by Ozone In The AM from BLACK SABBATH AEROBICS at 8:28 AM on 7·1·2013

G’mornin Fellow Zoners!!! I hope everyone is well…..I’m giving away free swag today…..and for the next few weeks!!!! Castrofate CDs and tee shirts…...courtesy of Danny Castro from Castrofate!!! He RAWKS!!!! If you listen to my show you’ve heard every tune off the 3 CDs Danny gave me. Castrofate…..check them out! As always TONS of local music for y’all again today. The one hour spot has expanded to 2 hours. Sweet!!! Thanks to ALL of the local artists and producers for hooking me up with all of the LOCAL music!!! I thank everyone of you that tunes in as well!!! The Ozone Nation is growing in numbers daily…..so c’mon along for the ride!!! The more the merrier. Much more local music and interviews with local musicians…..coming up…..only w/ Ozone in the AM…..and ONLY at WHRW Binghamton!!!! Thanks fellow Zoners!!!

If you’re on “The Book of Faces” look me up…...Ozone in the AM…..and click me a like…..we finally reached 110!!! THANK YOU ALL!!! I always like suggestions hints comments and Ideas…..send me an email please…ozoneintheam@gmail.com If youre a local musician, or know a local musician….who would like their music played…..plz send me an email…..TANKS!

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