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by Chris Kocher from The Signal at 11:41 PM on 5·24·2017

Great to have Paul Tauterouff here for the first couple of hours. Had a good chat about the local music scenes, how bands can help themselves and the important work organizing Rock Against Suicide.

Robyn Hitchcock – “Raymond and the Wires” (Robyn Hitchcock)
Glen Campbell – “Postcard from Paris” (Adios)
Amber Rubarth – “As We Walk Into the Night” (Wildflowers in the Graveyard)
Spottiswoode – “Blaze of Glory” (Blaze of Glory)
Milkweed – “Who is Tommy Lee” (Dream of an American Family)
The Revelers – “Trip to the Moon” (Play the Swamp Pop Classics, Vol. 1)
Chris Elliott – “Star Trek, Star Wars and the Holy Bible” (Chris Elliott)
Tift Merritt (with Sam Beam) – “Day He Died” (Stitch of the World)
Alastair Moock – “Hallelujah (I Ain’t Dead)” (Alastair Moock)
Pierce Edens – “The Devil There Too” (Stripped Down / Gussied Up)
Rachel Baiman – “I Could’ve Been Your Lover Too” (Shame)
Davey O. – “Nothing Could Go Wrong” (A Bright Horizon Line)
Montgomery Delaney – “Almost Anyone” (Almost Anyone)
Quiles & Cloud – “Black Sky Lightning” (Shake Me Now)
Mouths of Babes – “Black Tea, Red Wine” (Brighter in the Dark)
Harpeth Rising – “I Did Not Make the World” (Against All Tides)
Darden Smith – “Can You See the Moon” (Everything)
David LaMotte – “Just One Candle” (The Other Way Around)
Kipyn Martin – “Madeleine” (Dance Across the Sky)
Ryanhood – “I Don’t Think I Know Anything Anymore” (Yearbook)

Looks like I’m out of town next Wednesday but I promise to find someone cool who will fill in for me. I’ll be back June 7 for sure.

by Chris Kocher from The Signal at 11:40 PM on 5·24·2017

Great to have Ed back in the studio tonight. Our conversation was, as usual, eclectic – from theories about writing to our mothers’ cursing habits to the differences between Amish and Mennonite.
LCD Soundsystem -”Call the Police” (single)
Local Natives – “Dark Days” (Sunlit Youth)
Lydia Loveless – “Sorry” (single)
Lydia Loveless – “Longer” (Real)
Ryan Adams – “To Be Without You” (Prisoner)
Aimee Mann – “Goose Snow Cone” (Mental Illness)
Bonnie Prince Billy & Friends – “Rubin and Cherise” (Day of the Dead)
Courtney Barnett – “New Speedway Boogie” (Day of the Dead)
Broken Social Scene – “Halfway Home” (Hug of Thunder)
Broken Social Scene – “Hug of Thunder” (Hug of Thunder)
The New Pornographers – “Whiteout Conditions” (Whiteout Conditions)
case/lang/viers – “Atomic Number” (case/lang/viers)
case/lang/viers – “Supermoon” (case/lang/viers)
Sharon Van Etten – “The End of the World” (Resistance Radio)
Wye Oak – “If You Should See” (Tween)
Field Division – “Of Lives We’ve Never Known” (Reverie State)
Tennis – “Night Vision” (Ritual in Repeat)
The National – “The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness” (single)

by Chris Played by Charles Berman from The Mad Trivia Party at 9:46 PM on 5·23·2017

Chris Played by Charles Berman

1. What is both a kind of toy and a kind of Indian meal?

2. What baseball stadium has the windows of hotels in the outfield?

3. Please describe the plot of the song “The Thing” by Phil Harris?

4. Name an operating dialup internet service provider.

5. Serial killer Edward Edwards appeared on what TV game show?

6. Why is it not legal to export masala plants from India?

7. Name a movie that is in both color and black and white.

8. What is the difference between an umbrella and a parasol?

9. Name a live-action movie musical from within the last twenty years.

10. What is a shatoosh shawl?

11. What is both a kind of hole and a kind of bear?

12. What is Melania Trump’s maiden name?

13. Name someone who has received a presidential pardon.

14. What is a gish gallop?

16. What is gin flavored with?

17. Name one of the human rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

18. What is both a kind of door and a method of printing?

19. What was Oliver Cromwell’s legal justification for dissolving the First Protectorate Parliament earlier than expected?

