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by Ferdinand Montalvo from Dimenciones at 7:01 PM on 1·21·2017


Andy Gonzalez
Entre Colegas (2015):
“Sabor A Mi”

Chucho Valdes & The Afro-Cuban
Messengers (2013):

Gato Barbieri
Che Corazon (1999):

Paquito Y Manzanero
Paquito D’Rivera plays the music of
Armando Manzanero (2015):

Paquito D’Rivera and his Latin Jazz
Ensemble with Louie Ramirez (2003):
“It Could Happen To You”

Bernie Williams
The Journey Within (2003):
“La Salsa en mi” v. Ruben Blades w/
Gilberto Santarosa

Bobby Rodriguez & La Compañia
Salsa At Woodstock Live (1976):
“A Bailar Salsa”

Larry Harlow
The Best (2004):
“El Jardinero Del Amor”
v. Junior Gonzalez

Oscar D’Leon
Asi Soy (2004):
“Jibarito Enamorado”

Doug Beavers
Titanes Del Trombon (2015):
“Trombon Moderno”

Luis 'Perico’ Ortiz
Entre Amigos (1983):
“Vuelvo A Cantar” v. Ruben Blades’

Gilberto Santarosa
Autentico (2004):
“Traigo de Todo”

Ismael Quintana & Papo Lucca
Mucho Talento (1990/'80):
“Vamos/Hablame Ahora”

Manny Oquendo & Libre
Ahora (1999):
“Obsesion” v. Herman Olivera

Tito Nieves canta con el
Conjunto Clasico
25 Aniversario-Recuerdos (2003):

Marc Anthony
Contra La Correinte (1997):
“La Luna Sobre Nuestro Amor”

El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico
¡Aqui No Se Sienta Nadie! (1979):
“Nido De Amor;”
“Brujeria” v. Charlie Aponte

El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico
Unity (1980):
“Pico Pico”

Conjunto Sabrosura
Hecho En Puerto Rico (2015):
Pa’ La Sanse”

Raphy Leavitt & Orquesta La Selecta
De Puerto Rico
Hasta Siempre (2015):

Raul Marrero
Quien Dijo Miedo (1978):
“Tributo A Las Mujeres”

Jose Alberto 'El Canario’
Herido (1999):
“Amor improvisado”

La Makina
Exitos (2006):
“Estan Bailando”

Johnny Ventura
Johnny Siempre Johnny (1993):
“Merenguero Hasta La Tambora”

Orquesta Broadway
Loves New York (2015):
“Yo Bailo Con Ella”

Con Todas Las De Ganar (2008):
“Mi Salsa Se Respeta”

3D Ritmo De Vida
Que Siga La Rumba (2009):
“Son Montuno Pa’ Dos”

Orquesta Novel
Orquesta Novel Colleccion (2015):
“Swing-La Moderna”

by Ferdinand Montalvo from Dimenciones at 7:01 PM on 1·21·2017


by DJ Enni from Conversations with God at 2:08 PM on 1·21·2017

Next Tuesday (January 24) there will be an interview with Pastor Andrew Rosenbarker from Two Rivers Church and J.R. Hanscom Director of Endicott Hope Home! So excited! What to know more? Listen in on Tuesday! It should start about 7:10!

