shades of MEH

by Ozone In The AM from BLACK SABBATH AEROBICS at 8:06 AM on 9·16·2013

Gmornin’ gang!! Zoner coming to u live from the dungeons of SUNY B….WHRW....the only REAL PET ROCK FM station available locally!!! WHRW is also the only local radio station that matters! I hope you’re enjoying the best of LOCAL music on my show today. Did a great interview with Krooked Knuckles last Monday…..stay tuned for that! u don’t wanna miss it….trust me. I had an absolute blast hangin w The Knuckles for an evening. We are officially on our fall schedule… plz tune me in Monday mornings from 7-8:30 AM…..our schedule is up on our web page…..Mucho grassy ass to Tom. Stay tuned to WHRW....all day….all week…..all month…...all year! Tune in to 90-.5 and rip the knob off!!!!

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