwebs
Darwin Deez – Radar Detector (Xaphoon Jones Remix)
Beach Boys – Wouldn’t It Be Nice
Rhye – Open (WMNSTUDIES Remix)

The O’Jays – Love Train
Janelle Monae – Q.U.E.E.N. feat. Erykah Badu

Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (feat. Irfane)
Xaphoon Jones – The Jackson Pit
Lake Street Dive – I Want You Back

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)
R. Kelly – Ignition (Remix)

by Doc Mordechi from Fly By Night Radio at 2:57 AM on 3·11·2014

Artist: Song (Album)
1. The Belle Brigade: Be Like Him (Just Because)
2. Satellite Stories: Season of B-Sides (Pine Trails)
3. Mick Kolassa: Reefer Man (Mississippi Mick)
4. The Sea The Sea: Love We Are We Love (Love We Are We Love)
5. Dumpstaphunk: Dancin’ to the Truth (Dirty Word)
6. Simon and Garfunkel: Sound of Silence (Wednesday Morning, 3 am)
7. Bend Sinister: Teacher (Animals)
8. Pink Floyd: One Slip (A Momentary Lapse of Reason)
9. The Wet Secrets: Floating in the Sky (Free Candy)
10. Charles Bradley Featuring the Menahan Street Band: Heart of Gold (Daptone 45 singles Spring / Summer 2011)
11. Cataldo: Other Side (Gilded Oldies)
12. Dry Heeves: The Swell (Boogie Till Ya Puke)
13. Battleme: Just Weigh (Future Runs Magnetic)
14. The Currys: Rules of Desire (Follow)
15. Junior Wells: Rock Me Baby (Delmark 60 Years of Blues)
16. Desert Noises: Shiver (27 Ways)
17. Teitur: Rock and Roll Band (Story Music)
18. Drunken Logic: Something New To Burn (Something New to Burn)
19. Tom Jones with the Cardigans: Burning Down the House (Reload)
20. Dear Boy: Oh So Quiet (Dear or Die)
21. The Deadmen: Let Your Fingers Rule Rule (The Deadmen EP)
22. The Moving Sidewalks: 99th Floor (Pebbles, Volume 2)
23. Jesus Sons: I Wanna Be Your Man (Jesus Sons)
24. The Belle Jar: In Circles (Union Station)
25. Lo-Fang: Look Away (Blue Film)
26. Stone Jack Jones: State I’m In (Ancestor)
27. Doctor John: I Been Hoodood (In the Right Place)

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