by Ozone In The AM from BLACK SABBATH AEROBICS at 8:33 AM on 5·27·2013

Gmornin’ gang! I hope everyone is well! Today is an important day! Do you enjoy your civil liberties? I dang well know I do! Thank a Veteran!!!! Not just today…..everyday!! I saw a few soldiers at the airport a while back, and I thanked them. They told me they weren’t used to getting thanked? What the hell is wrong with that picture? Treat all veterans with respect please! I was fortunate enough to miss the Vietnam war. I had friends who came back from the Vietnam war, that will never be the same. My one friend “Rick” was a Marine sniper. What a horrific job. You know what snipers do right? Rick was lethal at his job. Whats my point you may ask? Rick came home and got married and had a family…..and I am SO thankful he had some semblance of a “normal” life. May God bless all of our veterans….NOT just today!!! If you see a Vet…..Thank Them!! tell 'em the Zoner sent you! Everybody have a great Memorial Day!!! Ill be back and better than ever next week. As always thank u for tuning in WHRW FM 90.5 Binghamton!!!

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