Happy Thieves In Paradise!!!!

by Ozone In The AM from BLACK SABBATH AEROBICS at 8:21 AM on 1·14·2013

Good Mornin gang!! I hope everyone is enjoying The Red Hot CHili Peppers First Effort….I played this record when it came out here at WHRW....on my first tour of duty here in the 80s! God I’m old. The only members on this record still in the band…are Flea and Anthony…..of course John on guitar now, and my favorite rock drummer….Chad! Baby Appeal is a wickit tune….not wicked….wickit. If you get a chance to grab this on vinyl….GRAB IT!!!! Ill buy it from you!! This record (vinyl) is hard too find. That’s everyone in the Ozone Nations homework…..find me A RHCP....first effort…..and I thank thee!!! lol In house today for an interview is local band Happy Thieves In Paradise…..I have some music questions, since our music landscape is changing….daily. How do you stay ahead of the digital curve? Tune in to find out! I would like to thank the men from HTIP for coming in today! Call in if you have any questions…..as always THANK YOU for tuning in to the ONLY local radio station that matters…..WHRW. Binghamton. Thanks fellow “Zoners” I mean that affectionately….mwaaaaa

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