Song list for Tuesday 1/17/17
“Song”- Artist

“Come to me”- Jenn Johnson
“Out of Hiding”- Steffany Gretzinger
“The real me”- Natalie Grant
“Thy will”- Hillary Scott & the Scott Family
“You are all I need”- Dara Maclean
“Not for a moment (after all)” – Meredith Andrews
“Trust in You”- Lauren Daigle
“Sinking Deep”- Hillsong Young and Free
“See Your Face”- Housefires II
“Even when it hurts (praise song)- Hillsong United
“New Life”- SEU Worship
“City of hope”- Amanda Cook
“Take my hand”- Lindsay McCaul
“Only King Forever”- Elevation Worship
“Our God Reigns “- Martin Smith and Jesus Culture
“Let love win”- Carrollton
“Everbe”- Kalley Heiligenthal
“Anchor”- Hillsong
“I call Your name”- Free Chapel
“Greater”- Chris Tomlin
“We will Sing”- Calvary Worship ( Chris Morgan is the lead vocalist, was music Pastor at Binghamton First Assembly of God and is now doing the same in Kentucky)
“Joy”- Rend Collective
“Place of Freedom”- Highlands Worship
“Always”- Kristian Stanfill
“Hallelujah (God be praised)- Nicole Serrano w/ Emmanuel Live
“Pursue me”- Luke Hellebronth
“God I look to You”- Jenn Johnson
“Rooftops “- Jesus Culture
“The Only Name ( Yours will be)- Big Daddy Weave
“Your love is like a river”- Third Day
“Oceans”- Hillsong United
“Speak Life”- Tobymac

An 80s Music Show, 19 January 2017, 1:00 to 4:00 pm
Arcadia – “Election Day (The Consensus Mix)”
The Mission – “Garden Of Delight”
Art Of Noise – “Beat Box (Diversion One)”
Erasure – “Heavenly Action (Yellow Brick Mix)”
Ministry – “I Wanted To Tell Her” (Extended & Re-mixed Version)
Electric Light Orchestra – “I’m Alive”
The Associates – “Party Fears Two (Extended Mix)”
Bananarama – “Robert De Niro’s Waiting” (Extended Version)
The Fixx – “Secret Seperation” (Long Version)
Yazoo – “Situation”
Echo & The Bunnymen – “Bring On The Dancing Horses” (Extended Mix)
After The Fire – “Der Kommissar” (Specially Extended Remixed Version)
The Cure – “Just One Kiss”
The Human League – “Circus Of Death” Culture Club – “White Boy” (Dance Mix)
Wang Chung – “Dance Hall Days (Part 2)”
Depeche Mode “Flexible (Deportation Mix)”
The Icicle Works – “Whisper To A Scream (Birds Fly)” (Single Version)
XTC – “Pulsing Pulsing”
New Order one of the songs off the Brotherhood LP
New Order “Everything’s Gone Green”
New Order – “Procession”
China Crisis – “Seven Sports For All”
Soft Cell – “Memorabilia”
ABC – “Be Near Me [Munich Disco Mix]”
Level 42 – “Something About You”
Scritti Politti – “Asylums in Jerusalem”

by Chris Kocher from The Signal at 11:48 PM on 1·18·2017

Great to have friend of the show Brian Wolff back in the studio to talk about Fair City Fire’s big year in 2016 and where his musical endeavors will take him in the future. He’ll perform at 8:30 p.m. Thursday at McGirks Irish Pub and 8 p.m. Saturday at Ransom Steele Tavern opening for Beard of Bees.

We shared a few tracks from Fair City Fire’s debut album “The Simple Truth,” and Brian also played a few songs live.
“I Want You” (Fair City Fire)
“Johnny” (live)
“Under” (Fair City Fire)
“Age of Convenience” (Fair City Fire)
“Green X” (Fair City Fire)
“Bangarang” (live)
“Strong” (Fair City Fire)

From there, we filled the last hour with new stuff.
The Marcus King Band – “Virginia” (The Marcus King Band)
Melissa Etheridge – “Wait a Minute” (Memphis Rock and Soul)
Jennifer Cutting’s Ocean Orchestra – “Johnny Has Gone Electric” (Waves)
Laura Oden – “Gracie and the TSA” (Peel Back Another Layer)
Isabel Taylor – “Take Me Flying” (Awake Again)
Jack Williams – “I’ll Be Damned” (Far Away Long Ago)
Billy Crockett – “Record Player” (Rabbit Hole)
Elva Jones-Hahn – “Better Side of the Truth” (Every Now & Then)
Julie Gold – “Southbound Train” (Sixty)
Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford – “The Guitar Player” (Threads of Gold)
The Princes of Serendip – “Every Day’s a Choice You’re Making” (Seed Maid: Sentimental Songs)
John McEuen – “My Dirty Life and Times” (Made in Brooklyn)
Robyn Hitchcock & Emma Swift – “Love is a Drag” (single)

by Chris Played by Charles Berman from The Mad Trivia Party at 9:57 PM on 1·17·2017

