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by Doc Sonic from Sonic Research Labs at 9:32 PM on 1·22·2013

What is the only fish that has a neck?

What playwright once put on a play called “Closed For Remodeling”?

How many acceptable 2 letter words are there in Scrabble?

Why did telegrams used to say stop at the end of a sentence?

What band performs their songs in a made up language?

What color was Oscar The Grouch during the first season of Sesame Street?

Why does the term “love” mean zero in tennis scoring?

by Chris Played by Charles Berman from The Mad Trivia Party at 9:28 PM on 1·22·2013

1. What is the Wheel of Death?
2. What’s after a Gigabyte? What’s after that?
3. Give me some idea about the scale of a Blue Whale to a human being
4. Describe ONE of the BILLIONS of amazing facts about Brian Blessed
5. How do you turn your Furby Evil?
6. How many people did Jesus feed at the Feeding of the 5000?
7. If I were to set a course for wind of fortune, what would I hear the voices say?
8. Do we veiw colors the same?
9. Write me a Limerick
10. Pretend to be a Snooty English Gentleman with me
11. Bad Genie
12. Hit me with a Shakesperian insult


1) Who was the first host of Jeopardy!?

2) How many questions are asked in each round of Jeopardy!?

3) What was the Original name of Jeopardy! when it was created in 1964?

4) “Most of this company’s 40,000 white-collar employees work only four months a year.”
was the question that defeated Ken Jennings 74 day reign as champion. What is the answer?

5) Who holds the record for most money won from Jeopardy!?

6) Who played Alex Trebek in Saturday Night Live’s famous Jeopardy! sketches?

7) Who wrote the Jeopardy Final Jeopardy! countdown music? Bonus: What is the song called?

8) Mustache or no mustache? Show your work.

9)What is the most amout of money it is possible to win in a game of Jeopardy!?

10) What was the name of the Computer that defeated two of the most succesful champions
in Jeopardy! history in a three day tournament?

11) Name one catagory that “Sean Conory” mispronounces in the SNL Jeopardy! sketches.


1. Why are hula hoops called hula hoops?
2. The Swiss Army Knife was originally designed for what use?
3. What is a “high gravity lager?”
4. How does the “Kyrie” section from Mozart’s Requiem go?
5. What was Chairman Mao’s first name?
6. What is both a part of a watch and a part of a music festival?
7. The “Number Two” designation of a pencil indicates what about it?
8. What is gesamtkunstwerk?
BONUS: What about weltanschauung?
9. In the song “I Like Bananas,” why does the speaker like bananas?
10. What kind of song is a “patter” song?
11. What are those Russian fur hats with the earflaps actually called?
12. Why is the return key called “return?”
13. What are top hats traditionally made of?
14. Who was Emperor Norton I of the United States?
15. Please describe the plot of the film “Memento.”
16. Translate one of these latin phrases: “Et in Arcadia ego,” “Habeas corpus,” “Pro bono publico,” “amicus curiae,” “tempus fugit,” “persona non grata,” “ars gratia artis,” “in vino veritas,” “deus ex machina.”
BONUS: Name another common Latin phrase in English.
17. What is a tintype?
18. What decade did Queen Victoria take the throne?
BONUS: In which decade did she die?
19. What does a millennialist do or believe?
20. What would one use the Stanislavski System for?
21. Name something only one of us has read, heard, or seen.
22. Heads or tails.


1. The parents in “Coming to America” play what other African monarchy?
2. How many beers must one drink before receiving a free glass and beer from their passport at the Ale House?
3. What day is trivia night at the the Cyber Cafe?
4. What is the name of Little Pete’s tattoo in the TV show “The Adventures of Pete & Pete?”
5. Joel or Mike and why?
6. What was Comedy Central before it was Comedy Central?
7. In the show “Bored to Death” what is Jonathan Aymes’ proper profession?
8. Who is the protagonist in Logicomix?
9. How many cats live in Fat Cat Comics?
10. Name a princess from Adventure Time.

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