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by Chris Kocher from The Signal at 11:43 PM on 7·29·2014

Music with Lars (and a few with Erin). Fun times.

The Falconers – “The Frame Maker” (The Frame Maker)
Connor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band – “Moab” (Connor Oberst)
G. Love – “Home” (Fixing to Die)
Blitzen Trapper – “American Goldwing” (American Goldwing)
Blitzen Trapper – “Country Caravan” (Wild Mountain Nation)
Johnny Flynn – “Fol-de-rol” (Country Mile)
Tallest Man on Earth – “Kids on the Run” (The Wild Hunt)
Johnny Cash – “The Man Comes Around” (American IV: The Man Comes Around)
Ray Wylie Hubbard – “Whoop and Hollar” (A: Enlightenment B: Endarkenment Hint: There is No C)
Baby Gramps & Peter Stampfel – “Casting My Spell” (Outertainment)
Baby Gramps & Peter Stampfel – “Ghost Train of Freak Mountain” (Outertainment)
Johnny Cash – “Over the Next Hill” (Personal File)
M. Ward – “To Go Home” (Post-War)
The Mountain Goats – “San Bernadino” (Hectic Pride)
The Mountain Goats – “This Year” (The Sunset Tree)
Dawes – “My Way Back Home” (Nothing is Wrong)
Foghat – “Drivin’ Wheel” (Best of Foghat) – BY REQUEST
Band of Horses – “Way Back Home” (Infinite Arms)
Cat Stevens – “On the Road to Find Out” (Tea for the Tillerman)
Bob Dylan – “Gotta Travel On” (Self-Portrait)
Nick Drake – “Road” (Pink Moon)
Hank Williams – “Ramblin’ Man” (40 Greatest Hits)
Joe Crookston – “Able Baker Charlie & Dog” (Able Baker Charlie & Dog)
Band of Annuals – “Follow Your Headlights Home” (Repondez)
James Mercer – “Journey Through the Past” (“180 South” Soundtrack)
The Hello Strangers – “Runaway” (The Hello Strangers)
Alan Lomax Collection – “I’m Goin’ Home” (Southern Journey Vol. 3)
Bonnie Somerville – “Winding Road” (“Garden State” Soundtrack)
The Howlin’ Brothers – “Gone” (The Stone Fox EP)
Alan Lomax Collection – “Sweet Roseanne” (Southern Journey Vol. 1)
Mississippi John Hurt – “Further Along” (The Last Sessions)
Mississippi John Hurt – “Goodnight, Irene” (The Last Sessions)

No plan for next week yet. Tune in then to see what I come up with.

by Chris Played by Charles Berman from The Mad Trivia Party at 9:34 PM on 7·29·2014

Doc Sonic’s questions:

What author is credited with creating the term “Nerd”?

What is the only state that has had their own state specific currency issued by the federal government?

What is the lowest hand that beats a straight in poker?

What Coca Cola flavor debuted the same year as New Coke? (hint, unlike New Coke, it’s still around).

What beer shares its name with the river that runs through Amsterdam?


1. What is the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

2. What did English’s informal version of “you” used to be?

- Name the plural “you” used by one of the dialects of English.

3. What is a brouhaha?

4. What is a flibbertigibbet?

5. Name what 1/100 of any of the world’s currencies is officially called.

6. What is McDonald’s called in Russia?

-Why are they recently in the news there?

7. What does it mean to be drawn and quartered?

8. Name someone who has performed in blackface.

9. What is graphology?

10. Why did Beethoven call his 9th Symphony “Choral?”

11. What was the main food of ancient Rome?

12. What is an oenophile?

13. Why was it commonly thought that English naval officers had dogsbodies?

14. Anton Szandor LaVey was best known for what?

15. Cafes were initially distinguished from other establishments by what item on their menu?

16. What is both a part of the body and a kind of paper product?

17. What is usually the last word in an English dictionary?

18. What are the pyramids for?

19. What is an automat?

20. Who killed Lee Harvey Oswald?

21. Tell us how to say our phone number in a new language.

22. How did Rich David get so rich?

23. How did Mack the Knife get so Knife?

23. Name something only one of us has read/heard/seen.

24. Why should you win?

26. The Russian version of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is called what?

by Doctor B. from Bartlemania at 1:08 PM on 7·29·2014

h2 Please note – I won’t be on the air on July 30, 2014. I should be back on the air next Wednesday, August 6, 2014.