20. In what TV series did George Takei play himself and William Shatner play a fictional character?

21. Call us collect.

- Tell us the location of a payphone.

22. Name something only one of us has read/heard/seen.

23. Why should you win?

24. Heads or tails.

25. Leave us a voice mail at (607) 484-7904

Twitch the Intern, Scourge

1. Which North American country has the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS outside of the African continent?

2. In The Godfather, what typically Mafia-ish finally happens to Luca Brasi?

3. Which was the first nation in the world to legalize gay marriage?

4. In which state was the original KFC opened (1932)? In which state was the first KFC franchise store opened (1952)?

5. Within 1000 miles, how long is the Great Wall of China?

6. What is an interrobang?

7. Frank Sinatra won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in which film (1953)?

8. Which type of animal is a ‘Goliath Birdeater’?

9. Name any figure from Greek mythology, along with the punishment they had to suffer.

10. What am I upset about now?

Doc Sonic’s questions:

What British actor’s memoir is called “My Word is My Bond”?

What is fashion designer Ralph Lauren’s real name?

Who played the Cook County Assessor’s Office Clerk in “The Blues Brothers Movie”?

St Apollonia is the patron saint of what?

Xerox was frounded in 1906 in what city?

Is This A Band?

Unique Avenue

Torpedo Lighthouse

The Third Experiment

DaVinci’s Windshield

Doorstop Professors

Mr. Scruff

by Twitch the Intern from The Chaotic Life of Dogs at 7:52 PM on 5·23·2017

Oops…I forgot to post my playlist from last week! Here it is:

1. 'Underdog’ theme—(traditional)
2. Pink Houses—John Cougar Mellencamp [by request, Mary/Great Bend, PA]
3. Radio Radio—Elvis Costello & the Attractions
4. The Wood Song—Indigo Girls
5. Don’t Be Cruel—Elvis Presley
6. Finest Worksong—REM
7. A Teenager In Love—Dion & the Belmonts
8. Dreaming (live)—Blondie
9. Joyride—Roxette
10. How Bad Do You Want It?—Don Henley
11. Purple Toupee—They Might Be Giants
12. Lookin’ Out My Back Door—Credence Clearwater Revival
13. Try a Little Tenderness—Jack Webb
14. Let Your Yeah Be Your Yeah—The Pioneers
15. Java Jive—The Manhattan Transfer
16. Marching On—The Alarm
17. April Fool—Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane [by request, Paul/Binghamton East]
18. On Broadway—Neil Young
19. Jump Into the Fire—Harry Nilsson
20. Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me—Gladys Knight & the Pips
21. Rock & Roll Suicide—David Bowie

by DJ Bub from It Is What It Is at 1:18 PM on 5·19·2017

I Feel It All- Feist
Down the Line- Beach Fossils
Kiss and Burn- Girlpool
Summer of Love- Waxahatchee

Champagne Coast- Blood Orange
Put Your Records On- Corinne Bailey Rae
Cool- Gwen Stefani
Warm Heart of Africa- The Very Best, Ezra Koenig

I’m Going Down- Bruce Springsteen
The Promise Land- Bruce Springsteen
Hungry Heart- Bruce Springsteen
Rosalita- Bruce Springsteen

Map- The Front Bottoms
Fall of the Star High School Running Back- The Mountain Goats
Someone Great- LCD Soundsystem
Disorder- Joy Division
I Kiss The Flowers In Bloom- Close Lobster

