Mundaze r bad m'kayy kids?!

by Ozone In The AM from BLACK SABBATH AEROBICS at 9:24 AM on 8·26·2013

Hey Gang….I hope all is well with everyone in the Ozone nation!! We are winding down in signups… stay tuned to this site for deets on the upcoming fall schedule here at WHRW. Today more tons of local music!!!! Why are we the ONLY LOCAL station that plays LOCAL MUSIC?! We’re special…..that’s why!!!! If you’re in a local band and want your music played on FM radio (y wouldn’t ya I ask….rhetorically?) WHRW FM…..where Local Music LIVES!!!! Send me an email at….send me some music…..please….do an interview if you want too. Ive had a frickin riot doing interviews with Local Musicians!!!! I really do!!!!! Thanks for tuning in to the ONLY LOCAL STATION that matters. Check out this months article (September) in The Police Gazette Mag….chk it out online at…...This months “Victim” is The Recycled Zombies!!!!! What a great bunch of guys…who do a TON of benefits. Get out and check out The Recycled Zombies!!!! Just Do It!!!! There’s a ton of talented musicians…..right here in Binghamton….and the surrounding communities….Watch my Ozone in the AM Page…..on the book of Faces…..heck look me up and click me a like! The Ozone nation is growing in size daily!!! C’mon along for the ride!! Stay tuned for fall schedules here at WHRW FM Binghamton…..Fellow Zoners…..have a great week!!!! Ill see you all here next Monday…...The Good Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise?!

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