The Forgotten Son

by Ozone In The AM from BLACK SABBATH AEROBICS at 8:45 AM on 7·30·2012

Gmornin’ Gang!! I hope everyone is well? Playing some extensive Skynyrd, Ozzy, Jimi…..not particularly in that order? Does anybody seriously read these blogs?! I’m gonna need some listener input. Send The Zoner (me) an email at my new and improved email address….OK my kids set it up….cut me some slack JACK.
Do it now! One day I will have a running Twitter and Zoner facebook account. Do you hafta be a twit to tweet? My Dog is a woofer….I’m a tweeter. Perfect combo. Ozone In The AM…....disturbing the peace since 1959!!!!!! Thanks to everyone in the coolest nation in the WORLD......The Mighty Ozone nation! I could never do it without your help… Thank You!!

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