Chris Played by Charles Berman

1. What is the most smuggled legal item?

2. Why did the restaurant Windows on the World close?

3. Why is it especially difficult for most Russians to drive to Kaliningrad?

- Why is it especially difficult for most Russians to drive to Sevastopol?

4. Name a country whose official name does not begin with “The Republic of.”

5. What is Gangnam (as in Gangnam Style)?

6. Why are many people wearing knitted pink hats lately?

7. What was Nicolas Chauvin remembered for?

8. What do Joe Biden, Martin Luther King Jr, Doris Kearns Goodwin, and Melania Trump all have in common?

9. What is both a kind of cake and a kind of pipe?

10. The New Testament was written in what language?

- What about the Quran?

- What about the Book of Mormon?

11. Who was Jerome of Sandy Cove?

12. Name an actor who died before one of their movies was released.

13. Why did President Harry S Truman never release a statement in honor of Martin Luther King Day?

14. Which US president refused calls to announce a national day of prayers for victims of a New York cholera outbreak, because it would violate the seperation of church and state?

15. Why has Burma never offically appointed an Ambassador to Myanmar?

16. What does it mean if a coin is “slabbed?”

17. Name a defunct department store.

18. What was the Jamie Kennedy Experiment?

19. Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Kashmir, and Assam are all what?

20. What is a barramundi?

21. Call us collect.

- Tell us the location of a payphone.

22. Name something only one of us has read/heard/seen.

23. Why should you win?

24. Heads or tails.

25. Leave us a voice mail at (607) 484-7904

Twitch the Intern, Scourge

1. Which Cheers cast member has a father who is a convicted murderer?

2. At the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, who was serving as President of Congress?

3. Which singer is credited with having ‘discovered’ Justin Bieber?

4. In which two US cities would you have been able to see Chief Noc-A-Homa?

5. Which is the highest-grossing movie beginning with the letter ‘Z’?

6. On Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Fred’s mother hand-made something which appeared on every show. What was it?

7. After 146 years, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus will officially stop touring in May. In which state will they have their last performance?

8. Which famous fashion designer is credited with having designed the Nazi uniforms?

9. In a 2016 survey, it was revealed that 3% of Americans own about half of —what— in the United States?

10. What am I upset about NOW?

Doc Sonic’s questions:

What position was first held by George Clinton?

Solder is comprised of what two metals?

Clark Savage jr. was the real name of what fictional character?

A Duck Billed Platypus is one of only 3 mammals in the world that can do what?

What is the highest number on a standard roulette wheel?

What does the Bark scale measure?

Is This A Band?

Wagon Christ

Thomas Lunch

London Elektricity

Soul Junk

Big Scary

Clear Plastic Masks

by Archer from A Brief History of Time Signature at 5:33 PM on 1·15·2017

Get Ready – The Temptations
How Blue Can You Get – Louisiana Gator Boys
Life’ll Kill Ya – Warren Zevon

High Flying Bird – Elton John

Maple Leaf Rag – Emerson, Lake, & Palmer
Root Beer Rag – Billy Joel
Rag Mama Rag – The Band

Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen – Santana
Even The Losers – Tom Petty
Lady – Styx
From Now On – Supertramp

Californication – Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Hardest Button to Button – White Stripes
Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes – Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young
Telegraph Road – Dire Straits

