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by Chris Kocher from The Signal at 12:03 AM on 12·27·2012

[From 7 to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday]
An interview worth fighting the snow to get to: Local country singer/songwriter Frank Vieira chatted about his music, the Pittsburgh scene and his upcoming album, and he shared a bunch of tunes live in studio.
“Plastic Tonka Trucks”
“Beer Leaguer”
“Old Things Still Work”
“Green Apron Girl”
“Jekyll & Hyde”
“Something Else”
“Three Little Words” (studio version)

Thanks again to those who called in to request songs or just say hi to Frank. You can learn more about him at

I’ll be back on the air at 7 p.m. Tuesday with some tunes in honor of New Year’s Day, and maybe a few of my favorite 2012 tracks that I forgot last week. Then at 10 p.m., Doc Sonic and I will be at the controls of the Mad Trivia Party in Charles Berman’s absence. You definitely don’t want to miss that.

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