Passport with Larry Coryell
My Father’s Place
Roslyn, Long Island, NY
26-May-1979 (excerpt)

David Laflamme Interview

It’s A Beautiful Day (Unless otherwise noted):

Don & Dewey – Marrying Maiden (Columbia)
Anytime – Choice Quality Stuff/Anytime (Columbia)
Time Is – It’s A Beautiful Day (Columbia)
David La Flamme – Hot Summer Day – White Bird (Amherst)

White Bird/Hoedown – unreleased recording, San Francisco, 1970

Love – Love Is Better Than Words or Better Late than Never – Out Here (Blue Thumb)
Steve Tibbetts – How Do You Like My Buddha? – Steve Tibbetts (Frammis Ent.)

Jeff Beck – Rice Pudding – Beck-Ola (Epic)
The Brecker Brothers – Some Skunk Funk – Heavy Metal Be-Bop (Arista)

Brand X – Sun In The Night – Moroccan Roll (Passport)

This program can be heard at:

by Doc Mordechi from Fly By Night Radio at 2:56 AM on 7·29·2014

Artist: Song (Album)
1. PS I Love You: Limestone Radio (For Those Who Stay)
2. The Electro-Lights: Modern Day Don Quixote (Oddities and Contradictions)
3. Nervous Germans: Yeah Yeah (Volatile)
4. The Reverend Shawn Amos: I’m The Face (The Reverend Shawn Amos Tells It)
5. Hundred Waters: Cavity (single)
6. Monomyth: Something Else (Saturnalia Regalia)
7. Miles Tackett: Release Me (The Fool Who Wonders)
8. Kutosis: Fear of Flying (Dream it Away)
9. Beck with Jack White: I’m Down (Song Reader)
10. Samsel and the Skirt: Microphone (Shoebox)
11. The Muffs: Like You Don’t See Me (Whoop Dee Doo)
12. The Dream Logic: My Red Heart (My Black Arts)
13. Honeyblood: Fortune Cookie (Honeyblood)
14. The Kinks: Waterloo Sunset (Something Else By the Kinks)
15. Bear in Heaven: Time Between (Time is Over One Day Old)
16. Liam Bailey: Black Moon (Definitely NOW)
17. Rise Against: Zero Visibility (The Black Market)
18. Lucky Peterson: I Can See Clearly Now (The Son of a Bluesman)
19. The Pixies: Where is My Mind? (Surfer Rosa)
20. Walking Shapes: Feel Good (Taka Come On)
21. Voxmirage: All I Want is You (Voxmirage)
22. Little Daylight: Overdose (Hello Memory)
23. Jenny Broke the Window: See You in the War (Jenny Broke the Window EP)
24. Bob Dylan: Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues (Highway 61 Revisited)
25. Boz Scaggs: Dry Spell (Memphis)
26. Too Slim and the Taildraggers: Little Gun Motel (Anthology)
27. Christopher Denny: Radio (If the Roses Don’t Kill Us)
28. Alvvays: Adult Diversion (Alvvays)
29. Junk Riot: Untouched (Headache)
30. Wild Smiles: Round and Round (Fool For You)

by Ray Foosh from F.I.D. at 6:32 PM on 7·28·2014

BBNG – Camel
Next Collective – No Church in the Wild
Amerigo Gazaway – Stakes is High
Charles Mingus – IIBS
Yusef Lateef – Endura
Stanley Jordan – All Blues
John Scofield – Ideofunk
Eric Dolphy – Hat and Beard
Manhatten Project – Summertime
Snarky Puppy – Free Your Dreams
Groove Collective – Outermost
Manteca – Big Bear
Passport – Mandrake
Soft Machine – Stanley Stamps Gibbon Album
Tortoise – Ry Cooder
Lotus – Atlas Slugged
STS9 – So it Goes
BBNG – The World is Yours/ Brooklyn Zoo

Gino Party: TLegs & Foosh Vinyl Set

by MADMANMARK from Completely Deranged at 10:58 PM on 7·27·2014

Dan Nelson former singer of Anthrax will be calling in to my show 11am. This will be his third time calling into my show.

by t3h933k from Entropy at 6:53 PM on 7·27·2014

Dominic Frontiere – On Any Sunday

Stereo MC’s – Connected
Jimmy “Bo” Horne – Let Me (Let Me Be Your Lover)
Cherokee – Do It Again
Chuck Brown And The Soul Searchers – Bustin Loose
DJ Falcon – First
Jimmy “Bo” Horne – Spank

Plastikman – EX (Album)
Plastikman – EXposed
Plastikman – EXpand
Plastikman – EXtrude
Plastikman – EXplore
Plastikman – EXpire
Plastikman – EXhale

