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by Doc Sonic from Sonic Research Labs at 9:52 PM on 3·5·2013

In 1990 Spy magazine sent 26 famous people checks for .64 cents and .13 cents. Who were the only two people that cashed them?

When did the first digital wristwatch appear?

What is a Demonym?

When was the last time a Republican was elected president without a Nixon or Bush on the ticket?

Before Google, what was the other website that offered a service called g-mail?

by Chris Played by Charles Berman from The Mad Trivia Party at 9:47 PM on 3·5·2013

Questions from Caffeine Kid:
1. Rock legend Chubby Checker filed a lawsuit last month. Why?
2. What is the name of the dog seen in the RCA logo?
3. Who was the only president to be a licensed bartender?
4. What is the most number of children born to the same woman?
5. According to NASA, how long should the perfect nap last?
6. How much do you have to make a year to be among the world’s wealthiest 1 percent?
7. Why does a deck of cards have 52 cards and four suits?
8. Who coined the term “nerd”?
9. After chocolate and vanilla, what is the world’s most desired flavor?
10. What is the world’s No. 1 tire manufacturer?
11. What was going to be the original name for the “Powerpuff Girls”?
12. What nation consumes the most macaroni & cheese than any other?

1) What is significant about the name Richard Parker?
2) Which celebrity has recently been resurrected to start in a commercial for Galaxy
3) In the famous “Poppy Field” from the Wizard of Oz, what is the snow made of?
4) What is Pixar an acronym for?
5) What happened on “the day the music died?”
6) Name one of Robin Sparkles sings.
7) What would you give up for lent?
8) What was the last song Oscar Hammerstein II wrote?
9) Name one stage production Julie Andrews was in?
10) How many presidents have seen themselves in Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents?


- In what Ancient Civilization is the root of the word “migraine” based?

- Assume the Multiverse theory is true, and describe another universe that has only one
detail different from ours, but is hilarious.

- Name something that has made someone on the panel cry their own tears..

- You are in a bar, to pick up the panel.

- Who is banned from editing the Scientolgy Wikipedia page?

- In what city are 90% of the world’s diSco balls manufactured?

- What was the only crime that Joan of Arc was found guilty for?

- Who is Mary Mcleod Bethune?

- Bad Genie

- Bad Super Power

(The secret word is “gargoyle”).

1. What causes natural gas to have its distinctive smell?
2. If someone asks you to participate in bacchanalia, what do they want you to do?
3. Around 1850, pocket watches were not known as pocket watches. What were they called instead?
4. What famous performer had a song about failed postal delivery?
5. What famous writer went into hiding when he had a fatwa issued against him saying he should be killed?
Bonus – Why?
6. What did Gilbert Gottfriend say that got him fired?
7. What is/was a communard?
8. Who or what is on the Washington DC state quarter?
Bonus – What other things that are not US states have state quarters?
9. In what country is The Pirate Bay hosted?
10. What do Edward Nigma and Matthew Lesko have in common?
11. Many people in Europe participate in the practice of cultivating and eating moldy, solidified milk. What is this called?
12. Why do actors say “break a leg” instead of “good luck?”
-Why is “Macbeth” considered cursed?
-Or explain another theatre superstition.
13. How do you make beer?
14, With what song did Laurel and Hardy posthumously hit number two on the British charts?
15. What is a Panama hat made of?
-And in what country are most of them made?
16. Who dumped cockroaches on David Letterman?
17. What are Hawaiian Shirts called in Hawaii?
18. What cuisine commonly uses chocolate in savory main courses?
19. The Lone Ranger’s assistant was called Tonto. What does that mean in Spanish?
20. What is both a language and a kind of orange?
21. How does the Kyrie from Mozart’s requiem go?
22. Name something only one of us has read, heard, or seen.
23. Make up a game show. Point if we like it.


What is a hemi-demi-semiquaver?

by Matt Greenberg from Time Sink at 4 PM on 3·5·2013

Just Can’t Wait To Be King – Suburban Legends
Only The Horses – Scissor Sisters

Metabolism – The Strokes
State of the Art – Gotye
Murderers – John Frusciante
Interlude/Survival – Muse
Shine On You Crazy Diamond – Kendra Morris

Without You – Sarah Lupo (The Horror, The Horror)
The Lions – Wakeup Starlight (Worth A Listen)

Sitting Up Straight – Supergrass
Witching Hour – Little Green Cars
Nina (Acoustic) – The Fratellis

Helena Won’t Get Stoned – Tarkio
Box Set – Barenaked Ladies

Evil Ways – Santana
We Are All On Drugs – Weezer
Brain Stew/Jaded – Green Day
Watching the Wheels – Matisyahu

Alive and Amplified – The Mooney Suzuki
Vita Voom – Ozric Tentacles

Snowblind – Rob Thomas

by Valentine from Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice at 2:33 PM on 3·5·2013

Watermelon Man – Mungo Santamaria
Young Folks – Peter Bjorn & John

Wish You were Here – Pink Floyd
London Calling – The Clash
Minor Thing – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Fire On the Mountain – Asa

