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by Chris Kocher from The Signal at 11:04 PM on 2·26·2013

[From 7-8:30 p.m. Tuesday]
Great chat with Gabriel Mann and Rob Giles of The Rescues about the group’s new album, “Blah Blah Love and War.” Here are the songs we played from them:
“Did It Really Even Matter”
“Be My Cure”
“Run Away”
“Love Like Cyanide”
“Get Back”
“Let Me Down Easy”
“Bigger Picture”

Then I did the roundup of upcoming events this weekend and next week, including the Celtic Woman show at the Forum in Binghamton next Tuesday. We played two songs of theirs:
“You Raise Me Up”
“Danny Boy”

And finally, as a birthday tribute to Johnny Cash, we rounded out the show with some tunes from the Man in Black:
“I Walk the Line”
“Ring of Fire”
“Delia’s Gone”
“Cocaine Blues”
“I’ve Been Everywhere”

Next Tuesday at 7 p.m., I’ll host some cast members from “The Mending Monologues,” which will be staged at KNOW Theatre in Binghamton as a fundraiser for the Crime Victims Assistance Center.

by Chris Played by Charles Berman from The Mad Trivia Party at 10 PM on 2·26·2013


1. Which two stars have gotten 8 Oscar nominations in 6 different categories?
2. Why was homo habilus the species of monkey that later adapted into homo sapien as opposed to the other species around during the time?
3. Which government agency’s server crashed as a result of its zombie related blog post?
4. Explain the significance of the discovery of the Higgs Boson.
5. Bad cupcake flavor.


1. What are sweetbreads?
2. Historians believe that George Washington shaved his head. but he is almost depicted with hair. Why?
3. What will Pope Benedict XVI’s new title be?
4. What is both a kind of domicile and and kind of cheese?
5. What does Dulcinea do in the book Don Quixote?
6. What is the difference between an armonica and a harmonica?
7. What does an animist do?
8. In the 19th century, how would food be kept good for sailors on long voyages?
9. What US president became a newspaper columnist after leaving office?
10. What science fiction author was criticised for groping what other science fiction author onstage during the presentation of the Hugo Awards?
11. Name their signature songs: Eddie Cantor, Al Jolson, Jimmy Durante, Bob Hope.
12. What significant thing in history did Sally Hemmings do?
13. What TV comedian’s official title on his show is “permanent guest host?”
14. If someone is carrying a bindle, what might this indicate about him or her?
15. Name a TV show in which characters were played by puppets.
16. Who is the protagonist of Dracula?
17. Describe how to make bread?
18. In one culture, many people consult the words of “advice animals” every day. What are advice animals?
19. Why was Cooperstown, New York chosen as the site of the baseball Hall of Fame?
20. What does a Zip Drive do?
21. How does the Kyrie from Mozart’s requiem go?
22. Name something only one of us has read, heard, or seen.
23. Heads or tails.
24. According to a study, what movie leading-lady do men find the least attractive?
25. What do you know about wearing a wolf on your noggin?


1. What is the best response when someone says “You say sorry too much!”

2. At what age did Ray Charles go blind?

3. Name one man that has played James Bong and name one of the films they were in.

4. Mac or PC, or why?

5. What is the name of Cave Johnson’s secretary in the series Portal?

6. In the Walt Disney World ride, the Haunted Mansion, there is a ghost bride in the attic.

What is her name?

BONUS: Where is her ring?

7. What is unique about the age of the mythical wizard Merlin?

8. What happens at the end of Love Never Dies, the sequel to Phantom of the Opera?

9. What did Indiana Jones do when he was not doing poor archaeology?

10. What is Pixar’s least successful film?

11. Name one of the songs mentioned in the song “Mixtape” from the musical Avenue Q.


What is an Monorchid?

What is the only country with an AK-47 on its flag?

Bad Super power

Bad Genie

If you were a color, what color would you be?

by Doc Sonic from Sonic Research Labs at 9:53 PM on 2·26·2013

Who shot Mr. Burns?

Who won the “Who shot Mr. Burns contest”?

What does every U.S. Treasurer since 1953 have in common?

What is an “Octothorpe”?

What is a “Sextile”?

