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by Joseph T from Gomez Time at 10:27 PM on 4·13·2013

Gomez Time for 2013-04-13:

tumblr post:

(preshow jitters: Aphrodite – The Underworld)
Lenkemz – Sewin Coins
Mr. Carmak – Hopscotch
Whitney Houston – It’s Not Right, But It’s OK (FuzZ remix)
Sufjan Stevens – Futile Devices (klslwsk edit)
Lord RAJA – Panthera Bengal
MMoths – For Her (Dreams Remix)
C.Z. – Beat that
Knxwledge. – so?[?rt?]?.
Disasterpeace – Synchrosynct
Saskroch – Found (PK Love Remix)
Polygon Planet – Sakurap
Video Game Music Chior – Time To Buy (AWESOMECAT Version)
The J. Arthur Keenes Band – Expelling Bee
The Flight Away – I’m Here With You
SMILETRON – Polarity
chits – I Know You (veracom 15% edit)
El Ten Eleven – Thanks Bill (Com Truise Remix)
Landslide – Drum & Bossa

Gomez Time for 2013-04-06:

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Pikoboy – Welcome to Bits of Love
The One Electronic – Finster X
barbeque – skitchin
KipJaw – Deceit and Scorn
Nikola Whallon – Sakura Kiss (Remix)
The Flight Away – I Miss the Kid
DJ McGRANAMAN – Discord (Eurochip Chaos)
The One Electronic – Sailor V
Monotony – Purgatory
smiletron – ASTRAEUS (ft. SKGB)
DJ SALINGER IN DA HAUS White Arrows- Fireworks of the Sea
The War on Drugs- Baby Missiles
Kyle Andrews- Make Me Feel Human
Dominant Legs- Hoop of Love
Portugal. The Man Got it All (This Can’t Be Living Now)
Air Traffic Controller- You Know Me
Luke Lalonde- Grand (Rhythmnals)
Moby- In my Heart (New Mix)

by Trout from The Regional Hullabaloo (Spring '13) at 4 PM on 4·13·2013

White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes
Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple
Today by the Smashing Pumpkins
Treat Me Like Your Mother by the Dead Weather
Sugar Water by Cibo Matto
Like It or Not by Architecture in Helsinki
Fire it Up by Modest Mouse
Stephanie Says by Velvet Underground
10 Mile Stereo by Beach House
Joga by Bjork
Wouldn’t It Be Nice by the Beach Boys

Dub Song by Dandy Warhols
I Like Giants by Kimya Dawson
Folding Chair by Regina Spektor
Reunion by the xx
Life in Technicolor by Coldplay
Nature of the Experiment by Tokyo Police Club

Happy Just to Dance With You by the Beatles
Naked Eye by Luscious Jackson
You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told) by the White Stripes
La Valse D’Amelie from the Amelie Soundtrack

Thanks for listening! We’ll catch you again next week.
Forever Yours,
Trout, the Rock and Princess Bubblegum

by Bone Daddy from Not For Squares at 2:45 PM on 4·13·2013

The Beatles
Roxy Music – Avalon
The Velvet Underground – Candy Says
The Velvet Underground – What Goes On

Gladys Knight & The Pips – Midnight Train To Georgia
Grateful Dead – Casey Jones
The Zombies – Time of the Season
Four Tops – Reach Out I’ll Be There
Funkadelic – One Nation Under A Groove
The Velvet Underground – Sweet Jane

George Harrison – My Sweet Lord

by Mallory from Taradactyl Malfunctions at 12:49 PM on 4·13·2013

Island – Akron/Family
Photobooth – Death Cab for Cutie
This Velvet Glove – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Shove It – Santogold
Bros – Panda Bear
Out of Tune – Real Estate
Crushed Bones – Why?
Hysteric – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Heart Cooks Brain – Modest Mouse
Grounds for Divorce – Wolf Parade
Dare – Gorillaz
Big Jet Plane (Adam G Remix) – Angus & Julia Stone
It Overtakes Me – The Flaming Lips
One Chance – Modest Mouse
Sanddollars – Why?
Logan to Government Center – Brand New
7/4 (Shoreline) – Broken Social Scene
Everytime I Look for You – Blink 182