Half Breed – Cher

by DJ U'Nique from UrbanHangOutSuite at 2:22 PM on 1·15·2017

UrbanHangOutSuite Playlist – 1/14/2017

Song / Title -Artist

1. Be Mine (Gyal) – Gnra
2. London – Jeremih f./ Stefflon Don & Krept & Konan
3. Gyal You a Party Animal – Charly Black
4. Your Number (Sancara Remix) – Ayo Jay f./ Fetty Wap
5. We Can – Kranium f./ Tory Lanez
6. Sunrise – Damond Blue
7. Come Down – Anderson .Paak f./ T.I.
8. The Donald – A Tribe Called Quest
9. Changes – J. Cole
10. He Got Game – Public Enemy f./ Stephen Stills
11. Blended Family (What You Do For Love) -Alicia Keys f./ A$AP Rocky
12. Cranes In The Sky – Solange
13. Change of Heart. Marcela Cruz
14. Dis Generation – A Tribe Called Quest
15. Take Me Back – Christopher Martin
16. Tek Weh Yuh Heart – Sean Paul f./ Tory Lanez
17. LUV – Tory Lanez
18. Nasty – Kid Ink f./ Jeremih & Spice
19. Radar – DJ SpinKing f./ Tory Lanez
20. Starboy – The Weeknd f./ Daft Punk
21. Rivals – Usher f./ Future
22. Into You (Remake) – Sydney Renae (YouTube Sensation)
23. Love Star – Common f./ Marsha Ambrosious & PJ
24. False Prophets – J.Cole
25. Long Song Away – Kevin Ross
26. Memory of Us…. – De La Soul f./ Estelle & Pete Rock
27. A Couple Dollars – Apollo Brown & Skyzoo f./ Joell Ortiz
28. Crown – Rapsody
29. Without You – Anderson .Paak f./ Rapsody
30. Keep You In Mind – Guordon Banks f./ Chris Brown and Bryson Tiller
31. Wasted – Dreezy
32. Do You Mind – DJ Khaled f./ Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown & Future & August Alsina & Jeremih & Rick Ross
33. Saved – Khalid
34. Location – Khalid (prod. By Smash David, Tunji Ige & Syk Sense)
35. Ballin – Bibi Bourelly
36. Sidewalks – The Weeknd f./ Kendrick Lamar
37. PBJ (Instrumental) – Bobby V
38. What They Want – Russ
39. No Problem – Chance The Rapper f./ 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne
40. Fake Love – Drake
41. CRZY (Extended Mix) – Kehlani
42. Thick of It – Mary J Blige
43. 10,000 Hours – Ella Mai
44. Let Me Explain – Bryson Tiller
45. Missin U – Usher
46. Kickin’ Back – Mila J
47. Love On The Brain – Rihanna
48. Already Knew That – Ro James
49. Why I Love You – Major
50. Come And See Me – PARTYNEXTDOOR f./ Drake

by Ferdinand Montalvo from Dimenciones at 9:58 PM on 1·14·2017


The Salsoul Orchestra
Anthology (2005):
“Ritzy Mambo”

Tito Puente
Live At Birdland-Dancemania ’99:
“Lullaby Of Birdland;”
“Mambo Inn”

Fania All Stars
Fania Latin Jazz Party (199):
“Picadillo” guitar-Steve Winwood

Mongo Santamaria
Fania Essential Recordings
Salsa Explosion! The Salsa Revolution
“O Mi Shango”

Charlie Sepulveda y The Turnaround
Puerto Rico Jazz Jam (1999):
“Bomba pa’ Carmen”

Dr. Ed Calle
Presents Mamblue (2015):

Mario Ortiz Jr. All Star Band
50 Aniversario (2014):
“Cool Heat”

Paquito D’Rivera and his Latin Jazz
Ensemble with Louie Ramirez
A Tribute To Cal Tjader (1987):
“Latin Blues;”

Jerry Gonzalez
Y El Comando de la Clave (2011):