Christian Löffler – Young Alaska (Album)
Christian Löffler – Young Alaska
Christian Löffler – Mt. Grace
Christian Löffler – Notes
Christian Löffler – Beirut
Christian Löffler – Roman
Christian Löffler – All Comes
Christian Löffler – Veiled Grey
Christian Löffler – Alpine Sketch

xploding plastix – donca matic
xploding plastix – geigerteller
xploding plastix – one bullet fits all

Xeno & Oaklander – Sheen
Cirkutry – The Hez

datassette – Minus Fourteen
datassette – Can You Smell Maths?
datassette – Don’t

Bastian – Game Over

by Twitch the Intern from The Chaotic Life of Dogs at 3:21 PM on 7·27·2014

Listener support for the show seems to be increasing, despite having played songs by William Shatner, Vanilla Ice, and now Celine Dion. I won’t apologize for having called Celine Dion “Canada’s least necessary export” least Justin Beaver (...yes, I know I spelled it wrong…) helps support the American egg industry!

1. Werewolves of London—Warren Zevon
2. Any Way You Want It—Journey
3. Real Wild Child—Iggy Pop
4. Book of Love—The Monotones
5. There’s Only One Way to Rock (live)—Van Halen (dedicated to Ducky)
6. Is There Something I Should Know?—Duran Duran
7. Poison—Alice Cooper
———Cover to Cover——————
8. You Shook Me All Night Long (live)—AC/DC
9. You Shook Me All Night Long (live)—Celine Dion (feat. Anastacia)
10. Maybe Baby—The Crickets
11. At the Hop—Danny & the Juniors
12. Take it Easy—Eagles
13. Sweet Hitch-hiker—Credence Clearwater Revival
14. Keep Your Hands to Yourself—Georgia Satellites
15. She’s Gone—Hall & Oates
16. Theme from “Shaft”—Isaac Hayes
17. Smells Like Teen Spirit—Nirvana
18. Violet—Hole
19. Baloney Sandwich—Brak (and the Cartoon Planet Band)
20. It’s Not Unusual—Tom Jones (dedicated to Mom)
21. Tears on My Pillow—Little Anthony & the Imperials
22.Carribean Queen—Billy Ocean
23. Hold on Tight—Electric Light Orchestra
24. One Night in Bangkok—Murray Head
25. Jackson—Johnny Cash and June Carter-Cash
Guess the Theme Contest (Clues in CAPS)
26. QUEEN OF HEARTS—Juice Newton
27. ACE OF SPADES—Motorhead
28. Little DEUCE Coup—Beach Boys
29. The JOKER—Steve Miller Band
(Theme Answer: “Playing Cards”)
30. Sunday Bloody Sunday—U2
31. Kicks—Paul Revere & the Raiders
32. Roll With the Changes—REO Speedwagon
33. Don’t Want to Know if You are Lonely—Husker Du
34. Illegal Alien—Genesis
35. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da—The Police
36. The Promise—When in Rome
37. The Flame—Cheap Trick
38. Candyman—Sammy Davis, Jr.
39. Since U Been Gone—Kelly Clarkson
40. Short People—Randy Newman
41. Help is on the Way—Little River Band
42. Before He Cheats—Carrie Underwood
43. (Theme from) The Monkees—The Monkees
44. Mother’s Little Helper—The Rolling Stones
45. Sundown—Gordon Lightfoot
46. Let’s Go—The Cars
47. I’m Henry VIII, I am—Herman’s Hermits
48. Metro Polka—The Pinetoppers (feat. the Beaver Valley Sweethearts)

by Ferdinand Montalvo from Dimenciones 2014 at 9:53 PM on 7·26·2014


Cachi & His Salsa Jazz Ensemble
“Autumn Leaves 2013”

Mario Ortiz Jr. & The All Star Band
50 Aniversario:

Buena Vista Social Club
Live At Carnegie Hall(2008):
“Buena Vista Social Club;”
“Dos Gardneias;”

Celia Cruz con la Sonora Matancera
Feliz Encuentro:
“Camino Para Volver;”
“Tierra Prometida;”
“Herencia Africana”

Celia Cruz
Azucar Negra:
“De La Habana Hasta Aqui;”
“Pasaporte Latinoamericano”

Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco
Celia & Johnny:
“Vieja Luna”

Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco
De Nuevo:
“No Hay mascara;”
“Las Divorcadas”

