Wednesday Mornings

by Ozone In The AM from BLACK SABBATH AEROBICS at 7:50 AM on 10·24·2012

AKKKKKKKKK! do you enjoy getting up at 5AM? believe it or not I do. Ozone in the AM is keeping the seat warm….just for today for the good Dr. B. he WILL be back and better than ever next Wednesday in his normal slot. tune him in. if you feel like it tune me in Monday mornings from 8:30-10AM…..check it out! playing some Genesis for y’all this morning. I really hope you enjoy Nursery Cyrme! I promised to play it for a faithful Ozone listener about 5 years ago. my how time flies….whether or not were having fun is yet to be decided? I hope all is well with EVERYONE out there inda Ozone Nation!! Have a great week gang….hope to see you all Friday night. Check my facebook page for details. If you are on the facebook…..find me…..Ozone in the AM…..and click me a like if you’re feeling it. Ill try to keep you posted with whats happening. Aight? THANK YOU!!!!

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