by Ozone In The AM from BLACK SABBATH AEROBICS at 8:16 AM on 7·8·2013

Gmornin Gang!! I hope you all survived the heat this weekend? I cant WAIT to see my nyseg bill. They are not a monopoly though….Right? Anyhow…..The best of local music here with The Zoner… WHRW... Saw some live bands this weekend….you’ll be hearing them in the 9:00ish hour. I have the WORLD PREMIERE of Shattered Soul….Castrofate. They ripped my face off Saturday night. They covered a few Metallica tunes…..For whom the bell tolls….and Seek and Destroy!!! OMG. Thanks to my extended family in the local RAWK scene….you guys, and gals are the best!!! My family put the FUNK in dysfunctional… ya….many thanks to the local rock bands….and families. Its very heart warming to see the wives of some of these musicians! They’re all Keepers! Thanks for tuning in…..find me on Fakebook….Ozone in the AM…..send me an email….ozoneintheam@gmail…..lemme know what you local bands are up too! As always thanks to everyone in the Ozone Nation!!! THE Zoner lol

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