Doug Beavers
Titanes Del Trombon (2015):
“Esa Mujer” v. Carlos Cascante

Ray Martinez
Legacy (2015):
“Los Colores De Mi Gente”

Vicentico Valdes
Mi Diario Musical:
“Una cancion por la Mañana;”
“Los Aretes De La Luna;”
“La Montaña;”

Carlos Henriquez
The Bronx Pyramid (2015):
“Descarga Entre Amigos”
ft. Ruben Blades

Pedrito Martinez
Rumba de La Isla (2012):
“Dos estrellas relucientes”

Jose Alberto 'El Canario’
& Septeto Santaiguero
Tributo A Los Compadres- No Quiero
Llanto (2014):
“Pruebe Este Tono” v. Tiburon Morales

Victor Manuelle
Una Navidad A Mi Estilo (2007):
“Son De Parranda”

Andy Gonzalez
Entre Colegas (2015):
“El Mostro’s Aguinaldo”

Andres Jimenez
Exitos Navideños (2005):
“Mosaico Tradicional-Medley”
“A Los Santos Inocentes-Parranda Plena”

Jose Nogueras
Cada Loco Con Su Tema (2001):
“Saludos, Saludos Vengo A…;”
“Las Octavitas”

Plena Libre
¡Estamos Gozando!(2003):
“Lo Que A Ti De Gusta”

Issac Delgado y Juan Pablo Diaz
Cuba Y Puerto Rico Son…(2015):
“Puerto Rico”

La Sonora Ponceña
Otra Navidad Criolla (2007):
“Si busca una Orquesta”

El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico
Nuestra Musica (1984):
“El Jibaro Listo”

Cheo Feliciano
Felicidades (1973):
“Pa’ La Gente Panameña”

by popboy905 from The Dwarf Invasion at 1:06 AM on 1·14·2017

Stan Getz – Tootsie Roll
The Wee Turtles – I Built a Radio…and Fueled a Teenage Riot
Super XX Man – He Who Loved Dinosaurs
Tummbug – Sciene Fiction
Bunnygrunt – I Mock You with My Monkey Pants
My Favorite – The Truth about Lake Ronkonkoma

Behl -Mies Pleez
Kittycraft – Lofi
Gritty Kitty – Spica
Gritty Kitty – Dumpy
Kincaid – Machines Can Not Beat Me
Kincaid – Super Hawaii

Rugboy – Placeholder 18
Rugboy Hunting & Windspeed
Dressy Bessy – Instead
Dressy Bessy – California
Dressy Bessy – She Likes It

Tullycraft – Heroes & Villians
The Jenni Jensens – Kissing Bee
Rizzo – Rental Raccoon
The Apples In Stereo – EveryBody Let Up
THe Zambonies – This is Casio Hockey Song
Je Suis France – California Rules
The Part Tim Losers – sapphire
Lali Puna – Nin-com-pop

Pinback – Loro
American Analog Set – Come Home Baby Julie, Come Home
Death Cab For Cutie – For What Reason
Imperial Teen – Sweet and Touching

Hello Astonaut Goodbye Television – Skate or Die
Electrelane – The Valley’s
Jejune – That’s Why She Hates Me

Jejune- The early stars
Superchunk – Night of Chill Blue
Garden Variety – Parker

The Dodos – Nevermeant
Mates of State -So Begins Our Alabee
Mates of State – I know, and I said forget it
Owen – Ears Ring
Rainer Maria – Big Man

The Dismemberment Plan – The City
Braid – Next of Kin
The Constantines – Working Fulltime
Five Eight – The Road Beat The SHit Out of my favorite band
Pretty Girls Make Graves – Liquid Courage
Yeah yeah Yeahs – Modern Things
Vibrators – Baby Baby
X Ray Spec – Idenity
Bratmobile – I love you, You Little Crocodile
Arcade Fire – Modern Man

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