I Know What I Am – Band of Skulls
Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers
Yalifu – Aurelio Martinez
Tumbling Dice – The Rolling Stones

El Secundo – Bill Baxter
Answer The Phone – Sugar Ray
I Put A Spell On You – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Dance To Music – Sly And The Family
Johnny B. Goode – Chuck Berry

Orchestra – The Servant
Lovely Rita – The Beatles
What I Got – Sublime
Shake A Tail Feather – Ray Charles

Rhiannon – Best Coast
California Dreamin’ – The Mamas and The Papas
Lonely – Mean Lady

Stand By Me – Ben E. King

by Professor Pat from Auditory Laze at 1:18 PM on 3·5·2013

by Devy Harry from Synesthesia at 11:14 AM on 3·5·2013

“Spin the Black Circle”- Pearl Jam
“Losing Grip”- Avril Lavigne
“Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag”- James Brown
“Wedding Ring Bell Blues”- Daniel Johnston
“Teenage Dream”- T-Rex
“Superstar”- The Carpenters
“Fire”- The Jimi Hendrix Experience
“Never Said”- Liz Phair
“My Hero”- Foo Fighters
“Within You Without You”- The Beatles
“Lets Stay Together”- Al Green
“Get on The Ball”- No Doubt
“The Anthem”- Good Charlotte
“Heart of Glass”- Blondie
“Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want”- The Smiths
“Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle”- Nirvana
“Whats Love Got to do With It?”- Tina Turner
“Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)”- Janis Joplin and the Kozmic Blues Band
“Come Out and Play”- The Offspring

Geoff’s Music:
“Howl”- Florence and The Machine
“Teen Age Riot”- Sonic Youth
“The Boxer”- Simon and Garfunkel


by Madelyn from In My Room at 8:55 AM on 3·5·2013

Pull Up The People- M.I.A.- Arular
'QueenS’- THEESatisfaction- 'awE naturalE’
Sweetheart- My Toys Like Me
Apple Tree- Erykah Badu- Baduizm
Pirate In The Water- Santigold- Master of My Make-Believe
Lights Out- Santogold- I Believe In Santogold EP
La Sirena- Feist- Monarch (Lay Down Your Jeweled Head)
Ginger- Twin Sister- Vampires with Dreaming Kids
Do It First- The Crayon Fields- Animal Bells
Missing- Beck- Guero
Midnight Monday and a Telescope- The Cotton Jones Basket Ride- The Archery EP
Friends- Led Zeppelin- III
Celebration Day- Led Zeppelin- Led Zeppelin III
Bron-Y-Aur Stomp- Led Zeppelin- Led Zeppelin III
Metal Detektor- Spoon- A Series of Sneaks
Gold Guns Girls- Metric- Plug In Plug Out
Help I’m Alive- Metric- Fantasies
Sacrilege- Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Mosquito
Wasted Days- Cloud Nothings- Attack on Memory
Clash The Truth- Beach Fossils- Clash The Truth
Careless- Beach Fossils- Clash The Truth
Season in Hell- Dum Dum Girls- End of Daze

by Doc Mordechi from Fly By Night Radio at 2:53 AM on 3·5·2013

Artist: Song (Album)
1. Son Volt: Angel of the Blues (Honky Tonk)
2. Robyn Hitchcock: Fix Me (Love from London)
3. KMFDM: Juke Joint Jezebel (Nihil)
4. Local Natives: You and I (Hummingbird)
5. The Delta Saints: Sing to Me (Death Letter Jubilee)
6. The Boomtown Rats: I Don’t Like Mondays (The Fine Art of Surfacing)
7. The Virgins: Wheel of Fortune (Strike Gently)
8. John Lee Hooker: Baby Don’t Do Me Wrong (Mississippi Blues)
9. The Neighborhood Bullies: I’m Bored, Let’s Fight (The Neighborhood Bullies EP)
10. Seu Jorge: Life on Mars? (The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Movie Soundtrack)
11. Pert Near Sandstone: Ship of Fools (Ship of Fools 7” single)
12. Taddy Porter: More, More (Stay Golden)
13. The Aquabats: Why Rock (A Compilation of Warped Music II)
14. James Montgomery Band: Who Do You Love (From Detroit…to the Delta)
15. The Statler Brothers: Flowers on the Wall (Pulp Fiction Movie Soundtrack)
16. Old Man Markley: So Much More (Down Side Up)
17. Hey Ocean!: Change (Is)
18. Engloria: High Tonight (Shine)
19. Iggy Pop: China Girl (The Idiot)
20. La Jarry: Liverpool (Liverpool)
21. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Jubilee Street (Push the Sky Away)
22. Mikhael Paskalev: I Spy (single)
23. Mark Cote: Are You Listening? (Funhouse of Your Mind)
24. Middle Class Rut: Aunt Betty (single)
25. Tom Waits: Time (Beautiful Maladies)
26. Harper Simon: Division Street (Division Street)
27. Mike Agranoff: Matty Groves (The Modern Folk Musician)
28. Chelsea Light Moving: Sleeping Where I Fall (Chelsea Light Moving)

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