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by Chris Kocher from The Signal at 8:15 PM on 1·7·2013

[From 1-4:15 p.m. Saturday]

Fun to bring in local guitatist/songwriter Randy McStine to share some of his favorite tracks and talk about them. Here’s what he played.

1.Teardrop-Massive Attack
2.Fluffy Tufts-Cocteau Twins
3.Song To The Siren-This Mortal Coil

4.Last Goodbye-Jeff Buckley
5.The Sky Is A Landfill-Jeff Buckley
6.Lover, You Should’ve Come Over (Live)-Jeff Buckley

7.Moonchild-Chris Cornell
8.Return To You-Alain Johannes
9.Speechless-Alain Johannes

10.Clockwork Angels-Rush
11.Breaking The Yearlings-Shearwater
12.Open Your Houses (Basilisk)-Shearwater
13.Albatross-Big Wreck
14.Anerley Road-Trevor Rabin
15.I Should Watch TV-David Byrne & St.Vincent

16.Suspended In Gaffa-Kate Bush
17.That’s Really Super, Supergirl-XTC
18.Living In My Limousine-Bill Nelson
19.The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch-Eno
20.Baby’s On Fire-Eno

21.These Are My Friends-David Lynch
22.You Really Got Me-Oingo Boingo
23.Easter Woman-The Residents
24.Die In Terror-The Residents
25.Act Of Being Polite-The Residents
26.Simple Song-The Residents

27.Ascension Day-Talk Talk
28.Mother Of Violence-Peter Gabriel
29.We Always Come Home-Toy Matinee

Tune in at the regular 7 p.m. Tuesday slot for local music fan Eric Coker sharing his favorites from 2012.

by MADMANMARK from Completely Deranged at 9:42 AM on 1·7·2013

Tune in from 3am-7pm all January for my show.

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