by Ozone In The AM from BLACK SABBATH AEROBICS at 11:41 AM on 1·10·2013

Hey Faithful Ozone nation listeners!! I came in a little early today to get ya warmed up for DA CZEBINATOR...That’s right. Czeb in search of the forgotten song. To get u started how about an Hour 1/2 of Black Sabbath for y’all? If you don’t buck your head to at least a few of these songs, there’s something genetically wrong with you. If you do buck your head to more than a few Black Sabbath tunes…..then welcome to The Mighty Ozone Nation! After all, the name of my weekly show is Black Sabbath Aerobics. So c’mon and stretch out with some Sab. Thanks for tuning in to the ONLY Local radio station that matters!! WHRW 90.5FM Binghamton NY…. Have a great day everybody!!! ttys….Zoner

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