Celia Cruz
“Encantado De La Vida” con Tito Puente, Cheo Feliciano
“Burundanga” con Willie Colon
“El Chisme” con Ray Barretto
“Gracia Divina” con Orq. Harlow

Celia Cruz & Oscar D’Leon
Familia RMM_Combinacion Perfecta:
“El Son De Celia & Oscar;”
“Ritmo Mundo Musical”

Celia Cruz with Orq. Johnny Pacheco & Willie Colon
The Brillante Best Of Celia Cruz:
“A Papa;”
“Vamos A Guarachar”

Celia Cruz, Pete Conde Rodriguez, Yomo Toro
Commitment (1979):

Fania All Star
Live At The Cheetah (1971):
“Estrellas De Fania”

Pirulo Y La Tribu
Calle LInda:
“Esa Es La Que Me Gusta”

Mario Ortiz Jr. All Star Band
50 Aniversario:
“Esa” v. Jose Alberto 'El Canario’

“Mi Proteccion”

Keep It Groovin’:

Willie Colon
“El Dia De Suerte”

Willie Colon
Willie Colon & Tito Puente:
“Guajira Ven”

by DJ Unique from UrbanHangOutSuite at 7:35 AM on 7·26·2014

UrbanHangOutSuite Playlist – 7/25/2014

Song / Title – Artist

1. 2AM – Adrian Marcel f./ Sage The Gemini & Problem
2. 2 On – Tinashe f./ Schoolboy Q
3. My Crib – Mack Wilds
4. 24 Hours – TeeFLii f./ 2 Chainz
5. Games – Latifa Tee
6. Touchin, Lovin – Trey Songz f./ Nicki Minaj
7. Don’t Wait – Mapei
8. Loyal – Chris Brown f./ Mila J & Tyga & Lil Wayne
9. Don’t Tell Em – Jeremih f./ YG
10. Show Me – Kid Ink f./Chris Brown
11. Good Kisser – (Busta Rhymes Remix) – Usher f./Busta Rhymes
12. Dwyck – Gang Starr
13. Can I – Love Dollhouse
14. All I Want Is You – Miguel f./J. Cole
15. Laid Back – Jazmine Sisters
16. So Fresh – CJ Hilton f./Nas
17. Withdrawal – Chris Lawrence
18. Leave You Alone – Young Jeezy f./Ne-Yo
19. Who’s Real – Jadakiss f./Swizz Beatz & OJ Da Juiceman
20. Partition (Busta Rhymes Remix) – Beyonce f./ Busta Rhymes & Azealia Banks
21. Flashing Lights – Kanye West f./Dwele
22. Believe Me – Lil Wayne f./ Drake
23. Turnt Up – Talib Kweli
24. Calm Down – Busta Rhymes f./Eminem
25. Speakers On Blast – Skyzoo & !llmind
26. 0 to 100 (The Catch Up) – Drake
27. Kingdom – Common f./Vince Staples
28. Aura (prod. Paul Cabbin) – Lyfetyme & Hookmastaz
29. Somethin Else – Terrace Martin f./Problem
30. Stronger Than Pride (Remix) – Marsha Ambrosius f./ Dr. Dre
31. Smoke – 50 Cent f./ Trey Songz
32. Money Can’t Buy – Ne-Yo f./ Jeezy
33. Coca1n3 Heartbreak – Bridget Kelly
34. The Pressure – Jhene Aiko
35. Supreme – Rick Ross
36. Pills N Potions – Nicki Minaj
37. Top Billin – Audio Two
38. This Time – Melanie Fiona f./J. Cole
39. Be Like – Rico Love
40. You – Jazmin Sisters
41. Crooked Smile – J. Cole f./TLC
42. Next – Sevyn Streeter f./ Kid Ink
43. Suitcase – Mary J. Blige
44. My Girl – Diggy f./ Trevor Jackson
45. To Love & Die – Jhene Aiko f./ Cocaine 80s
46. Dumb – Jazmine Sullivan f./Meek Mill
47. Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away) – Keyshia Cole
48. Thristy – Mariah Carey
49. New Flame – Chris Brown f./ Usher & Rick Ross
50. Drunk In Love – Beyonce f./ Jay-Z
51. Call Me Crazy – Sevyn Streeter
52. Don’t Think They Know – Chris Brown f./ Aaliyah
53. Smoke, Drink, Break-Up – Mila J f./ French Montana
54. Foreign – Trey Songz
55. No Flex Zone – Rae Sremmurd
56. It’s Yours – Twista f./ Tia London
57. Seen It All – Jeezy f./ Jay-Z

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