It Gets More Blue- Girlpool
Don’t Want To- Cende
Under Control- The Strokes
Trauma- Foxygen

Young- Frankie Cosmos
Fool- Frankie Cosmos
I Do Too- Frankie Cosmos

New- Alex G
Change- Alex G
Icehead- Alex G
Sorry- Alex G
Kicker- Alex G
Mud- Alex G

by Bloom from Smash Bang Fusion at 3:51 PM on 5·17·2017

Charlie Hunter Trio – Funky Niblets
Headhunters – Funk Hunter
President’s Breakfast – Rooscus Brothers
Jean-Luc Ponty – Happy Robots
Bob Dylan – Tangled up in Blue
Radiohead – Go to Sleep
The Phibes – Hard On
The Brecker Brothers – Some Skunk Funk
Doctor Phibes – Carpenter’s Trick
Consider the Source – Aquarians
Radiohead – I Might Be Wrong
Ivan “the Funkboy” Bodley – Look at that Cookie
Sex Mob – Baby Let me hold your hand
Mahavishunu Orchestra – Noonward Race
John Coltrane – Giant Steps
Herbie Hancock – Chameleon
Radiohead – The National Anthem
Al Di Meola – Shaking the Spirits
Jean-Luc Ponty – Rhythms of Hope
Bob Dylan – Ballad of a Thin Man
Reptet – Chicken or Beef?
Reptet – That’s Chicken or Beef
Kermit Ruffins – Monday night in New Orleans
Bob Dylan – I want you
The Beatles – Sexy Sadie
The Phibes – Walking back the Cat
Bob Dylan – Don’t think twice it’s alright
Dirty Dozen Brass Band – It’s all over now
Radiohead – Jigsaw falling into place
John Boutte – I’ll Fly Away

by Chris Played by Charles Berman from The Mad Trivia Party at 9:55 PM on 5·16·2017

Chris Played by Charles Berman

1. What is the “gay panic defence?”

2. What is both a country and a kind of plate?

3. Name a country in Europe that does not use the Euro.

4. Why has the rapper Eminem sued the government of New Zealand?

5. Name an ingredient that has been used on Chopped.

6. What is Yersenia Pestis?

7. What is both a method of payment and a snack mix?

8. What is both a kind of pants and a kind of cult?

9. What is a demonym?

10. What symbol on a door traditionally indicates that the door belongs to an outhouse?

11. Why are the Grammies called that?

12. What is known as “the sweet science?”

13. What was an iconoclast?

14. The city of San Marino was in which country?

15. What society publishes National Geographic magazine?

16. What did passports used to have instead of a photograph before photography was invented?

17. Name a well-known journalist who was fired and what for.

18. What is the most popular archaeology-related magazine?

19. Name a country named after a person.

20. What crime did Richard Nixon commit re Watergate?

21. Call us collect.

- Tell us the location of a payphone.

22. Name something only one of us has read/heard/seen.

23. Why should you win?

24. Heads or tails.

25. Leave us a voice mail at (607) 484-7904

Twitch the Intern, Scourge

1. Which are the only two Shakespeare plays which begin with the letter ‘K’?

2. Which word is derived from a Greek word meaning ’A tribe of hairy women’?

3. Donald Duck cartoons were once banned in Finland. Why?

4. What charge is carried by the carbonate ion (CO3)?

5. If you were to stretch a Slinky out flat, how long would the metal ribbon be (within 10 ft.) ?

6. What is Yogi Berra’s real first name?

7. By weight, what is the most-eaten meat (by humans)?

8. Which is the second largest country (by land area) in Europe? [warning: This is something of a trick question!]

9. Discussion question (any reasonable answer will receive points): Where do clowns go when they die?

10. What am I upset about now?

Doc Sonic’s questions:

Who is the new host of Mystery Science Theater 3000

A river that runs through Denison Texas and Hanoi Vietnam have the same name. What is it?