Holiday in Cambodia – Dead Kennedys
I’d Rather Be Sleeping – D.R.I.

by Emsby from Doubleshot on the Rocks at 11:32 AM on 4·13·2013

Gotta Put A Smile On Your Face – Coldplay
When You Were Young – The Killers
25 or 624 – Chicago
When the Levee Breaks – Led Zeppelin

End of the Day – Beck
Did I Let You Know – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Dancefloors – My Morning Jacket

She’s A Jar – Wilco
September – The Shins
Call It Fate, Call It Karma – The Strokes

Resistance – Muse
Ingenue – Atoms for Peace
Fight Test – The Flaming Lips

Jam 292 – Jimi Hendrix
Fell in Love With A Girl – The White Stripes
Say Anything – Say Anything
It Never Stops – Bad Books

Death Don’t Have No Mercy – The Grateful Dead

by D.J. James from Story Traditions with James - Africa at 8:42 AM on 4·13·2013

This week’s episode highlights the Mau Mau Uprising aka The Emergency along with “A Grain of Wheat” by Ngugi Wa Thiong’o. The discussion on the Mau Mau is accompanied by a documentary titled “Mau Mau”. I didn’t get far with a discussion on “A Grain of Wheat”. You are provided with a description of the key characters and a plot summary. I will delve deeper into this text next week, before moving on to African drama…Stay tuned!

by Dr. Nelson W. Thrillington from The Maladroit Renaissance at 5:10 AM on 4·13·2013

The songs played this morning were:

“Speed of Life” – David Bowie
“Roll With It” – Oasis
“Breakout” – Foo Fighters
“Lord Only Knows” – Beck
“Synchronicity II” – The Police

“They Say” – The Soft Pack
“Liar” – The Sex Pistols
“Angry White Boy Polka” – “Weird Al” Yankovic
“Animal Farm” – The Kinks

“Sunflowers” – Everclear
“Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)/What’s Going On (Reprise)” – Marvin Gaye
“Misfit Love” – Queens of the Stone Age

“Amy” – Green Day

“Thunder” – Ross Sea Party
“Photograph” – Weezer
“Love is a Good Thing” – Sheryl Crow
“Closer to the Sun” – Slightly Stoopid
“Same Old Lang Syne” – Dan Fogelberg

“Secret Messages” – Electric Light Orchestra
“Summer Girls” – LFO
“From the Ritz to the Rubble” – Arctic Monkeys
“B is for Brutus” – The Hives
“Expressway to Yr Skull (live)” – Sonic Youth

FINALE – “You Are the Girl” – The Cars

by A-Jazz from Really Okay with A-Jazz and Avi Man at 3:04 AM on 4·13·2013

Come little friends! Come! To the forest! Ehehehe!

Willy Moon – Yeah Yeah


Green Day – Longview
The Virgins – Rich Girls

We’re talkin’ about Halloween in April and the king in the back of the car.

Avi Man:
RX Bandits – Apparition
From First to Last – Worlds Away
Bloc Party – One Month Off

There was a little something from the deep archives.

Dizzy Gillespie – Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac
Nelly – Hot in Herre

Soapy Suds and another new track!

Avi Man:
Ivoryline – Days End

Kevin Federline – Popozão

Some nimblick tries to sell us knives.

The Cardigans – Lovefool
Ludacris – Pimpin’ All Over the World

The trouble with being a news anchor and the miracle of disposable instruments.

The Flaming Lips – She Don’t Use Jelly
Belle and Sebastian – Piazza, New York Catcher
The Lovin’ Spoonful – Summer in the City

Unity across the nation.

Avi Man:
The Killers – Bones
Blaqk Audio – Semiotic Love (ft. A-Jazz)
Circa Survive – Battle, My Love

Talking in sync.

Counting Crows – Mr. Jones
Amy Winehouse – Me and Mr. Jones
Man Man – Bangkok Necktie

Ed’s laugh and Mahu Mori.

The Isley Brothers – Shout (Parts 1 and 2)

I love the forest! Ahahaha!

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