Czeb as played by Ozone

by Ozone In The AM from BLACK SABBATH AEROBICS at 3:27 PM on 1·16·2014

Hey Gang!! Cz3eb is a little under the weather this week so I’m gonna keep the chair warm until King Bee gets here at 1600….with an excellent show….I’m Taking a hard right music wise today…..99% of today’s music is from 1969. Czeb was 25 in 1969…now hes 29. I hope everyone enjoys the show….except Czeb….I hope I totally screwed up his show. vThanks for tuning in gang!!! Tune in Monday….John from 7-8AM….then our annual Jaco Pastorius show…..8-11 AM…..ALL JACO. Please tune in. Zoner

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