What event occurred in New Orleans for the first time in 1838

In London, taxi drivers are required to have “the Knowledge” to get a license. What is “the Knowledge”?

In how many Superman movies did Gene Hackman appear as Lex Luthor?

Where does it hurt?

Is This A Band?

Morning Mischief

Moose Maze

Social Studies

Boston Mutants

Flying Anarchy

The Insurance Salesman Trio

by DJ julez from Pizza Rat at 1:32 PM on 5·16·2017

Girls- Beastie Boys
Twist and Shout- The Beatles
All in White- The Vaccines
A Hard Day’s Night- The Beatles
Velvet Ditch- The Arcs
Beautiful Drug- Zac Brown Band
Shake- Jesse McCartney
Lucidity- Tame Impala
GUM (Everybody’s My Friend)- Oyster Kids
In My Place- Coldplay
Call Me- St.Paul and the Broken Bones
It’s Midnight- St.Paul and the Broken Bones
Talk Show Host- Radiohead
High and Dry- Radiohead
Ultralight Beam- Kanye West
93 Til Infinity- Souls of Mischief

by Cleanville Tziabatz from I Took Some Of Your Soda at 8:40 AM on 5·14·2017

Episoda 23, 14 May 2017, 8:30 to 10:00 am, Freeform Collage

Pole Position
“Summer Night In Sausalito” by Diesel
Mark E. Smith Interview
Nature Sounds
Youtube on State Machines
“Slip Inside This House” 13th Floor Elevators
Negativland “Dick Vaughn’s Moribund Music Of The 70s, Bad Edits”
The Flying Machines “Smile A Little Smile For Me”
Farces Wanna Mo “I Felt Down Into Mine Own Skeleton”
Reading of a J.Eric Smith short story
“Its A Gas” Mad Magazine flexi disc
Description of snapshotting
“Mr. Cloudy Sky”
Guy from EARTH talks about Kurt Cobain
Bar talk from March 2017
X Files Bumper
McDonald’s Grab An Ice Cream Cone Prank
Butthole Surfers “Pee Pee The Sailor (demo)”
SNL Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer
Captain Beefheart demo’s
Youtube Hawaii 50 drum roll on huge kit
30 Rock samples
Getting On With James Urbaniak “Two Bits”
Things You Missed In History Class samples
Short Circuit Podcast
“Potatoes & Molasses”
“I’m A Mormon”
“I Cried About Roosevelt”
Archer Sample
“Buying A Beefheart Record”
Simpsons sample: Springfield Spring
“Commence To Prancing”
“Buffalo’s Talking Proud”

Misc Episode, 14 May 2017, 6:30 to 8:30 am

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti “Hot Body Rub”
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti “Bright Lit Blue Skies”
Dead Boys “Sonic Reducer”
Dead Boys “Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth”
Dead Boys “Not Anymore/Ain’t Nothin’ To Do”
Cheap Trick “Taxman, Mr. Thief”
Cheap Trick “Surrender”
Cheap Trick “Goodnight”
Farces Wanna Mo “Used To Be Banks”
Farces Wanna Mo “Unavailable Is Calling”
Farces Wanna Mo “Here Is A Cake”
Family Taboo From Family Taboo MySpace
“Okayplayer” Aceyalone & Madlib
Madvillian (MF Doom & Madlib) “All Caps”
mf doom and madlib “peeyano keys”
fIREHOSE “Brave Captain”
Firehose “Mannequin (Wire cover)”
Fly Ashtray “Alive With Pleasure”
Dinosaur Jr 2013 single a side
Camper Van Beethoven “I Was To High For The Love In”
Tim Heidecker “Ocean’s Too Cold”
The Cars “Little Black Egg”
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists “Loyal To My Sorrowful Country (Sharkbite sessions versh)”
Fat White Family “Hot Wet Beef, Part II”
The Fall “Blindness (Peel sesh versh)”
Karen Kilgariff “Solid Nine (live)”
The Payola$ “The Eyes Of A Stranger”

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