its alive!!!

by Ozone In The AM from BLACK SABBATH AEROBICS at 9:03 AM on 5·20·2013

Hey Gang!!! Its Alive!!!! I hope everyone survived the weekend?! Soooooo ya…I’m back and better than ever…..Monday mornings from 7-10AM!!! Ill be doing my albums of the week once again…..and of course the best in local music! I really hope everyone has been well!!! Ill start checking in more often, right here at the Motherships site!!.....10 Years After Live today….for your listening pleasure. I hope you enjoy….Local bands Krooked Knuckles….Mobday….Sad Sorry…..etc. Thank you and shout out to the greatest nation in the world!!!!! The Ozone nation is calling you! We welcome new comers with open arms. Everybody have a great week!!! If you wanna hear something, send me an email………..I hope to hear from you!!!! PEACE!!!

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