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by Ozone In The AM from BLACK SABBATH AEROBICS at 11:46 AM on 1·13·2014

G’mornin Gang! Thanks for tuning in Mondays from 7-10AM at the only REAL pet rock radio station! Tons of Metal, Rock, and of course as always….LOCAL MUSIC....ON LOCAL RADIO! Seems to make sense to me? Tune in next week….Brian, my partner in crime and I will be doing our annual Jaco Pastorius show….u don’t wanna miss it! We’ll have all Jaco music, and some clips with our interview w/ Ingrid Pastorius…ya….THAT Ingrid! What an awesome insight into Jacos life! Simply amazing…. and we both really enjoyed interviewing her….stay tuned to WHRW....all day….all week…all month….all year! Thanks to everyone inda Ozone nation!!!!

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