Of all the songs on Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest songs of all time, what is the only song not in english?

by Matt Greenberg from Time Sink at 3:59 PM on 2·26·2013

Kate – Ben Folds Five
Nighttiming – Coconut Records

Blak and Blu – Gary Clark Jr.
It Goes On and On – The Avett Brothers
Down By The Water – The Decemberists
Nothing From Nothing – Billy Preston
Layla – Derek and the Dominos
At Last – Jukebox the Ghost

Fighter – Manafest (Vindicated)
Mambo’s Gumbo – Tracorum (Worth A Listen)

Would You Be Impressed? – Streetlight Manifesto
Have You Ever – The Offspring
Song For Someone – The Frames
Scar Tissue – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Radio/Video – System of a Down
Keasby Nights – Streetlight Manifesto
I’d Tell You But – Anti-Flag
You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon

Those To Come – The Shins
Somewhere Only We Know – Keane
The World Ain’t Slowin’ Down – Ellis Paul

by Professor Pat from Auditory Laze at 3:28 PM on 2·26·2013

by Alex Fiato from Blues before Midnight at 3:24 PM on 2·26·2013

A bit late posting last Saturday’s show. but here 'tis:

Moondog House- Gandalf Murphy et al.
Blues in the closet- Arnett Cobb
JLT Blues- Joey DeFrancesco
Look before you leap- Marcia Ball
I got a woman- Eric Gales
Chicken and the Hawk- The Nighthawks*
Reconsider Baby- Joe Bonamassa*
Squeeze me in- Delbert McClinton
Confessin’ the Blues- Kenny Burrell
Inside Out- Pat Martino
Guess who I saw today- Nancy Wilson
The Masquerade is over- Nancy Wilson
I wonder- Larry McCray
Build me a man- Jan James
Take my Blues- Jimmy Thackery
A hard way to go- Savoy Brown
Bored to tears- Greg Koch
Ain’t that cold- Joe Lewis Walker

by Devy Harry from Synesthesia at 11:25 AM on 2·26·2013

“Once in a Lifetime”- Talking Heads
“Garden Party”- Rick Nelson
“Dead End Justice”- The Runaways
“Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love)”- Conal Fowkes
“I Can”- Nas
“Closer to the Heart”- Rush
“Push and Shove”- No Doubt
“Human Nature”- Michael Jackson
“Celebrity Skin”- Hole
“Hello Dolly”- Louis Armstrong
“Hurt”- Johnny Cash
“Lying From You”- Linkin Park
“Ruby Tuesday”- The Rolling Stones
“Im a Lonesome Little Raindrop”- Tiny Tim
“Beat on the Brat”- The Ramones
“Let me Love You”- Mario
“Cut up Angels”- The Used
“Always and Forever”- Heatwave
“Just Cant Get Enough”- Depeche Mode
“Tourettes”- Nirvana
“Mr. Jones”- Counting Crows
“Dont Let the Sun Go Down on your Grievances”- Daniel Johnston
“Out of My Hands”- The Darkness

by Doc Mordechi from Fly By Night Radio at 2:56 AM on 2·26·2013

Artist: Song (Album)
1. Taddy Porter: Fever (Stay Golden)
2. Robyn Hitchcock: Devil on a String (Love from London)
3. Cat Stevens: If You Want to Be Me, Be Me (T’anks for the Mammaries)
4. Blackberry Smoke: Everybody Knows She’s Mine (The Whipporwill)
5. La Jarry: La Petite Orpheline (Liverpool)
6. Nick Cave and Bad Seeds: We No Who U R (Push the Sky Away)
7. Nina Simone: Backlash Blues (Rebel Music: Songs of Protest and Insurrection)
8. Thirteenth Floor Elevators: (I’ve Got) Levitation (I Can See for Miles)
9. Tame Impala: Mind Mischief (Lonerism)
10. Swingin’ Utters: The Librarians Are Hiding Something (Poorly Formed)
11. The Stereofidelics: Full of Sugar (Dynamite Fist)
12. Steely Dan: Do It Again (Can’t Buy a Thrill)
13. The Avett Brothers: February Seven (The Carpenter)
14. The Joy Formidable: The Hurdle (Wolf’s Law)
15. Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie Prince Billy: Just What I Was Looking For (What the Brothers Sang)
16. Cheetahs: The Swan (Extended Plays)
17. Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown: Last One Leaving (Wild Child)
18. Led Zeppelin: I Can’t Quit You Baby (Led Zeppelin)
19. Big Bill Morganfield: Look What You Done (Blues with a Mood)
20. The Smithereens: Let’s Talk About Us (Brace Yourself! A Tribute to Otis Blackwell)
21. The Shilohs: The Place Where Nobody Knows I Go (So Wild)
22. The Photo Atlas: Dress Code (Stuck in a Honeytrap)
23. The Ruby Suns: Desert of Pop (Christopher)
24. Elliot Brood: Ziggy Stardust (Paper Bag Records vs. Ziggy Stardust)
25. Mark Cote: Fun House (Fun House of Your Mind)
26. The Virginmarys: Bang Bang Bang (King of Conflict)
27. Black Sabbath: N.I.B. (We Sold Our Souls for Rock and Roll)

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