Fillmore East

by Ozone In The AM from BLACK SABBATH AEROBICS at 8:17 AM on 1·28·2013

Good Mornin’ Gang!! I hope everyone survived the Pro Bowl….?!? This morning I’m featuring The Allman Brothers….Their Fillmore East effort. The CLASSIC line up….Duane, Gregg, Dicky Betts, Barry, Jai Johanny, and, Butch. What a ridiculous line up! Of course Dicky, and Duane on guitar…..Barry with his melodic bass lines…..If you’re a musician…take notes! I do. Of course this band utilized TWO drummers as well. Southern Rockers…..for lack of a better term used 2 drummers a lot back then…..back in the day. I just saw Joe Walsh live…..he had 2 drummers… I’ll never forget hearing this album when it came out….1971…I refuse to tell you how old I was? Ozone in the AM….disturbing the peace since 1959….you do the math. Later in my show I’ll be featuring some local bands…when I say local bands I mean bands within a 1 hour radius of us? anyhow, that’s my definition…..I’ll be featuring friends of the show….Happy Thieves In Paradise, and, Huetensil….I hope you caught their exclusive Ozone interviews…..much more of that to come!!!! I’m going to try and help breathe a little life into the “local” 607 music scene. Every little bit helps I guess. Ill also be playing music from the bands Sad Sorry, Romando, and Question of Honour. PLEASE send me some feedback at If you’re on FaceBook….find Ozone in the Am and click me a like if you’re feeling really kind! lol I hope everyone enjoys The Allman Brothers…...and the local musicians too!!!

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